Review of Isla del Sol Toro

Last Saturday, I had a morning free to myself. It was the perfect opportunity to sit outside and smoke a cigar with my morning coffee. I decided to light up my Isla del Sol that I picked up in a Drew Estate sampler and has been sitting in my humidor. I’m glad I made that choice. This is an infused cigar I enjoyed.

Holding Isla del Sol cigar
Wrapper Origin: Indonesia Shape: Toro
Length: 6 Ring: 52
Wrapper: Sumatra List Price: $108 (Box of 20)
Origin: Nicaragua Strength: Mellow

Pull of Cigar

At 5×52, this is just right for an hour smoke. Its Maduro wrapper gave an earthy feel right from the start. 

This cigar surprised me with some mellow notes that calm at the right tune. There was no sudden burst of flavor, but at the draw, I sensed that there was something special in it.

Even if normally aren’t a fan of infused cigars, you’ll likely change your mind after getting a hint of this cigar’s aroma.

The coffee infuesed in this cigar is from Sumatran Mandheling Beans, one of the finest coffee beans. Mandheling beans are the choice for coffee lovers who have a knack for strong flavors minus the acidity. There is a light, earthy nuance to this that I enjoyed.

The draw is a strong tug then hints at some spice. The combination gave me a felling of a warm, gentle, summer breeze. It will give you a nice warm feeling, even on a cold day. Fitting for the name, ‘Isla del Sol’, which means, Island of the Sun.


The Nicaraguan filler brings out a relaxing smoke like a short blues song. The undertones of earthiness compose well with the Sumatran flavor of the coffee while keeping it mild and gentle. I was a little surprised with some syrup-like taste, so this would go well as a dessert smoke.

If you like jazz, this is something akin to a lo-fi jazz song, with simple notes that bring out the kick of a Nicaraguan spice. At the first hint at the palate, strong notes of cherry, almost candy-like sweetness is a good blend with its earthy flavors. The triple Nicaraguan leaf brings out the coffee’s kick, altogether making for a fresh, clean, and smooth smoke without losing the flavor.

While puffing it, the smoothness in the draw is a short, quiet climb of Sumatran coffee bliss to a sweet, smooth, gentle sunrise at around halfway point. It’s pretty tight but you can puff plenty of smoke from it. The chocolate tunes play out while the spice from the Mandheling beans gives you a relaxing finish. The sweetness plays itself out without bringing down the texture, rather it creates a floral tone to the smoking experience. It would be like taking a short nap on the beach while the sea breeze caresses you because this is easy to smoke without any nicotine rush.

The cap is delightfully sweetened, so watch out for some melody of the coffee and the vanilla creaminess that makes for a great infusion with the earthiness from the Sumatran leaf wrapper. Towards the end of the smoke, none of the strength jolts you, but there is plenty of smoke while the constructions hold up well.


Smoking Isla del Sol Toro

It has loads of flavor starting from the top, while its impressive feel with the Maduro wrapper holds itself against a keen eye.

The mix of the coffee flavor and aroma carries itself in the end well with the sweetness, while the Nicaraguan leaves make for a strong bundle of freshness. 

At the price point, this cigar is a bargain and goes great with your daily coffee. Perfect for your cigar session while aiming for relaxation. I give it an 85.

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Glyn Caddell

Glyn Caddell