Plasencia is the name of a very powerful tobacco-growing family in Latin America. Most extensive growing operations in the entire world, nobody else can stand up to them. You haven’t heard of them up until recently; it wasn’t popular for tobacco growers to put their name on the cigar until AJ Fernandez started doing it, even that was pretty recent.
They are one of the producers of the premium cigar industry and a large part, to be specific. They also do commission-based cigars for many clients, but for the majority of the consumers, they aren’t that known. That is why the founders wanted to create a brand with their name, and after several failures, they finally succeeded in 2016 with this Plasencia Alma Fuerte. It is made upon generations of knowledge with their vast amount of vintage leaf as a backer.
The country of origin is Nicaraguan, released in October 2016. Its wrappers, binders, and fillers are Nicaraguan, which gives you a Nicaraguan 100% (puro).
This is a regular production cigar, which means that you will definitely see one anywhere they sell Plasencia cigars.
There are tons of boatloads and wisdom and experience behind this stick; it’s a $22 cigar and number nine in CigarAficionado’s top 25 in 2017.

Appearance of Plasencia Alma Fuerte

The shape is called a Solomon; it’s got a torpedo end, more like a pyramid, and a nice fat bottom. It has a length of 7 inches with a generous ring gauge of 58. It has three bands, the bottom one which you will remove before you light and the latter two which you decide if you want to keep. With its pyramid-like shape in the lighting end, it will take a while before you can have steady combustion, and everything will be worth it as you will be experiencing its leathery with a lot of cocoa and dark chocolate.
Definitely no draw issues; it’s great. It’s got a spectacular look, and it stands out. The stick itself looks sharp and honors the tradition of growing cigars. It looks modern, very clean, and light lovely gold giving a sort of heritage feel.

Smoking Experience

As mentioned, it is a Solomon-shaped cigar with a pyramid bottom, so we recommend cutting it at an angle. It smells good, excellent, and leathery. It has a nice, cool little foot, and all you’ve got to do is light it up. Then it will start spreading to cover the whole cigar.
After just cutting a small tip, I was able to get a perfect draw. From the start, I was already getting a good, citrusy taste. Its burn was consistent from beginning to end, and you won’t even need to touch it as you will later get long and flaky ash, albeit not that good-looking.
With the first draw, came a leathery, creamy, and smooth with a nice hint of black pepper, which you will feel on the top of your mouth and a little bit towards the back of the tongue. I tasted its creaminess towards the first third, and it still burned really well. There is a lot of leather and chocolate, like a cocoa note, and some sweetness. Some will feel a bit of spice towards the back, which really mixes well with a bear.
At the halfway mark, the ash was still holding on, and I got to taste the well-aged tobacco flavors. It has medium strength, which contradicts its appearance, and is full-bodied.
This cigar can be compared to a movie, like if you go to a movie and it wasn’t like what you thought, and it’s great. This cigar is like that. At first, it looked like it was made by somebody who loves his own blends and made it ultra-strong. But this is a classy full-bodied cigar; the notes on this are earthy, with a little bit of nuttiness and some cinnamon with a light sweetness to it. Although not that volumized flavor, it’s interesting, and it’s definitely got some real character.
The second third, the ash was excellent, long, and flaky, and it tells you one thing, it’s got a pretty good construction. When breaking into the second half, some of the flavors from the beginning dropped off, and I picked out some really serious notes of raisins, cinnamon, a little bit of wood, and a lot of nuts. It’s great for a full-bodied cigar to have the nutty and earthy tones you typically get from a medium-bodied cigar.
The same goes for the final third, and the taste will only get bolder.

Overall Review of Plasencia Alma Fuerte

An overwhelmingly bold and full-bodied stick, absolutely a top 25 cigar, any day of the week if you can afford it. Now, if you’re somewhere where tobacco taxes are high, it could be a hard stick to get it. It’s $22 a stick and for sure not a daily smoke. It’s a special occasion cigar. But really, if you’ve got an occasion, grab yourself a Plasencia 1865 Alma Fuerte, get a good buddy, find a nice rich dark beer that will not overwhelm the flavor, and it’s a completely rewarding stick. Plasencia’s name is completely fitting since they make spectacular tobacco, a spectacular cigar.


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