Best Cigar Shops & Lounges in Tamiami, FL

Best Cigar Shops & Lounges in Tamiami, FL

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur seeking a plush lounge with the perfect pour or a casual stogie aficionado who just wants a relaxing spot to puff with friends, I got you covered. Overall, there are many great options for cigars in Tamiami. Our top choice for best spot for cigars in Tamiami is Safe House Smoke Shop, but there are many to choose from.
Our list covers the top cigar havens in Tamiami, FL , catering to all walks of the cigar world. Fancy a place with top-shelf drinks and leather armchairs? We have it. Craving a chill hangout with a no-nonsense vibe? You bet. Looking to stock up on your favorite smokes, by the stick or the box? Yep, got that too. So, light up a metaphorical pre-amble cigar, settle in, and let’s explore the best cigar experiences Tamiami has to offer!

Top 3 Cigars Spots in Tamiami

1. Safe House Smoke Shop, 5/5
2. FL Wholesale, 5/5
3. Vape City – Miami, Fl Biscayne, 5/5

Guide to Choosing a Cigar Lounge & Shop in Tamiami, FL

Choosing the right cigar spot in Tamiami isn’t just about the sticks, folks. There are many factors to consider for that perfect cigar sanctuary. First off, let’s talk budget. Are you rolling in dough, ready to drop some serious cash on fancy drinks and premium lounge memberships? Or you more of a kick-back-and-relax smoker on a budget?
What about selection? If you’re just looking for common cigars then most places will be ok, but if you’re looking for limited edition cigars or boutique brands, know that not every spot will have what you’re looking for.
Next up, lockers. If you’re a regular, having a personal humidor at the lounge is clutch – no more hauling your sticks around!
Then there’s the booze situation. Do they have a full bar with your favorite whiskeys, or are you stuck with a limited selection? Bonus points if you’re allowed to bring your own and not pay an opening or corking fee.
Finally, consider the vibe. Some spots get crazy crowded, while others have a mellow, laid-back feel.
Picking the right spot means matching your preferences and taking all these factors into account.

9 Best Cigars Lounges and Shops in Tamiami

1. Safe House Smoke Shop

Rating: 5/5
Phone: (786) 558-5973
Address: 2500 S Dixie Hwy Miami, FL 33133 United States
About: Specialities We are a locally owned smoke shop who takes pride in being a community staple to our customers. From the latest trending products, to the best prices & customer service there is a reason why we were voted “Best smoke shop/vape shop 2023” in Miami Dade favorites by our customers. At Safe House we like to take pride in what we do & always offer the best possible service to people of any race, gender, age. We strive to have something for everybody! Please follow us on instagram @safehousesmokes to support us, & be sure to claim your 10% off your first order with us. Hope to see you soon! History Established in 2018. Our first store was opened in 2018 in Hialeah Gardens, & is fortunately still operating and thriving! We felt so well received that the new step was to open a location in nowhere other than Coconut Grove right on us1.

2. FL Wholesale

Rating: 5/5
Phone: (305) 481-3761
Address: 10200 NW 25th St Ste 111 Doral, FL 33172 United States
About: Specialities Discover the trusted smoke shop wholesaler since 2017. Specializing in Electronic Cigarettes, Tobacco, Vaporizers, E-liquids, and Hemp products, we deliver quality and value. Our expertise ensures the best for your customers. Partner with us for a seamless supply experience. With our extensive product range, you can cater to diverse preferences. Our commitment to exceptional quality guarantees customer satisfaction. Benefit from our industry knowledge and stay ahead with the latest trends. Timely and reliable service is our priority, ensuring your shelves are always stocked. Choose us for unmatched reliability and support your business growth. History Established in 2017. Since 2017, we’ve been the trusted wholesaler for convenience stores, smoke shops, and gas stations. Specializing in Electronic Cigarettes, Tobacco, Vaporizers, E-liquids, and Hemp products, we deliver quality and value. Our expertise ensures you get the best for your customers. Partner with us for a seamless supply experience.

3. Vape City – Miami, Fl Biscayne

Rating: 5/5
Address: 8825 Biscayne Blvd Miami Shores, FL 33138 United States
About: Specialities Looking for the best vape shop near you? Come to Vape City, Texas #1 spot for dab pens, vape pens, vaporizer batteries, disposable vapes, and more. Whether you are looking for the best vape pens, vape pen batteries, your local vape store Vape City carries all that and more. With over 150 Vape Shops across Texas with the best selection and deals on all Vape products and Vape accessories Vape City is your #1 stop for all your vape problems and more. Google “vape shop near me” and come right over to Vape City the best vape shop around. History Established in 2012. Established in 2012, Vape City has come a long way in becoming one of the most favored vape shops in and around the Houston area. we offer all of the best brands and one of the biggest inventory selections around! Our staff is very knowledgeable and made up of friendly experts in the industry. We now own and operate 150+ store locations throughout Texas. Our mission is simple. we strive to become the #1 vape shop in Texas Meet the Business Owner Business owner information Ali S. Business Owner Ali has many years of experience in the Vape industry and owns and operates multiple Vape Shops in and around the Houston area. Ali is very engaged with his customers as well as the local community. Many of the customers at Vape City know him on a first name basis. He has a great deal of knowledge and a sharp ear to whats going on in the industry.

