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Cuban Rounds are not Cuban cigars, that’s just their name. Cuban Rounds are cheap cigars, but they are my favorite cheap cigars.

They’re Nicaraguan cigars with made Cuban-seed filled tobacco.

Their labels resemble the famous Cohiba label and will likely trick the average person.

It’s a pretty mild cigar and a good choice for a first-time cigar smoker or someone who doesn’t smoke often. They’re great cigars to share with friends who don’t normally smoke because they are a pretty easy smoke and are inexpensive, about $1.50 per stick. I enjoy them when I am doing work and can’t give all of my attention to simply enjoying the cigar. They’re also my choice when I’m doing office work outside.

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Cuban Rounds are actually a pretty good looking cigar. The wrapper is a smooth milk chocolate color with minor veins throughout. 

Pull of Cigar

They have a tight draw that loosen up a little. Surprisingly, the even gray ash remained for over an inch before breaking, and the cigar burned evenly without any correction. This can be attributed to the fact that they are hand-made, which is remarkable considering the price.


Cuban Rounds have very subtle hints of sweet earthy chocolate.  The first third had a nice mellow flavor with notes of grass, chocolate and cedar wood. I definitely wasn’t expecting the hints of chocolate from this cheap cigar. The flavors remained in the second third along with a slight pepper and spice flavor, but it wasn’t consistent. The chocolate flavor disappeared in the final third and there was more of an earthy spice taste. 

Overall Review of Cuban Rounds

Cuban Rounds are far from the best cigar, but they are the best cheap cigar. They are great for novices and I don’t feel bad about giving them to people who won’t fully enjoy the taste of an expensive cigar. Overall, I like these cigars and they are a staple in my humidor.  I give them a rating of 75. For the price, you won’t find a better cigar, especially one that is hand-rolled. As I’ve said, they are great cigars to enjoy when you are working – either doing yardwork or office work (if your office is outside).  

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Glyn Caddell

Glyn Caddell