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The Acid brand of Drew Estate is one of the most famous lines of infused cigars today. Enthusiasts who enjoy the rich flavors of infused cigars appreciate the rich aromatic process that Drew Estate has developed. This process is secret as it is effective. By combining more than a hundred herbs in aroma rooms, the complex flavors give Acid cigars a unique taste profile.
For some fans of classic cigars, though, it might take a while to get used to infused flavors. Acid has a unique taste that may seem foreign to others. This review of Acid Atom Maduro will help you decide on your take on infused cigars if you are a fan of classic cigars.
Meanwhile, for fans of infused cigars, this Acid Atom Maduro review is a fresh perspective on some of the flavors you can enjoy from this cigar. The variety in this stick is worth exploring. Aside from being part of a line of Acid cigars, this cigar is covered in a Maduro wrapper to spice things up a little bit.
I will see if I can find the balance I am looking for in this cigar. With a medium-bodied profile, this cigar has lots in store for both veterans and newbies.

Acid Atom Cigar
Wrapper Origin: UndisclosedShape: Robusto
Length: 5Ring: 50
Wrapper: UndisclosedList Price: $238 (Box of 24)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Medium


The box is the typical wooden crate-like design used for the Acid line, while the clean varnish on the outside makes it a little different. The shiny, gold band is neon-like similar to other Acid cigars.
The rich, dark Maduro wrapper looked like it was correctly aged. There are visible veins and seams, but neither was obvious to touch. The texture is sandpapery, complementing the oily shine of the wrapper.
The smell is fragrant with hints of earthy notes. There are no soft spots on the cigar with ample construction.

Acid Atom Cigar Label

Smoking Experience

The smoke of this cigar is thick. The aroma coming from the smoke is like incense burning, and it is more than an aromatic cigar. If you are smoking this indoors, the scent might fill up the entire room.
The scent is rich, if not complex. It’s hard to discern immediately, but there might be some floral tones in the aroma, but just right so as not to overwhelm. I can say it’s a pleasant aroma.
One thing about the cigar is that it burned quite a bit when relighted, which may be due to the oil on the wrapper. The reason for that is just a guess so as not to surprise some. The ash is flaky and may fall quicker than expected. However, the draw is just right and sweet. It has a good volume of smoke, although you might have to puff a bit more to keep it light.
The sweetness is syrupy. There are leathery notes and hints of pepper from the maduro wrapper. In the second third, this sweetness is still prominent. It’s a little sweeter than vanilla and cherry flavored cigars, so this can be on the extreme end of a sweet palette. There are even small traces of honey-like notes as the syrupy glaze flavor passes by. The spiciness is there with the Maduro wrapper, but earthy tobacco flavors balance it.
The final thirds were more of the same flavors but with more tobacco taste. The burn was a little inconsistent in some parts but manageable.
For fans of infused cigars, I would say you can try this for variety. You can enjoy this while doing other tasks. It would spice up evenings if you prefer to have a dessert cigar on a special occasion.


Acid Atom Cigars in Box

The cigar’s taste is balanced and rich, but I felt that the sweetness might be too much at times. Nevertheless, if you are into infused cigars, you will enjoy this one with the rich aroma. Fans of classic cigars, meanwhile, might feel that the sweetness in this stick is overpowering.
This is a good value at more than $8 if you want a sweet, Maduro wrapper cigar. Try it with coffee if you want a rich taste to go along. I give it an 80.

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Glyn Caddell

Glyn Caddell