4. Caribbean Cigars

Rating: 5/5
Phone: (305) 553-4560
Address: 14243 SW 42nd St Miami, FL 33175 United States
About: Specialities We are a boutique store, carrying major brands as well as rare, hard to find, limited, and small batch cigars. Caribbean Cigars is your friendly cigar shop with personalized service. Whether you are a novice smoker or a cigar enthusiast, you have found the definitive place for your cigar and accessory needs. You will find the best deals on premium cigars, and choose from our large variety of cigars, which are maintained at peak temperature and humidity. Our premium cigars are the perfect gift for dad or your significant other, stop in during the holidays or for your special celebration. We’ve got you covered History Established in 2010. We are the only boutique cigar store in Miami Meet the Business Owner Business owner information Alan S. Business Owner A Miami native and a practicing Attorney, I have been a cigar smoker for more than 20 years. I have come to enjoy the service part of the retail end of the business. I enjoy boutique blends and my shop reflects that.

5. Smokeshop Downtown Miami

Rating: 5/5
Phone: (305) 358-1886
Address: 130 SE 3rd Ave Miami, FL 33131 United States
About: Specialities The SMOKESHOP located in Downtown Miami has been serving the South Florida area for 46 years. We sell the finest brands of Cigars such as Davidoff, Padron, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, and Ashton… Pipes, Tobaccos, Lighters, along with Luxury Accessories such as Pens, Briefcases, Wallets, and Belts from S.T. Dupont are also available at the SMOKESHOP. Deliveries and mail-orders are available. History Established in 1969. We are a family owned tobacconist specializing in cigars, pipes, tobaccos and fine writing instruments. We started in 1969 by the patriarch of the family and have been family owned since. Located downtown Miami since 1977. Meet the Business Owner Business owner information William M. Business Owner William the owner of the Smoke Shop has been a renowned Cigar Afficionado in the tobacco industry for over 45 years. He will be glad to assist you in selecting an appropriate Cigar assortment, Smoking accessory, or fine writing instrument.

6. Sabor Havana Cigars At Doral

Rating: 4.5/5
Phone: (305) 436-8860
Address: 2600 NW 87th Ave Ste 3 Doral, FL 33172 United States
About: Specialities Open humidor with lots of open boxes of cigars. The entire store is our humidor. History Established in 2002. We started in 1984 with a small store on Sunset drive in Kendall. Grew to 4 stores and then downside to one large mega store in Doral.

7. Come Smoke With Us

Rating: 4.5/5
Phone: (305) 559-0090
Address: 8353 Bird Rd Miami, FL 33155 United States
About: Specialities Great Cigar Selection. Walk In Humidor. Relaxing Atmosphere. Home away from home lounge setting. Private lounge.

8. Miura Cigars

Rating: 4.5/5
Phone: (305) 470-4552
Address: 2555 NW 102nd Ave Ste 108 Doral, FL 33172 United States
About: Specialities Cigars, cigarrettes, ashtrays, lighters and smoking accersories.

9. Quail Roost Smoke Shop

Rating: 3/5
Phone: (305) 964-7796
Address: 11326 Quail Roost Dr Miami, FL 33157 United States
About: Specialities We prides themselves in providing the newest and best products in the industry, at the best prices. Staying on top of market trends along with delivering the best customer service possible.

Basic Cigar Lounge Etiquette

Alright, so you’re ready to venture into a cigar lounge and be a respectable member of the smoky community. Here’s a quick rundown of some essential cigar lounge etiquette tips:
Cut and toast your own cigar. Most lounges provide tools, but don’t expect staff to do this for you. It’s part of the ritual!
Ask before lighting up next to someone. You might love the smell, but always be courteous to others.
Dispose of ashes and bands properly. Use the ashtrays, and keep the lounge clean.
Respect the cigars. Don’t handle other people’s smokes without permission, and avoid putting your mouth directly on someone else’s stick.
Mind your smoke. Try to direct smoke away from others. A breezy day calls for extra careful puffing!
Keep the noise down. Lounges are meant for relaxation and conversation, so try not to disrupt the vibe.
Tip the staff. Just like at a bar, tipping your servers is a sign of appreciation and good etiquette.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re new to the scene, don’t hesitate! Most lounge regulars are happy to offer guidance.
Remember, a good cigar lounge is about enjoying your smokes in a welcoming and respectful environment.

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