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Best Cigars to Buy

The best cigars to buy are the ones that taste the best to you and keep within your budget. Your don’t have to spend $20 per stick to enjoy yourself. In fact, we have a list of the top 10 cigars under $10

There are a few basic considerations to find the best cigar for you. For example, you’ll want to consider strength, flavor (which comes mainly from the wrapper), and price. Price is important because you want to be able to afford to smoke it often. 

We hope you enjoy all of our information about cigars, including the different countries of origin, different sizes, best prices and how to store them.

One thing we know about cigar smokers is that their collections grow faster than their humidors can handle. Here’s some advice for storing your cigars and recommendations for solutions.

Looking for a gift for someone or yourself? Many non-cigar-smokers find it difficult or intimating to buy gifts for cigar smokers, and rightfully so. No one wants to spend money on something that isn’t good. That’s why we created cigar gift guides to help you find the right gift. Even if you are the recipient, these guides can help, because you can use these as inspiration for requesting a gift, and you can share these with your loved ones when they need to find a gift for you.

Cigar Brands

There are hundreds of cigar brands. Some of the brands produce cigars in all different countries. For example, many of the original Cuban brands now have brands that make cigars in other countries such as the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Pairing Cigars

When it comes to enjoying cigars, pairing cigars with the perfect drink is an ideal situation. Obviously, one of the drinks you can pair cigars with it Scotch. However, the pairing doesn’t end there. Cigars pair well with rum, wine, beer, champagne and coffee, to name a bunch. We put together guides for pairing your cigars with your favorite drink or food.

CBD for Personal Use

It was introduced a while ago, but was looked down upon by many people until recently. Now CBD has been accepted and used by many athletes, professionals, and everyday people. CBD has many benefits and is very relaxing to smoke.

Cigar Reference Guides

The world of cigars is exciting and vast. There is so much to learn that no one is able to know everything there is about cigars. We created tons of cigar reference guides for you to increase your knowledge though. We cover brands, the industry, history and culture of cigars in these guides.

Best Scotch

Much like cigars, the best scotch is the one that tastes good to you and fits in your budget. I, for one, like Glenlivet more than some of the more expensive brands of scotch. In my opinion some scotches are too smooth. Of course, there are many people who disagree with me and that’s okay. The best scotch for you may be different than that of other people.

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History of CAO Cigars

CAO cigars have been a favorite of cigar enthusiasts for decades. The brand has a rich history that spans back to 1968 when Cano Aret

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