Best Cigar Shops & Lounges in Belmont, CA

Best Cigar Shops & Lounges in Belmont, CA

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur seeking a plush lounge with the perfect pour or a casual stogie aficionado who just wants a relaxing spot to puff with friends, I got you covered. Overall, there are many great options for cigars in Belmont. Our top choice for best spot for cigars in Belmont is Fatcat Smoke Shop, but there are many to choose from.
Our list covers the top cigar havens in Belmont, CA, catering to all walks of the cigar world. Fancy a place with top-shelf drinks and leather armchairs? We have it. Craving a chill hangout with a no-nonsense vibe? You bet. Looking to stock up on your favorite smokes, by the stick or the box? Yep, got that too. So, light up a metaphorical pre-amble cigar, settle in, and let’s explore the best cigar experiences Belmont has to offer!

Top 3 Cigars Spots in Belmont

1. Fatcat Smoke Shop, 5/5
2. LG Cigar Club, 5/5
3. San Carlos smoke shop, 5/5

Guide to Choosing a Cigar Lounge & Shop in Belmont, CA

Choosing the right cigar spot in Belmont isn’t just about the sticks, folks. There are many factors to consider for that perfect cigar sanctuary. First off, let’s talk budget. Are you rolling in dough, ready to drop some serious cash on fancy drinks and premium lounge memberships? Or you more of a kick-back-and-relax smoker on a budget?
What about selection? If you’re just looking for common cigars then most places will be ok, but if you’re looking for limited edition cigars or boutique brands, know that not every spot will have what you’re looking for.
Next up, lockers. If you’re a regular, having a personal humidor at the lounge is clutch – no more hauling your sticks around!
Then there’s the booze situation. Do they have a full bar with your favorite whiskeys, or are you stuck with a limited selection? Bonus points if you’re allowed to bring your own and not pay an opening or corking fee.
Finally, consider the vibe. Some spots get crazy crowded, while others have a mellow, laid-back feel.
Picking the right spot means matching your preferences and taking all these factors into account.

10 Best Cigars Lounges and Shops in Belmont

1. Fatcat Smoke Shop

Rating: 5/5
Phone: (669) 247-3244
Address: 2249 The Alameda Santa Clara, CA 95050 United States
About: Specialities The biggest selection of Disposable Vapes and Flavored Tobacco

2. LG Cigar Club

Rating: 5/5
Phone: (408) 395-7800
Address: 565 W Alma Ave San Jose, CA 95125 United States
About: LG Cigar Club is your source for cigars in . Visit LG Cigar Club’s website for more information about hours and selection.

3. San Carlos smoke shop

Rating: 5/5
Phone: (650) 226-5028
Address: 1140 El Camino Real San Carlos, CA 94070 United States
About: Specialities Welcome to San Carlos smoke shop, we’re passionate about providing you with an unparalleled smoking experience. Step into our haven of smoking delights and immerse yourself in a world of quality, variety, and affordability. As your go-to smoke shop in the Area, we take pride in offering an extensive range of smoking accessories and products that cater to all your preferences. Cigarettes & Cigars:Whether you’re a connoisseur of cigars or a lover of classic cigarettes, we offer a curated selection that showcases the finest flavors and craftsmanship. Rolling Papers & Accessories: For those who appreciate the art of rolling, we provide a diverse assortment of rolling papers, filters, and expertly crafted rolling accessories to enhance your smoking ritual. Vapes & E-Cigs:Dive into the world of modern smoking with our cutting-edge vape collection. Discover a range of e-cigarettes, vaporizers, and e-liquids that offer a smooth and satisfying alternative. Glass Masterpieces: Immerse yourself in our stunning selection of glass products, from artistic pipes to water bongs, each piece beautifully crafted to deliver an exceptional smoking session. Best Prices Guaranteed:At San Carlos smoke shop, we understand the importance of affordability. That’s why we proudly offer the best prices in the Bay Area, ensuring you get the most value for your smoking essentials without compromising on quality. 1140 El camino real SAN CARLOS, ca 94070 History Established in 2019. “San Carlos Smoke Shop has a rich history, serving the community for years. From its humble beginnings, it has evolved into a trusted establishment, becoming a local hub for tobacco enthusiasts. Over the years, the shop has adapted to changing trends and customer preferences, solidifying its place as a cornerstone in the community for those seeking quality products and a friendly atmosphere.” Meet the Manager Business owner information fadel A. Manager Hello, valued customers! I wanted to share that our founder is deeply passionate about the work we do.Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to continuing to provide excellence service .

4. Dabit Smoking Luxuries

Rating: 5/5
Address: 634 El Camino Real San Carlos, CA 94070 United States
About: Dabit Smoking Luxuries is your source for cigars in . Visit Dabit Smoking Luxuries’s website for more information about hours and selection.

