Best Cigars To Smoke For Christmas

Best Cigars For Christmas

Cigars have long been associated with special occasions, and Christmas is no exception. Whether you enjoy a cigar with a glass of brandy by the fire or share one with friends after a meal, cigars can make Christmas even more enjoyable. But with so many different types of cigars available, it can be hard to […]

2022 Best Christmas Gifts For Cigar Smokers

Best Christmas Gifts For Cigar Smokers

Christmas is a special time of year for giving gifts to your loved ones, including those who enjoy smoking cigars. Cigar smokers will appreciate a variety of different gifts, but there are a few that stand out as being particularly ideal for this group. If you know someone who enjoys a good cigar, you might […]

Do Infused or Flavored Cigars Lose Flavor Over Time?

Infused or Flavored Cigars

Do infused or flavored cigars lose flavor over time? This is a question that many cigar enthusiasts have been wondering about for a while. And it is a valid question because cigars are not cheap. So, if you spend your hard-earned money on a good cigar, you want it to taste good until the very […]

Tips to Avoid Infused or Flavored Cigars Losing Flavor

Infused or Flavored Cigars

Cigars are a luxury item that many people enjoy. When it comes to cigars, there are many different ways to enjoy them to create a unique experience. Some people prefer to smoke them plain, while others like to infuse them with different flavors. However, one thing that all cigar smokers can agree on is that […]

5 Reasons Why A Cigar Starts To “Tunnel”

A cigar that tunnels is a major disappointment to a smoker, and it is a common problem that cigar smokers face. Not only is the smoking experience less enjoyable, but the cigar is also more difficult to keep lit. This can be frustrating, especially if you paid good money for a cigar that is supposed […]

What To Do When You’re Having Trouble Seasoning Your Humidor?

Season Your Humidor

The humidor is a critical piece of equipment for keeping your cigars safe and is essential to their flavor since it maintains a more suitable atmosphere for their preservation. It’s important to season your humidor because failure to do so could compromise the quality of your cigars after they’ve been kept inside. Seasoning isn’t tricky, […]

The Brands Of Cigars Produced By Different Factories

Cigar Factories

Many cigar factories have arisen in recent years all around the world, producing various brands. A wide range of cigar products are offered, from large businesses like Joya de Nicaragua, Padron, La Gloria Cubana, and Rocky Patel to more local enterprises like Belenos and November Garcia. It’s important to take your time when deciding which […]

History of Black & Mild Cigars

History of Black & Mild

When cigar aficionados hear Black & Mild, they would first feel nostalgia. It’s because its history traces back to the 1850s, and the old timers had at least one smoke in their experience. They are known for their robust flavor along with their intoxicating aroma, which is liked by many. Unlike many other premium cigars, […]

How to Season a Humidor the Easy Way

Help Seasoning a Humidor

Table of Contents Every cigar smoker needs a humidor to store their prized possessions. After a long day on the job, their favorite routine is to sit back, relax, and enjoy their hand-rolled cigar with some whiskey or their favorite craft beer. But sometimes, they are faced with the dilemma of ” seasoning” the humidor. […]

History of Padron Cigars

HIstory of Padron Cigars

Table of Contents You may not know, but there are actually inspiring stories from cigar founders, and their journeys are not smooth-sailing and are filled with many challenges. Many started from nothing to the now-successful companies; the most inspiring one is Padron’s story. Currently, PadrĂ³n Cigars is one of the top-selling cigars in the United […]