Years of sailing in the vast ocean of cigars bear witness to a true rollercoaster ride of an experience. My unforgettable mellow smokes gave me serenity, much like the moments before a rollercoaster takes off. The anticipation of reaching the top feels similar to taking a puff from my favorite medium-bodied stogie. Suddenly plummeting from the peak, I found myself catching my breath—as if I was smoking a rich and potent cigar.

Although each experience left me with different sensations, it’s the familiar thrilling fall from the rollercoaster that I crave right now. Surrendering to my desire, I opened my treasured humidor and indulged in a decadent medium to full-bodied treat—Alec Bradley MAXX the Fixx. At first glance, the cigar indeed looks enticing. Well, this could be for the dark Nicaraguan Habano wrapper perfectly complementing its figure. Yet, more than the beauty it holds, there is something special about this tobacco that makes every aficionado drawn to it.

The Fixx is part of Alec Bradley’s Maxx series offering a captivating blend only a fine cigar could deliver. It promises satisfaction to even the most seasoned palates and warns novices off due to its strength. Compared to a traditional Robusto, the cigar features a larger ring gauge. For maximum pleasure, you may also try any of these vitolas: Culture (6 x 54), Freak (6 3/8 x 60), Nano (4 x 46), and Super Freak (8 1/2 x 60).

Wrapper Origin: NicaraguaShape: Robusto
Length: 5Ring: 58
Wrapper: HabanoList Price: $140 (Box of 20)
Origin: HondurasStrength: Medium

Pull of Cigar

As I gaze at my Alec Bradley MAXX the Fixx, I became fascinated by its oily wrapper and felt the urge to discover what secrets were hidden beneath. The interior was lavishly adorned with a 4-Nation blend of fillers from Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Mexico for an incredibly affordable price. Holding these fillers together is a Costa Rican binder that is ensured to burn well during the smoke. With quite a few prominent veins, the cigar feels somewhat spongy near the band.

Meanwhile, this Alec Bradley cigar permeates a lovely aroma you wouldn’t want to miss. The shaft carries a subtle scent of sweet cocoa, reminding me of a hot cup of chocolate I enjoy on a rainy morning. While the smell made a lasting impression, its pre-lit taste previewed a promising smoke ahead. Sweet tobacco flavors meld with earthy notes left the palate begging for more.

As for the draw, I initially found the Fixx to be a bit loose, but after some adjustments, I was able to get the restraint I wanted. Having read the positive reviews on the internet before purchasing this cigar, I already knew what to expect. So far, those customer feedbacks seem to be accurate.


Furnishing plenty of smoke, the Fixx hits the outset with intense notes of spice. A creamy leather mingled with dark chocolate responded to the fiery introduction, easing the palate for a fleeting moment. As another burst of heat took hold, the truce became over. A tingling sensation ran through my mouth due to the slathered nutty flavor blanketed in hot spices. Contrary to the draw, the retrohale is quite subdued. What a perfect way to begin, isn’t it?

After the few flashes of spiciness, the smoke became relaxed. A rich blend of black coffee and leather took the initiative to delight the palate. It was chased by a succulent earthy flavor battling with a faint note of black pepper. By the end of the first third, the flavor profile shifted to something darker. Notes of dark chocolate, leather, and espresso took center stage and sowed bliss to the tongue. The retrohale is also not to be underestimated, for it became more powerful.

As the cigar advanced towards the middle third, solid layers of ash were impressively constructed under the slightly wavy burn. While the earlier notes remain, the flavor arrangement has been smoothly shuffled. The smoke bursts a chocolatey leather combined with almonds and espresso. A lingering aftertaste from red pepper spice then pours sharpness to the draw. At this point, the cigar unleashed its utmost strength, genuinely giving an almost full-bodied experience.

The final third displayed a little progress in flavor. Unlike the previous stages, the espresso became smoother. It has a rich balance of bitterness and creaminess which led to a calming effect on the palate. Afterward, the graham cracker, characterized by a sandy texture, imparts a subtle sweetness to every puff. As the smoke passed through my nasal cavity, I detected a blend of red pepper and milk chocolate that I found rather strange yet enjoyable.


As with all Alec Bradley premium cigars, the Fixx has been a lovely cigar smoking journey. Its medium to full-bodied strength was highlighted with every draw satiating my need for a potent smoke. Although the flavors didn’t progress as I expected, I still enjoyed it. In fact, I found the blend to be just right; the balance of spice, earth, and sweetness was spot-on.

Additionally, the cigar deserves praise for its excellent construction. The burn, although inconsistent, resulted in intact layers of ash. Thanks to famous smoke shop, I purchased this cigar for as low as $6. Alec Bradley Maxx the Fixx merits an 89-point-score.

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Glyn Caddell

Glyn Caddell