5. PaliJo Smoke Shop

Rating: 5/5
Phone: (650) 394-8975
Address: 1216 El Camino Real San Carlos, CA 94070 United States
About: Specialities Tobacco shop, vape shop, cigars shop, hookah shop, and all smokers need

6. ManCave Memorabilia

Rating: 5/5
Phone: (650) 922-0745
Address: 1711 S El Camino Real San Mateo, CA 94404 United States
About: Specialities Authentic, affordable sports memorabilia and other memorabilia for collectors of all levels. We offer inexpensive framing for all kinds of items including custom pieces, bats, gloves, balls, shadow boxed items and more. Public and Private Signings with players current and past from the Giants, 49ers, Oakland A’s, and more. We provide no charge auction services to help raise money for schools and organizations.

7. San Mateo Smoke Shop

Rating: 4.5/5
Phone: (650) 514-9974
Address: 26 E 25th Ave San Mateo, CA 94403 United States
About: Specialities San Mateo smoke shop business offers a diverse range of smoking accessories and products, catering to customers seeking tobacco-related items, vapes, glassware, and other smoking essentials. It provides a welcoming environment for enthusiasts to explore and purchase quality products. History Established in 2019. In the autumn of 2019, our journey began as a passion project to create a haven for smoke enthusiasts. Fueled by a commitment to quality and community, we opened our doors with a curated selection of tobacco products, vapes, and artistic glassware. Navigating the evolving landscape, we embraced the culture while adapting to legal shifts. Overcoming challenges, our smoke shop has grown into a trusted space where patrons explore a diverse array of premium smoking essentials. As we reflect on our journey, we’re proud to have cultivated a welcoming atmosphere for all who appreciate the art and ritual of smoking. Meet the Manager Business owner information Majid A. Manager Customer satisfaction is our goal, friendliness and professionalism treatment to the customer is a priority to us.

8. P-Town Smoke Shop

Rating: 4.5/5
Phone: (650) 290-8061
Address: 123 Manor Dr Pacifica, CA 94044 United States
About: Specialities New ownership with a team who loves to serve! We promise to give the best products at the best prices in Pacifica. History Established in 2019. Newest and cleanest smoke shop in Pacifica with the best products and prices. Promise to please.

9. Star Zone Smoke Shop

Rating: 4.5/5
Phone: (510) 481-1371
Address: 18884 Hesperian Blvd Hayward, CA 94543 United States
About: Specialities We have all kinds of cigarettes,pipes, glass water pipe! But nothing flavored for all kind of tobacco relates. Most of our glass inventory are American made. We also sell have a fine selection of hookahs and it’s accessories. Fine cigars, zippo, victor, and Torch lighters are available for sale. We also carry a huge variety of kratom and CBD and much more! We love to provide the services that you deserve and offer any of your needs at very reasonable prices for high quality products! We look forward to serving you! Meet the Business Owner Business owner information Ash M. Business Owner You we’ll come to star zone SmokeShop , we like too see you and give you a good service .

10. Six Fifty Smoke Shop

Rating: 4.5/5
Phone: (650) 755-2650
Address: 2394 Junipero Serra Blvd Daly City, CA 94015 United States
About: Specialities We carry everything from apparel(tees,hoodies,beanies,hats,crew neck sweaters,socks,etc), our own premium e-juice called Vape Nectar, vaporizers and accessories, mechanical mod vaporizers, swishes, rolling papers, cigarettes, butane, disposable hookah pens, hookahs and tobacco, grinders, jars, torches, Montana spray cans and Krink mops/markers, detox drinks, stash cans, a wide variety of glass ware including pipes, water pipes, dab pieces and many attachments. We have over 100 flavors of our premium e-juice, Vape Nectar! Best deals in the Bay Area! come check us out! History Established in 2012. Best prices and service in the Bay Area! Meet the Business Owner Business owner information Mo and Dash M. Business Owner Brothers who love to do Good and Honest business.

Basic Cigar Lounge Etiquette

Alright, so you’re ready to venture into a cigar lounge and be a respectable member of the smoky community. Here’s a quick rundown of some essential cigar lounge etiquette tips:
Cut and toast your own cigar. Most lounges provide tools, but don’t expect staff to do this for you. It’s part of the ritual!
Ask before lighting up next to someone. You might love the smell, but always be courteous to others.
Dispose of ashes and bands properly. Use the ashtrays, and keep the lounge clean.
Respect the cigars. Don’t handle other people’s smokes without permission, and avoid putting your mouth directly on someone else’s stick.
Mind your smoke. Try to direct smoke away from others. A breezy day calls for extra careful puffing!
Keep the noise down. Lounges are meant for relaxation and conversation, so try not to disrupt the vibe.
Tip the staff. Just like at a bar, tipping your servers is a sign of appreciation and good etiquette.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re new to the scene, don’t hesitate! Most lounge regulars are happy to offer guidance.
Remember, a good cigar lounge is about enjoying your smokes in a welcoming and respectful environment.

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