A full-bodied cigar with a rich, aromatic smoke, the Cuba Libre One Toro is ideal for cigar aficionados. Even the most seasoned connoisseur of cigars is likely to enjoy this one.

A Cuba Libre One Toro is among the greatest cigars in the world, so if you’ve never had one, you’re losing out. Enjoy a Cuba Libre One Toro now and see what you’ve been missing.

Wrapper Origin: NicaraguaShape: Toro
Length: 6Ring: 52
Wrapper: HabanoList Price: $4 (per stick)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Full

Appearance of Cuba Libre One Toro

The Cuba Libre One Toro cigar is a box-pressed cigar that is a little bit oily to the touch. The wrapper of this one is in dark color brown that has visible veins and minimal seams. It is also not that firm to touch, I sensed some small spots around it, but there are also some spots that are firm to touch. I also noticed that the cap on this one is flat.

As for the cigar’s band, it primarily features colors silver and dark blue. The middle of the band has the phrase “Cuba Libre One” written on it, encircling the star placed in the middle. There also starts at the corner of the middle design, mimicking the stars present in the Cuban flag, which has been introduced previously.

Cuba’s cigars reflect the country’s lengthy and complex history. Cuba is well known for producing some of the world’s greatest tobacco, and its cigars are recognized for their high quality. It is no surprise that cigars are a significant aspect of Cuban culture, given the nation’s history and how Cubans will put such details to their cigar bands.

The colors of the band complement the dark brown colored wrapper of the cigar, and I like how shiny the band is once it faces a light. Nothing much is astounding about the band; if it weren’t for its shine, this one wouldn’t stand out.

Smoking Experience

During the first third of smoking the Cuba Libre One Toro cigar, the smoke output is good, but the draw is a little bit tight, needing resistance in order to get a good taste of the flavor profile. The burn is also not that good, but the ash is holding well. Speaking of, the flavors on this cigar are still faint at this point; it tastes as if all of the flavors are at the back of the palette. But for the exact flavor notes, I tasted coffee, cream, dark cocoa powder, and a hint of earth. I also got a subtle hint of black pepper spice for the retro-hale.

For my second third of smoking the Cuba Libre One Toro cigar, the dominant flavor became the coffee, sweet, creamy coffee. There’s also a milk chocolate flavor emerging, and the dark cocoa powder mellows a bit, probably giving way to this new flavor. The earth also mellowed down a little bit. Some flavors intensified while others mellowed down. As for the retro-hale, I can’t taste the black pepper anymore, but there’s still some unidentified spice going on. For the construction of this cigar, the burn is still not good, but it’s also not that bad. It’s slowly fixing itself to become even. The ash continues to hold on very well, and the smoke output is still as ample as it was during the first third. Moreover, the draw loosens a bit, and I can now finally taste this cigar’s flavor profile properly.

After smoking the Cuba Libre One Toro cigar for my final third, the sweet, creamy coffee became dark-roasted coffee. The earth note comes back again, and it’s rich this time, along with the cocoa powder. The pepper note on the retro-hale comes back as well, making it a combination of pepper and spice. The cigar’s strength for me ranges from medium to full, but from my last few puffs, it became solid full. I love the mix of flavors and how some came back at their peak. As for the construction of this cigar, they all became great. The burn is now even, still giving an ample amount of smoke, and the draw also did well.


Overall, smoking the Cuba Libre One Toro cigar has been a great pleasure despite having a little bit of a hard time during the first third. This cigar started not that well in terms of both flavor profile and performance since the flavors are bland and the construction, specifically the burn and draw, are not doing well.

However, that changed during the second third, where the draw loosens up, and the burn makes an effort to even out itself. While some of the flavors’ notes mellow down a bit, I like how they came back on the final third and how all of the flavors were at their peak.

The final flavors of this cigar are coffee, earth, and cocoa powder, with hints of pepper and spice. The construction of this premium cigar also became great since the ash became even, and the draw continued to become loose. The smoke output still releases an ample amount of smoke, and the ash is holding very nicely.

For those seeking a premium cigar, the Cuba Libre One Toro is a fantastic option. The Cuba Libre One Toro cigar is made with premium tobaccos of the highest caliber, and it is expertly constructed. Whoever like a decent cigar will appreciate this one.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales