Rocky Patel Decade Robusto Cigar Review

The majority of cigar lovers have given the Rocky Patel Decade Robusto very favorable reviews and ratings. This brand of cigars is also well-known to all smokers, and if you haven’t smoked one of their Decade line, you’re missing out on one of its best offerings.

To mark the tenth anniversary of Rocky Patel, this cigar was made available. It delivers rich, complex, and consistent flavored smoke and uses a beautiful dark brown Sumatra wrapper. 

Wrapper Origin: EcuadorianShape: Robusto
Length: 5Ring: 50
Wrapper: SumatraList Price: $234 (Box of 20)
Origin: HondurasStrength: Full

Appearance of Rocky Patel Decade Robusto

The Rocky Patel Decade Robusto cigar is a box-pressed cigar with a very smooth dark brown Sumatra wrapper, barely any visible veins, no tears, very neat construction, and a densely packed appearance.

It has two bands around it. One of the bands features the Rocky Patel’s “RP” logo and has star detailing. The color background of the two bands is in almost-light brown and the color of the font is in dark brown. The words “Decade” and “10th Anniversary” are written on the second, which shares the same band color and design.

Smoking Experience

The Rocky Patel Decade Robusto cigar produces a great amount of smoke after being lit and briefly smoked. I didn’t find the little bit of controllable resistance in the draw bothersome in the least because it has a good draw. It has a strong toasted flavor that is nutty and sweet with a hint of pepper on the draw and finish. This cigar too has a medium body and is so far good.

The flavor profile of the cigar has leaned toward a strong, earthy, nutty, almost coffee-like flavor after my first third, and the sweetness is still moderate. Overall, it has an earthy flavor with a spicy finish. It still has a decent burn, good structure, holds its ash well, and produces a lot of smoke.

The flavors in my second third have slightly changed; there is now a little caramel flavor on the front. The flavor is still earthy, but it has changed to be woody and spicy, and it has the same level of subtle richness as the first draw. No construction issues so far and as for the burn line, it’s almost razor sharp and the ash is holding really well.

The cigar’s flavor profile is still fairly consistent in the final third of my smoke, consisting of earth, toasted nuts at first, then woods, a tiny bit of spice in the draw and finish, but nothing too overbearing. Additionally, it has a mild sweetness that lingered on my tongue. This smoke has a good, dense, medium body. Regarding the construction, which is a little bit tight but improved throughout my final third, I also had no issues. The ash is holding up well and continues to give off a lot of smoke.


The Rocky Patel Decade Robusto cigar is a very excellent smoke overall, and I would definitely buy some of this again. The cigar has excellent draw, burn, and construction; there are no performance or construction flaws at all.

Earth, toasted nuts at first, which transformed to woods, and a little bit of spice at the draw and finish make up the flavor profile, but nothing too overbearing. It also has a slight sweetness that lingered on my tongue. If, however, you prefer creamy cigars, you might be disappointed to learn that it lacks that note but still, this is a cigar I think everyone would enjoy; it has a high ratings after all.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales