Davidoff Cigars

Davidoff cigar brand since it was launched 90 years ago by the Swiss cigar maker Zino Davidoff. These premium cigars are known for their great construction, consistency, and delectable flavors. Davidoff now owns a massive amount of the finest tobacco from the cutting-edge factories in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic along with grade A wrappers that offer delicious flavor profiles made up of coffee, nuts, and cedar that may range from medium to full-bodied cigars. You would love its creamy smoothness. Davidoff makes it possible for any type of smoker to experience and indulge in the brand’s award-winning blends.

The Best Davidoff Cigars

ScotchCigars.com’s Top Pick for Davidoff Cigars

Davidoff Winston Churchill

#1 medium strength cigar

This cigar is impressive, and it’s known for its complexity. It comes in an elegant size and comes with highly sophisticated flavors and a multi-organ blend one that is a combination of spice, wood, and chocolate. These cigars come in four original sizes which have a unique blend of 5 unique and precisely selected seed filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic mixed with the Nicaraguan leaf and a Negro San Andres binder.

Davidoff Winston Churchill cigars are thought of as the culmination of all the ideas of Randoff Churchill who happens to be the great-grandson of Winston Churchill. According to him, “A great cigar was Churchill’s favorite traveling companion and, whether he was being Statesman, Commander, or dinner party guest, he was rarely without one… he always had time for a cigar.”

The Davidoff Winston Churchill came in at number 3 on our top 25 cigars list.

Davidoff Millennium Blend Series

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The Davidoff Millennium Blend Series is a luxury premium cigar that showcases a bold and intense tobacco leaf. It has a medium to full-bodied strength profile, but its smoothness and refined characteristic are still intact. This cigar gives off a white-pepper spice flavor with underlying creamy and earthy flavors alongside the sweetness of cocoa. It is wrapped up in a sun-grown Ecuadorian leaf which is exclusive to Davidoff tobacco products. Davidoff Millennium Blend Series is a cigar suitable for a seasoned smoker who likes to have a luxurious handmade premium cigar to smoke or put in his humidor.

Davidoff Grand Cru Series

Davidoff Grand Cru Series features a one-of-a-kind golden-brown Connecticut Shade wrapper and finely aged long-filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic. Each one of these is expertly rolled by experienced professional craftsmen. Davidoff Grand Cru is a mellow to mild cigar that gives off flavors of cream, spice, and earth. Davidoff has stringent quality control and inspection process which allows only the perfectly graded and well-constructed cigars to make the final cut to be enjoyed by a cigar lover.

Davidoff Signature Series

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Davidoff Signature Series cigars are handmade cigars from the Dominican Republic. It offers a complex blending of high-quality tobaccos from up to four various harvests. These cigars are medium-bodied in strength profile. The Davidoff Cigars Special Series cigars are the most popular in the entire Davidoff offering.

Davidoff Nicaragua Series

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Davidoff Nicaragua cigars have been proven to be successful not only in acquiring high point ratings from popular cigar publications but more so from cigar smokers themselves who have a penchant for high-quality Nicaraguan tobaccos making them one of the finest cigars available.
This line features a complex blend crafted by renowned Henke Kelner from seed to cigar in over a decade.

This Davidoff cigar is bold yet balanced in its flavors and it comes with a unique type of bitterness brought by the volcanic soil of the popular tobacco-growing regions in Nicaragua. You will relish finishing it with its Habano-seed Rosado wrapper leaf. It also features spicy and a bit of salty notes and combined with a creamy earthiness together with leather, keeping the cigar’s strength just enough and not overpowering. Davidoff Nicaragua cigars offer you an intense smoking experience which is the perfect option for seasoned cigar smokers who are seeking a luxurious variety.

Davidoff Maduro Series

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Davidoff Maduro Series cigars are premium handmade cigars that are likened to a decadent and aromatic not-so-sweet dessert. It gives you a slightly spicy character that is topped off by a high-grade blend of Dominican tobaccos encased in a sun-grown Criollo-seed Maduro wrapper. It is bold and smoky, yet it does not smother or overpower any smoker<.