Review of Opus X Lost City

Hollywood producer and actor Andy Garcia contributed to the history of Arturo Fuente Opus X Lost City. While shooting the film of the same name, Andy needed a tobacco field for the important scenes of the movie. He approached Don Carlos to use the Chateau de la Fuente because the movie was about Cuban history circa transition to Fidel Castro.

The timing of the filming, though, was at July’s hot weather and off-season. Knowing this, Don Carlos arranged to plant the tobaccos after the spring harvest. This decision made it possible to have three-foot-tall tobaccos during the movie’s shooting, so the plants were prominent in the scenes.

After the filming, the tobaccos were harvested and aged for five years. Significantly, the cigar is named after the movie in the same way that the movie acknowledged the role of the Chateau.

This review of Arturo Fuente Opus X Lost City is also a way to know the flavors inspired by summer-time tobacco.

For enthusiasts who are fans of natural cigars, this Arturo Fuente Opus X Lost City review will help you appreciate the master line of Opus X much better. Will the flavors combine with the Dominicano fillers well? Let’s see.

Opus X Lost City
Wrapper Origin: Dominican RepublicShape: Double Robusto
Length: 5.75Ring: 52
Wrapper: CorojoList Price: $299 (Box of 10)
Origin: Dominican RepublicStrength: Medium-Full

Appearance of Opus X Lost City

The box is itself has plenty of character in it. Made up of varnished wood, it appeared like it would contain a treasure map inside it. The name ‘Lost City’ in thin, classic style was etched like a clue to a hidden civilization.

Inside, the thick interior protecting the cigar indicates a premium quality. The velvety underside of the cover is elegant black. Only ten are placed inside per box, so the bands are prominent per cigar.

The red and gold band is designed with an ebullient style. The veins are not visible, too. The oil on the wrapper is minimal, while the color is typically dark brown Corojo.

Opus X Cigar band

Smoking Experience

The cigar’s earthy aroma before lighting is creamy. The construction looks solid with no lumps–as expected since the premium price warrants an excellent build.

The first third is a smooth smoke with a spot on the draw. There are no earthy flavors present yet, so the aroma seems buried in other flavors still. The short finish on the leather, with highlights of raisin and oak, is light to medium body.

The flavor profile remains leathery in the second third with a short finish. Raisin, oak, and dark chocolate permeate the palette. There are some almond-like flavors, too. Like in the first third, the finish in the second third is still short but without any black pepper. This gap is somewhat compensated by the smooth smoke and decent smoke output, which smells like fresh bread from the foot. The nicotine content ramps up in the second third, too. From light to medium, along the way, it transitions to medium to full. This transition is somewhat of a glide than an intense, sudden burst.

In the final third, the retrohale is citrusy and peppery—the first time the pepper strikes the taste buds. Though its appearance as the last act is curious, it adds flavor and richness to a medium body cigar full of creamy flavors.

The length of the smoking session lasted over an hour. This length is enough to bring some light drink to go with it.


Box of Opus X Lost City Cigar

The fresh, creamy cigar is what makes the Arturo Fuente Opus X Lost City a winning, natural cigar. This profile is characteristic of the Opus master line, but it was evident with this cigar’s medium body yet bold and rich flavors. The oakiness, raisin, and almond touch make it a complex profile. The price, however, is something of a different matter. Will you be willing to pay top dollar for a high-quality cigar? Sure, it would be worth it once in a while. Make sure to bring the drinks as well. I would give this a 92.

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Glyn Caddell

Glyn Caddell