Perdomo Lot 23 Cigar Review

Review of Perdomo Lot 23

Wrapper Origin: Connecticut Shape: Toro Length: 6 Ring: 50 Wrapper: Broadleaf List Price: $239 (Box of 24) Origin: Nicaragua Strength: Medium Get the Best Price Here I have a Perdermo Lot 23 natural. This particular one’s a robusto. The wrapper has a really nice sheen to it. It’s a little oily. Initially, when you’re smoking, you’re gonna get some hints of cedar espresso, […]

Tatuaje Tattoo Cigar Review

Review of Tatuaje Tattoo

The Tatuaje Tattoo is the first in a line of budget-friendly cigars designed for smokers who wish to indulge in a cigar with an extra-dark, silky Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The Tatuaje Tattoo Universo Toro cigar is a Nicaraguan-made product with a medium strength and the traditional Toro shape. Nicaraguan tobacco was used for the binder and […]

Tatuaje Negociant Monopole No. 1 Robusto Cigar Review

Review of Tatuaje Negociant

There’s a good reason why Tatuaje cigars are among the most well-liked brands available in the cigar industry. Each cigar is handcrafted in Nicaragua with the highest care and attention to detail. The outcome is a cigar that is flavorful and suitable for any situation. You may pick from a wide variety of Tatuaje cigars, […]

Liga Privada Year of the Rat 2022 Cigar Review

Alright, I have a really special cigar today. This is the Liga Pravada, Year of the Rat. Now, I had to get this cigar because I was born the year of the rat in 1984. This is a limited edition cigar from 2022, so you’re not gonna find this anywhere. I found a place that […]

Herrera Esteli Norteno Cigar Review

Review of Herrera Esteli Norteno

This is a Herrera Estelli Norteno. This is an excellent cigar. It has a San Andreas wrapper, Honduran binder and Nicaraguan filler. It’s supposed to be a full-bodied cigar. Wrapper Origin: Connecticut Shape: Toro Length: 6 Ring: 50 Wrapper: Broadleaf List Price: $239 (Box of 24) Origin: Nicaragua Strength: Medium Get the Best Price Here Appearance of Herrera Esteli Norteno The cigar looks […]

AVO XO Intermezzo Cigar Review

Reveiw of Avo Xo cigar

There’s something about AVO cigars that just screams elegance and sophistication. Perhaps it’s the sleek packaging or the number of flavors to choose from. Whatever the reason, AVO cigars have become a popular choice for those looking for a high-quality smoking experience. For those seeking a rich and delightful smoking experience, the AVO XO Intermezzo […]

Romeo y Julieta 1875 Nicaragua Toro Cigar Review

Review of RyJ 1875 Nicaragua

The Romeo y Julieta 1875 Nicaragua Toro is a puro cigar, which means it is made entirely of Nicaraguan tobacco and has a medium to full body. It is produced in the renowned Plasencia factory. This cigar has a beautiful, balanced flavor profile that is complex. The flavors are dominated mainly by wood. Additionally, it […]

Alec Bradley Project 40 Gordo Cigar Review

Review of Alec Bradley Project 40

The Alec Bradley Project 40 Gordo cigar is a premium quality smoke that features a flavorful blend of Tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Panama, and is included in Alec Bradleys experimental series. This cigar is handcrafted with a beautiful dark brown wrapper and delivers a medium to full body smoke with notes of sweet vanilla, […]

Exploring the Fascinating History of E.P. Carrillo Cigars

E.P. Carrillo is a premium cigar company that has made a name for itself in the cigar industry. The company was founded by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, a master cigar maker who built his career as the man behind La Gloria Cubana. Perez-Carrillo has been in the cigar business for many years, and his passion for tobacco […]

Cuban Cigars for Beginners: A Guide to Brands, Sizes, and Tasting Notes

Cuban cigars are widely considered to be the epitome of luxury and quality in the cigar world. With a rich history and excellent reputation, Cuban cigars have become the preferred choice for many cigar enthusiasts worldwide. For beginners, however, navigating the world of Cuban cigars can be overwhelming, with a vast array of brands, sizes, […]