Arturo Fuente 858 Natural Review

Review of Arturo Fuente 858

Arturo Fuente is known for its high-quality cigars. With its premium lines, it’s good to see that they maintain the same quality and value for budget cigars.

This Arturo Fuente Natural 858 review will see how enjoyable this budget cigar can be. With a Cameroon wrapper around Dominican binder and filler, the tradition of high-quality cigars from the brand is preserved. Moreso, the fans of Arturo Fuente had been enjoying 858 for decades, and this is one of the best-selling cigars by Arturo Fuente.

At a price below $7, check this review of Arturo Fuente Natural 858 if you want to keep one in your humidor.

AF 858 Natural
Wrapper Origin: AfricanShape: Corona
Length: 6Ring: 47
Wrapper: CameroonList Price: $155 (Box of 25)
Origin: Dominican RepublicStrength: Medium

Appearance of AF 858 Natural

The box is festive with its varnish. The design inside of the box has the distinct Arturo Fuente vibe of gold, red, and green.

This design is intended to celebrate the brand’s tradition because many flags in the American continent are included in the picture collage on the cover.

The band of the cigar is also a trademark of elegance. The gold is distinct in the band, while it is outlined with red and green. However, when it comes to the actual cigar, there are many flaws on the wrapper that are visible.

The wrapper is rough with a lot of wrinkles on it. The wrapper is also dry to touch.

Cigar band Arturo Fuente 858

Smoking Experience

After the first few puffs, smooth flavors are evident. There is an espresso note in the finish while the retrohale gives a sharp bite. The finish is short, but the draw is smooth and light with the correct resistance.

A variety of flavors spruce towards the end of the first third. There is a hint of light wood, and the retrohale develops with some sweetness after the spice. The espresso note becomes more pronounced as well.

The burn is crooked, while the ash is slightly flaky but solid. This cigar is not winning in the aesthetics department. Nonetheless, the smoke output is excellent, and the flavors are smooth. There is nothing heavy in the flavors. So far, this cigar seems like a great smoke at any time of the day.

In the second third, flavors are bolder and richer. Still, the complexity is not high, and the flavors are pretty straightforward. The retrohale gives a spice, but no sweetness comes after. The woodsy notes are present in the draw, which remains light and softwood.

In the final third, the same flavors are in the profile. The sharpness lingers a little bit longer. However, in spite of the sweetness dropping off, there are no heavy flavors or bursts of nicotine. The construction is not perfect, but the draw remained consistent and smooth.


Box of Arturo Fuente 858 Natural

For its price, the Arturo Fuente Natural 858 is a winner. When it comes to the aesthetic department, there is no stand-out feature, especially since the ash is a little flaky and the burn is wavy. However, a solid case is to be made for its smoothness and versatility. Its flavors are straightforward, smooth, and light, with wood, raw cocoa, and espresso. You can bring this with you and get ready to share it with your buddies. Pair with coffee in the morning if you are a morning person. I give it an 87.

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