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Bestselling cigars are in demand for a reason, and Acid Blondie by Drew Estate makes a case by being unique. Among enthusiasts developed by Drew Estate, this cigar has been a staple for many fans of infused cigars.
More so, it uses a Cameroon wrapper which adds some spice and balance to infused flavors. Drew Estate is an expert at keeping the flavors working together, and the aroma of this cigar will help you see why.
As Ernesto Perez-Carrillo told Cigar Aficionado, Connecticut wrappers work excellently with almost any tobacco flavor. “It blends beautifully with almost all tobacco,” said Perez-Carrillo, the president of E.P. Carrillo Cigars. “And though most people think it doesn’t add anything to the blend, it complements and rounds out the smoke perfectly. I’m seeing a lot of brands coming out with a Connecticut wrapper because there is a demand for a milder smoke, and today’s cigar smoker wants to experience different blends.”
Based on the insight by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, this makes the Acid Blondie a versatile cigar for both newbies and veterans alike.
For the price of this cigar, this Acid Blondie review will help you determine if the cigar is right for you.
Even though I normally smoke non-infused cigars, I enjoyed creating this review of Acid Blondie. Overall, it’s a enjoyable medium-bodied cigar that please my palette. 

Acid Blondie Cigar
Wrapper Origin: ConnecticutShape: Corona
Length: 4Ring: 38
Wrapper: CameroonList Price: $232 (Box of 40)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Medium


Acid Blondie is a smaller cigar with an elegant Connecticut wrapper, while its band is a bright blue typical of the acid line. As to the custom of the acid line, the box is a simple box with a clean look.
The cigar has tight veins with a light sheen that has little oil on it. The build is consistent with no lumps and stable when pressed.

Acid Blond Cigar Label

Smoking Experience

The smell of the cigar is similar to an incense stick. The cold draw is sweet, and I felt the sweet taste in my mouth. After the first puff, the draw fell more on the tight end. There is a deep tobacco taste, but it is hard to figure out because the dominant taste is the sweet, sugary profile.
The flavor of the wrapper mixes well with the tobacco flavors. The balance is good, with the heavy glaze on the outside mixing well with the rest of the flavors. There is no bite, while the aftertaste is a lingering sweetness of sugar. That is because most of the flavors come from the glazed wrapper. The aroma is pleasant, coming from the incense-like scent. Meanwhile, the smoke output remains low but thick, thus creating an enjoyable experience and a pleasant aroma. There are also hints of woody flavors, some deep tobacco, and earthy flavors.
The construction is good because the ash holds up well in the first third. For the second third, more of the same sweet flavors come out. The taste of caramel becomes more distinguished together with what tastes like burning sugar. The earthy notes appear with hints of woody flavor to mix well with the caramel.
In the final thirds, the novelty of the sweetness wears off. The flavor of an ordinary cigar comes out but with a medium to full-bodied strength. The chewy, ashy, and smoky taste helps wear off the sugary sweetness. Still, there is no bite. The consistent burn was impressive, and the ash is just right.
The cigar has excellent composition throughout the 40 minutes of the smoking session, while the sugar flavor started to wear off at around 20 to 25 minutes.


Acid Blondie Box of Cigars

The excellent combination of sweetness and deep tobacco taste is a good smoking experience. With the cigar’s consistent burn and construction, the thick smoke, and good aroma, the cigar is a worthwhile buy for its price. One of its strong points is its uniqueness with its excellent flavor and balanced notes. Great for winding down on the weekend. I give it an 85.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales