Best Cigar Shops & Lounges in Suisun City,, CA

Best Cigar Shops & Lounges in Suisun City,, CA

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur seeking a plush lounge with the perfect pour or a casual stogie aficionado who just wants a relaxing spot to puff with friends, I got you covered. Overall, there are many great options for cigars in Suisun City,. Our top choice for best spot for cigars in Suisun City, is Mega Smoke Shop, but there are many to choose from.
Our list covers the top cigar havens in Suisun City,, CA, catering to all walks of the cigar world. Fancy a place with top-shelf drinks and leather armchairs? We have it. Craving a chill hangout with a no-nonsense vibe? You bet. Looking to stock up on your favorite smokes, by the stick or the box? Yep, got that too. So, light up a metaphorical pre-amble cigar, settle in, and let’s explore the best cigar experiences Suisun City, has to offer!

Top 3 Cigars Spots in Suisun City,

1. Mega Smoke Shop, 5/5
2. Fairfield Cigar & Vape, 4.5/5
3. Corona Club, 4.5/5

Guide to Choosing a Cigar Lounge & Shop in Suisun City,, CA

Choosing the right cigar spot in Suisun City, isn’t just about the sticks, folks. There are many factors to consider for that perfect cigar sanctuary. First off, let’s talk budget. Are you rolling in dough, ready to drop some serious cash on fancy drinks and premium lounge memberships? Or you more of a kick-back-and-relax smoker on a budget?
What about selection? If you’re just looking for common cigars then most places will be ok, but if you’re looking for limited edition cigars or boutique brands, know that not every spot will have what you’re looking for.
Next up, lockers. If you’re a regular, having a personal humidor at the lounge is clutch – no more hauling your sticks around!
Then there’s the booze situation. Do they have a full bar with your favorite whiskeys, or are you stuck with a limited selection? Bonus points if you’re allowed to bring your own and not pay an opening or corking fee.
Finally, consider the vibe. Some spots get crazy crowded, while others have a mellow, laid-back feel.
Picking the right spot means matching your preferences and taking all these factors into account.

10 Best Cigars Lounges and Shops in Suisun City,

1. Mega Smoke Shop

Rating: 5/5
Phone: (707) 673-4841
Address: 141 Sunset Ave Ste F Suisun City, CA 94585 United States
About: Mega Smoke Shop is your source for cigars in Suisun City,. Visit Mega Smoke Shop’s website for more information about hours and selection.

2. Fairfield Cigar & Vape

Rating: 4.5/5
Phone: (707) 421-1555
Address: 801 Texas St Fairfield, CA 94533 United States
About: Specialities Offering the biggest and best selection of fine cigars and vape products. Check out our walk in humidor. Come by and meet our very knowledgeable staff and vape specialists. History Established in 2009. We specialize in vape products cigars and gifts.

3. Corona Club

Rating: 4.5/5
Phone: (707) 448-8355
Address: 333 Merchant St Ste A Vacaville, CA 95688 United States
About: Specialities Cigar Retailer with space to taste your purchase. Large variety of bottled micro brews. Simple flat rate Hookah’s with 25 flavor’s of shisha available . For the 21 and over crowd History Established in 2014. This was previously a cigar lounge with a hodgepodge of old and decrepit furniture. My wife and I took it over and cleaned it up for a more inviting atmosphere. Meet the Business Owner Business owner information Brian H. Business Owner Brian purchased the former Piano Fuerte Cigar Lounge to pursue his excitement for great cigars and relaxing space to enjoy them. His passion also extends to micro and craft brews, the selection of more than 25 on tap or by the bottle will satisfy the most avid brew taster

4. Smoke Division

Rating: 4.5/5
Phone: (707) 455-6430
Address: 153 Peabody Rd Vacaville, CA 95687 United States
About: Specialities Smoke Division is Vape & Smoke Shop. We carry a wide variety of vape mods and vape juices and glass pipes and other items, the best prices in the vacaville area and the biggest selection and our staff are fully trained on all the products we carry. Our Business specializes in Puff Bars and Helix bars, Disposable Bars, Ejuice, Vape Accessories, Vapor kits, Coils, Water Pipes, Cigars, Cigarettes and Large Variety of Kratom. Follow us on Instagram “smokedivision707” for new products and promotions! History Established in 2015. Established in June, 2015 Meet the Business Owner Business owner information Vick S. Business Owner Smoke Division is here to provide the best and latest products and accessories on the market along with providing customers with the best in product education and customer service.

