A Review of Siboney Reserve Maduro Robusto by Aganorsa Leaf

Review of Siboney Maduro Robusto

I have always believed that beautiful things never end; yes, there may be short pauses, but they will never cease to exist. Just as great books require fantastic sequels, so do premium cigar brands with an everlasting legacy. Aganorsa Leaf is a vertically integrated company renowned for its iconic Nicaraguan blend and classic Cuban flavor and aroma. As every cigar aficionado knows, each tobacco crafted under their watchful eye goes through a meticulous production process — from scratch to finish — to warrant an excellent smoke. After the Siboney Reserve was launched in 2019, another famous smoke shop exclusive was rolled in perfection. From there, the Siboney Reserve Maduro was introduced to the market, continuing the never faltering prime quality that an old Cuban cigar brand possessed.

As the sun sets, I thought of starting my evening right, so I’ve got a rum poured into the glass, added little ice cubes, and a slice of lime — perfect! For the star of this night, there is no better option than to go for a stick of a beautifully dark Siboney Reserve Maduro Robusto. My my my, how can I deny my palate from the pleasure it desires?

Siboney Reserve Maduro Cigar
Wrapper Origin: MexicoShape: Robusto
Length: 5.25Ring: 50
Wrapper: San AndresList Price: $80 (Box of 10)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Medium

Pull of Cigar

Aganorsa Leaf expands its factories in Estelí, Jalapa, and Miami, Florida, so it is no surprise that the Siboney Reserve Maduro Robusto captures a superior blend expected from fine tobacco cultivated in Nicaragua. This cigar is overlaid with an even, ebony color Mexican San Andrés wrapper, perfected by an Aganorsa estate-grown Nicaraguan binder and filler. Merely from first sight, I can already tell that it’s a good cigar and is something worth sharing with friends who enjoy inexpensive medium-plus smoke. Given its superb quality, I was surprised that it’s sold for less than ten bucks (even cheaper when they’re on sale).

Mostly seamless, this cigar has given me a wonderful sight showing off how softly it was box-pressed, almost appearing to be a barrel in shape. Upon running in onto my palm, I figured that it was amply filled with tobaccos making it impossible to detect any soft spots along its length. And of course, I wouldn’t forget its lovely triple-seam cap that is confidently sitting on the head like it knows that it’s the place where it should be. As for the cold draw, think of these delectable flavors: coffee, cocoa, and nutmeg — encapsulated just on the tip to further lure its willing captives.


Immediately after kissing my palate, this cigar began to narrate an interesting story. The tale starts with solid pepper notes laced with a subtle sweetness reminiscent of chocolate. Interestingly, both flavors are in harmony, filling what is missing and empowering each other’s weaknesses. As I savor the first two inches, the intensity toned down a bit, paving the way for the nuances of espresso and nuts to shine. A satisfying creaminess also dwelled in my mouth, enhancing every flavor playing inside. I wonder what awaits as I proceed for another thrilling puff.

Going halfway and beyond, I was consistently impressed with the smooth turn of flavors. This maduro cigar rounds out into a complex smoke, rewarding my palate with leather, cedar, and earth notes. Very intrigued, I was somehow hoping for the sweetness to reveal itself fully. However, until the finish, it was content to be just lingering in the background, turning itself into a sweet mystery.

Overall Review of Siboney Reserve Maduro Robusto

Siboney Reserve Maduro Robusto is an epitome of a reasonably-priced premium cigar with unequaled Cuban-Esque style perfection. True to its dark wrapper, this stogie has delivered a full-flavored smoke layered with intricacy. It has burned sharply, and I’d be lying if I say that I was not mesmerized by its firm and grayish ash. The blend of black pepper, coffee grinds, damp earth, sea salt, and sweet spice will not disappoint you. Generally, this cigar is a must-try, especially for those who love potent, well-balanced Nicaraguan cigars. For the final verdict, I found this guilty for a 90.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales