Review of Arturo Fuente Sun Grown

Learning from the past is one of the lessons that make great companies. For Arturo Fuente, they learn and copy from the past. If the vintage flavor combinations work, why not use them to the fullest?

For Arturo Fuente Sungrown, the secret is in the Gran Reserva recipe of blend and binder that is wrapped by a Sungrown leaf for a high-quality, creamy cigar. Arturo Fuente is indeed known for the sweetness in its line of cigars, and perhaps this one would not be an exception. For the success of the Gran Reserva to be replicated, the expectations are high for this one. The acclaimed blend of Dominican binders and long-leaf fillers just needs a tweak by adding a wrapper.

This review of Arturo Fuente Sungrown Belicoso will try this vintage, refreshed flavor blend to see how different it is.

This cigar is a reason to celebrate for classic Arturo Fuente fans since the classic flavors are getting a new look. A Belicoso is just the right size for it. With this Arturo Fuente Sungrown review, perhaps you might consider getting a box after for your humidor. Let’s check it out.

Arturo Fuente sungrown
Wrapper Origin: EcuadorShape: Belicoso
Length: 5.75Ring: 52
Wrapper: HabanoList Price: $176 (Box of 24)
Origin: Dominican RepublicStrength: Medium-Full

Appearance of Arturo Fuente Sun Grwon Belicoso

The cigar box is the usual festive color with a toned-down quality. The belicoso shaped cigars sport the gold and red bands like a champion.
The oily wrapper shows minimal veins, too.

Cigar Band Arturo Fuente SunGrown

Smoking Experience

The first third is a cedar profile. The mild, peppery flavor is also a good start that adds complexity. There are smooth, earthy flavors that give way to herbal spice. There are floral hints, and the sweetness that characterizes Arturo Fuente cigars is pleasantly discernible. At this stage, the body is bold and rich already with cedar and oak.

The aroma from the wrapper is also pleasant and gives the creamy flavors more enjoyable depth.

The second third evolves with some nuttiness, while vanilla and honey notes are coming up. This sweet interlude is most likely coming from the sun-grown leaf wrapper that makes this part enjoyable. The peppery flavor becomes weaker when the chocolate comes up among the flavor notes. This chocolate flavor is a dark flavored one, and it goes with some intense coffee flavor. The creamy cedar stays consistent in the second third, which serves as a base for the rest of the flavors.

The final third shows some pepper. The smoke is creamy until the end, in line with the traditional flavor of an Arturo Fuente cigar.

The construction is flawless, too. The draw is a little tight, but it works just fine with the cigar lasting for an hour and fifteen minutes.


Box of Arturo Fuente Sungrown

There are some who comment that you can’t go wrong with an Arturo Fuente cigar. The Arturo Fuente Sungrown does not count as an exception. It has a mild pepper taste and medium strength, which, together with the spices, cedar, coffee, and cocoa, form a rich flavor with just the right complexity. The second third underscores the creamy flavors of the Arturo Fuente master line. This profile makes it a dessert cigar, perhaps best with evening conversations to round up a weekend. The Arturo Fuente Sungrown can be paired well with either bourbon or coffee, too. The nuttiness, vanilla, and honey from the wrapper can add more layers of flavor to a drink’s taste. I give it a 90.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales