Review of Camacho Ecuador

The Camacho is a famous cigar brand with a classic touch. It was revamped in 2013 together under the management helm of Davidoff.

While famous for making storied tobaccos, the revamped line did not disappoint, while Camacho continued to build a line of complex, flavorful cigars.

Camacho has the Ecuador Robusto for you if you’re looking for a great deal at sub $8. This review of Camacho Ecuador Robusto explores its flavor profile for you to decide.

Also, this cigar is excellent at its price point. More than just being a good find, our Ecuador Robusto review will show that it can quickly get you a medium to a full-body cigar that is hard to beat at $8.

Camacho Ecuador
Wrapper Origin: EcuadorShape: Toro
Length: 5Ring: 50
Wrapper: HabanoList Price: $172 (Box of 20)
Origin: HondurasStrength: Full

Appearance of Camacho Ecuador

The box is an elegant black and turquoise blue set complementing the cigars. Inside, all of the turquoise-colored band cigars are neatly stacked in Robustos.

The sheen on the cigar is minimal, so, remarkably, the oil reflects enough of the dark chocolate color from the wrapper.

Veins are minimal, while the construction feels compact.

Smoking Experience

The cold draw is smooth and feels natural. It’s not too loose while having the tightness to produce a sufficient volume of smoke.

The first draw is peppery. The smoke volume is generous, which is also creamy and rich with flavor. The body from the aroma is rich and matches with the initial pepper flavor of the cigar. No bitter aftertaste is felt. So far, this is a medium-body smoke with some red and black pepper tastes. Some nuttiness is discernible as well but only in subtle moments.

The first third also has a subtle flavor of cedarwood. The woody tones are well-balanced with a sweet, rich flavor that comes up in the end of the first third. So far, the ash holds up well. The ash lines are not sharp, but there is no apparent flakiness to the ash composition.

On the second third, earthy flavors are more pronounced. Bittersweet chocolate is the main theme. The chocolate flavor works well when I produce a generous, rich smoke output. Even during the draw, I had to go slowly with the smoke. It could get intense because the cigar’s strength and easy draw make for a potent combination. The earthiness becomes pronounced at the end of the second third. The earthy tones carry the flavor profile well in its sweetness, woody, and hints of coffee-like flavors.

On the final third, the flavors get mixed and matched together. The cedary wood, earthy flavors, chocolate, and hints of coffee go back and forth while the smoke output remains high. This is a medium to full body and strength as the buzz is a bit surprising. The aftertaste, though, is good. It has a slight tinge of chocolate making it a medium to full-bodied, creamy cigar.

The peppery flavors also come back with some strength to finish the smoke.


Camacho Ecuador in Hand

For me, this is an enjoyable cigar throughout the entire cigar session. It was creamy, sweet and spicy, and earthy. The cedar gave the mix a profound note, which switched the sweetness and spiciness in a balanced way. In between, the sweetness of the dark chocolate gave the cigar a medium to full-body that was relaxing. With the easy draw, this made for an enjoyable cigar.

However, this is not for mild cigar enthusiasts. You may enjoy the Camacho Ecuador with a mild coffee if you prefer to add texture to the body. I give it a 90.

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Maria Morales

Maria Morales