In replacement of their typical Dominican blend, the AVO Syncro Nicaragua cigar features Nicaraguan Ometepe and Peruvian Olancho long fillers, along with Dominican Piloto Cubano, San Vicente Mejorado, and a hybrid Olor Piloto Cubano leaves. This cigar is the first to be produced as box press.

It gives flavors of creaminess, coffee, leather, grass, and leather as well as delicate floral, pepper, and spice undertones. The cigar has a fantastic medium body strength, excellent construction, an easy draw, and a firm ash.

Wrapper Origin: EcuadorianShape: Robusto
Length: 5Ring: 50
Wrapper: Connecticut ShadeList Price: $202 (Box of 20)
Origin: Dominican RepublicStrength: Medium

Appearance of AVO Syncro Nicaragua

A very dark brown, oily Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is used to neatly wrap the AVO Syncro Nicaragua cigar. Although the top corners had seams that are apparent, the actual seams on the leaf were rolled flat. Additionally, it is firmly packed.

The cigar’s band is the usual band you will see in AVO cigars. It features the company’s iconic logo. The letter “A” logo is placed in the center, with the letter “V” positioned above it and the shape of “O” behind the two letters, to represent the word “AVO.” Silver, off-white, and maroon make up the palette.

Smoking Experience

The AVO Syncro Nicaragua cigar had a leathery flavor in the first third of my smoke. Along with a sweet cream coffee and barely noticeable peppery undertones, the hay and barnyard flavors may also be perceived. The draw isn’t at all difficult despite the cigar being tightly packed. The aroma complements the taste and the smoking. It’s a fantastic cigar with a ton of depth so far.

Leather, coffee, and creaminess continued to be the three flavors that dominated my second third. The cigar is pleasant up to this point because of the superb flavor balance. The grassy flavor is present both on the retro-hale and in the after-draw. There is already a faint but noticeable spice flavor. I also noticed that flowery notes, which are not overpowering, have been added to the flavors. The strength also moves to medium. 

The predominant flavor in my last third is coffee, combined with its creaminess. Other flavors, with the exception of the spice, are still there but are not as strong or intense as they were during the first third. The spice already has a moderate amount of kick, but not too much. The after-draw still contains the grassy flavors. In terms of construction, it still produces a lot of smoke and burns well. Even though the box is compressed, air still enters, making it easy to smoke.


Overall, the AVO Syncro Nicaragua cigar is a medium-bodied smoke with a wide range of flavorful complexity. Beginners and moderate smokers will love this cigar. To fully appreciate all of the flavors in this cigar, you should take your time smoking it and take slow draws.

Coffee, leather, with hints of creaminess, spice, and floral notes make up the flavor profiles. All throughout, the coffee flavor predominated, but it doesn’t imply the other flavors went away. Even if they are not as strong as they were in the first third, other flavors are still present.

I also didn’t feel the need to touch it up because of how well it burns and its excellent construction. It’s also ideal for a nighttime cigar with wine or coffee. This can be a perfect purchase for you if you enjoy exceptionally good full-flavored, complex, smooth, balanced cigars.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales