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You know that you are in for a treat if you have tried a cigar from the famous Camacho brand. Because of the continuous innovation of this touted brand, fine old barrels for bourbon were used in aging the Corojo filler tobacco used in Camacho American Barrel Aged cigars. Barrel-aging seems like an excellent idea, given that bourbon is a wonderful treat for cigar enthusiasts when complemented with good tobacco. Great care was taken during the aging process. The barrels were rotated a single leaf at a time every few weeks over five months.

If you are an enthusiast of Camacho, now is a good time to try this bourbon-infused cigar. Camacho American Barrel Aged Robusto has been in the market since 2015, so many enthusiasts have smoked and enjoyed this cigar. This Camacho ABA Robusto review will help you determine if this cigar is humidor-worthy for you.

Another reason I wanted to review Camacho American Barrel Aged Robusto is because of its unique American appeal. Bourbon is a distinctly American product, so aging the Corojo leaves for five months in a bourbon barrel gives the cigar American ties, so even if the Corojo leaves are non-American, we’ll look past that and appreciate its bourbon quality.

Camacho American Barrel Aged
Wrapper Origin: PennsylvaniaShape: Toro
Length: 5Ring: 50
Wrapper: BroadleafList Price: $220 (Box of 20)
Origin: Dominican RepublicStrength: Full

Appearance of Camacho ABA Robusto

The box is black and orange and does not depart from the clean, sleek boxing of Camacho.

The Broadleaf wrapper suggests a strong flavor with its dark color. The cigar has an excellent band of orange plated with black. It is slightly orange with a luminous reflection.

The foot band has excellent detail of barrels with the writing, “American Barrel-Aged.”

Smoking Experience

The cigar does not have a significant scent. Upon the first few puffs, the aroma of the cigar is a non-factor. The draw is excellent with an appropriately dense smoke output.

The vanilla flavor of the cigar begins to hint while the peppery flavor lingers with its cayenne taste. There’s a slight sting, but it stays a little bit with an aftertaste. The sweetness is just right with an earthy flavor, similar to a mild cake sweetness. The Corojo spice stands out with its classic spice, which later simmers to a background flavor towards the end of the first third. I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t an overpowering bourbon taste. Instead, it was nice and subtle.

Some of the spice toned down in the second third. What was coming up was the vanilla-like creaminess. You can also taste the cedar flavors and cocoa at the finish because of the muted spice. I can also say that it is somewhat butterscotch-like with some hints of syrup.
In the final third, the fullness of the flavor was a welcome taste. It was fruity and zesty, with some of the vanilla flavors.

The one hour of burning was just right. The construction was also good. The flakiness showed towards the end, but the burn was even.


holding Camacho ABA

The taste and body were full and complex with this cigar. American Barrel-Aged Robusto is an excellent cigar with the fullness of the bourbon flavor coming out. The leaves seem aged adequately at five months, given the superb taste profile. The vanilla and mild sweetness had the right spice, cedar, and fruitiness throughout the hour of smoke. The oakiness of the bourbon infusion was a welcome treat. If you feel patriotic, buy this American cigar. However, the flavors in this cigar can be enjoyed the world over.

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Glyn Caddell

Glyn Caddell