5. The Aroma of Success

Rating: 4/5
Phone: (707) 908-7117
Address: 4491 Suisun Valley Rd Fairfield, CA 94534 United States
About: Specialities The aroma of success is located inside the historic Pioneer Taproom. We are the only place in the beautiful suisun valley where you can smoke a premium cigar and have a beer or wine of your choice. History Established in 2021. The Aroma of success started with two gentlemen that wanted to bring something different to Fairfield. As we know, cigars have been around for ages but what we don’t have in solano county is many places you can pull up, enjoy a cigar and a drink. Well now we’re here to change that for you. We’re passionate about the cigars we carry and the people that want to smoke them.

6. Rock On

Rating: 4/5
Phone: (707) 422-2080
Address: 1630 N Texas St Fairfield, CA 94533 United States
About: Specialities Tobacco accessories, T-shirts, jewelry, pipes, tattoo supplies, tattoo, piercing, vape, vape juices, novelties, CBD and Kratom.

7. Smoke Paradise 707

Rating: 3.5/5
Phone: (707) 759-3988
Address: 1924 N Texas St Fairfield, CA 94533 United States
About: Smoke Paradise 707 is your source for cigars in . Visit Smoke Paradise 707’s website for more information about hours and selection.

8. Empire Novelties

Rating: 3.5/5
Phone: (707) 446-6818
Address: 179 Elmira Rd Vacaville, CA 95687 United States
About: Specialities We specialize in glass, jewelry, body piercings, clothing, hookah, hookah tobacco, cigars, and vaporizers. History Established in 2005. We specialize in glass work, tobacco, and water pipes for the last 20 years. We have a wide variety of glass and tobacco to choose from. Carry brand names such as: HBG, Hitman, Pure, Bent, VIP, Illadelph, Sheldon Black, Medicali, and M&M Tech for glass. There is a wide variety of oil rigs. Major oil rig companies such as Hitman, VIP, and the Nectar Collector. We also have the best butane prices and extractors in the area. We also specialize in hookah and tobacco products such as Starbuzz, Fantasia, Pharaoh’s, Zaharah, Mya, and Amy Deluxe.

9. Nut Tree

Rating: 3.5/5
Phone: (707) 447-6000
Address: 1661 E Monte Vista Ave Ste Q-107 Vacaville, CA 95688 United States
About: History Established in 1921. Nut Tree is a mixed-use development in Vacaville, California near the intersection of Interstate 80 and Interstate 505. It opened in 1921 on old U.S. Route 40. It was created by Helen and Ed “Bunny” Power as a small roadside fruit stand, and built near the site of Helen’s childhood home (Harbison House dating from 1907), which she and her husband purchased from her parents not long after their 1920 marriage. The Nut Tree grew as US 40 became Interstate 80. At its peak, it contained a restaurant, an outdoor eatery, a bakery, a gift shop, a toy shop, the Nut Tree Railroad that gave rides from the toy shop to the airport, and an airport, which is now owned and operated by Solano County. It was a welcome rest stop on the road between Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area. Throughout the year, kids enjoyed giant frosted honey cookies (personalized on request), the numerous “Hobby Horses” rocking horses and riding the train. Nut Tree reopened in 2006 as a mixed-use development

10. Tobaccoville

Rating: 3/5
Phone: (707) 455-7567
Address: 751 E Monte Vista Ave Vacaville, CA 95688 United States
About: Specialities Hello We have oil burners Spice T shirts Weed pipes Straight shooter c pipes Scales Baggies Weed bongs Brillo Tobacco History Established in 2001. Hello. This is John from Tobbaccoville. Mention Yelp ad and receive additional 25% off your purchases. Not including cigars. Meet the Business Owner Business owner information John M. Business Owner Mark hoetaki is the owner. You will see him occasionally in the store.

Basic Cigar Lounge Etiquette

Alright, so you’re ready to venture into a cigar lounge and be a respectable member of the smoky community. Here’s a quick rundown of some essential cigar lounge etiquette tips:
Cut and toast your own cigar. Most lounges provide tools, but don’t expect staff to do this for you. It’s part of the ritual!
Ask before lighting up next to someone. You might love the smell, but always be courteous to others.
Dispose of ashes and bands properly. Use the ashtrays, and keep the lounge clean.
Respect the cigars. Don’t handle other people’s smokes without permission, and avoid putting your mouth directly on someone else’s stick.
Mind your smoke. Try to direct smoke away from others. A breezy day calls for extra careful puffing!
Keep the noise down. Lounges are meant for relaxation and conversation, so try not to disrupt the vibe.
Tip the staff. Just like at a bar, tipping your servers is a sign of appreciation and good etiquette.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re new to the scene, don’t hesitate! Most lounge regulars are happy to offer guidance.
Remember, a good cigar lounge is about enjoying your smokes in a welcoming and respectful environment.

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