Best Cigar Shops & Lounges in Steiner Ranch, TX

Best Cigar Shops & Lounges in Steiner Ranch, TX

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur seeking a plush lounge with the perfect pour or a casual stogie aficionado who just wants a relaxing spot to puff with friends, I got you covered. Overall, there are many great options for cigars in Steiner Ranch. Our top choice for best spot for cigars in Steiner Ranch is Casa de Montecristo, but there are many to choose from.
Our list covers the top cigar havens in Steiner Ranch, TX, catering to all walks of the cigar world. Fancy a place with top-shelf drinks and leather armchairs? We have it. Craving a chill hangout with a no-nonsense vibe? You bet. Looking to stock up on your favorite smokes, by the stick or the box? Yep, got that too. So, light up a metaphorical pre-amble cigar, settle in, and let’s explore the best cigar experiences Steiner Ranch has to offer!

Top 3 Cigars Spots in Steiner Ranch

1. Casa de Montecristo, 5/5
2. Zee Cigs Vapor Electronic Cigarettes, 5/5
3. Caleesi Designs Jewelers, 5/5

Guide to Choosing a Cigar Lounge & Shop in Steiner Ranch, TX

Choosing the right cigar spot in Steiner Ranch isn’t just about the sticks, folks. There are many factors to consider for that perfect cigar sanctuary. First off, let’s talk budget. Are you rolling in dough, ready to drop some serious cash on fancy drinks and premium lounge memberships? Or you more of a kick-back-and-relax smoker on a budget?
What about selection? If you’re just looking for common cigars then most places will be ok, but if you’re looking for limited edition cigars or boutique brands, know that not every spot will have what you’re looking for.
Next up, lockers. If you’re a regular, having a personal humidor at the lounge is clutch – no more hauling your sticks around!
Then there’s the booze situation. Do they have a full bar with your favorite whiskeys, or are you stuck with a limited selection? Bonus points if you’re allowed to bring your own and not pay an opening or corking fee.
Finally, consider the vibe. Some spots get crazy crowded, while others have a mellow, laid-back feel.
Picking the right spot means matching your preferences and taking all these factors into account.

10 Best Cigars Lounges and Shops in Steiner Ranch

1. Casa de Montecristo

Rating: 5/5
Phone: (737) 529-8466
Address: 3801 N Capital of Texas Hwy Austin, TX 78746 United States
About: Specialities Casa de Montecristo is a premier modern cigar store and cigar lounge. We feature a large selection of premium cigars and smoking accessories in our walk-in humidor. Casa is the perfect venue for an extraordinary and relaxing smoking experience. History Established in 2008. Casa de Montecristo is a premier, modern cigar store featuring a large selection of premium cigars from brands such as Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Arturo Fuente, Padron and Cohiba, as well as premium smoking cigar accessories. Casa de Montecristo is dedicated to adults who enthusiastically enjoy fine premium cigars and have a desire to share that passion with others. It is a “feel-at-home place” to gather with friends and fellow cigar enthusiasts, with an educated staff to further elevate the experience. Today, Casa de Montecristo has 23 Casas across the USA, including company-owned stores and licensed-based partnerships with some of the top established premium cigar retailers in the country.

2. Zee Cigs Vapor Electronic Cigarettes

Rating: 5/5
Phone: (512) 415-5156
Address: 3705 Ranch Rd 620 N Austin, TX 78734 United States
About: Specialities Welcome to a place with tons of information and none of the pressure. You are welcome to try any eCig unit before purchasing it and can try any of our more than 50 flavors for free. Since 2009 we have provided the best electronic cigarettes models and ecigs product available for purchase and at low cost prices including Joyetech the premium ecig model line up, we stand behind our vapor product and have product warranties well beyond our competitors. If you’re new to Zee Cigs than we welcome you to a dependable and trustworthy source for Electronic Cigarette and vape supplies. We have been providing original 100% USA made eLiquid and Electronic Cigarettes since 2009. We are local owned and located in the Austin Texas Metro Area. We carry Joyetech, Aspire, Innokin, Kanger, Smoktech, iTaste, Vision and Zee Brand. We also noth traditional eCig units and Mechanical Mods including advanced user hardware and supplies including RBA’s, RDA’s, Kanathal Wire, SS Mesh, Silica, Panasonic and Sony Batteries for mechanicals. History Established in 2009. Serving customers since 2009 we enjoy providing information and assistance to all new eCig users. Shawn at Zee Cigs has been offering Durable, Dependable, Refillable, Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes since 2009. As a previous smoker of twenty years at two packs a day he now only uses eCigs Shawn proudly offers premium vapor eCigs and 100% made in the USA eLiquid Juice. This is the second brick and mortar location, if you have been to our original location you may have noted we were the first in Austin to offer a comfortable and stylish environment which was designed after an old school cigar lounge feel. This new location is designed with a retro 50-60’s style and flare. We invite Meet the Business Owner Business owner information Shawn K. Business Owner Shawn decided to make YouTube video’s logging his experience. To his surprise tens of thousands of viewers became highly interested in his progress. At episode five Shawn received so many “help me buy the right Ecig” emails he decided to open the Smokeless Shop. A simple and trustworthy avenue for Ecig users. This decision did not come without YouTube viewer criticism, a few contacts have voiced there skepticism due to the website’s Smokeless Shop section. With so many long term smokers at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and even 60 years of tobacco use taking the leap only because of the video’s and Shawn’s Shop the criticism is well worth it. Making a living and helping others is a dream come true. It’s not just a shop and website, it’s an actual person to talk to about using an ecig as Shawn has been through the transition and can help new comers by providing helpful advice. The balance of true advice has been kept intact, as you may note Shawn has never mentioned his shop in any videos Zee Cigs Vapor Electronic Cigarettes also recommends The League Kitchen & Tavern 514 New American Shawn K. says, “Looking for a great place to eat. I always recommend my customers here for good appetizers, cocktails and food and service” Liberty Barbershop 67 Barbers Shawn K. says, “Great old school barber shop. The barbers make you feel at home. Prices are good too considering service. Stay local!”

3. Caleesi Designs Jewelers

Rating: 5/5
Phone: (512) 916-9253
Address: 2620 S Lamar Blvd Ste A Austin, TX 78704 United States
About: Specialities We specialize in custom designing fabulous and unique jewelry for a city full of unique and fabulous people. We also are experts in repair work and refurbishing your older jewelry. Bring us your older jewelry and let’s discuss making it into something you’ll love wearing again. We can redesign it, repair it, or refurbish it! History Established in 2016. Caleesi Designs has been a life long dream of mine. I’ve been a jewelry designer for over thirty years. After a three year apprenticeship in New York I was recruited to come to Austin to teach jewelry making, stone setting, and design. Over the years I’ve worked in various aspects of the jewelry trade. Caleesi Designs was founded in 2013 when I began doing custom design work utilizing social media. After much planning and searching for the perfect location we opened our studio January 2016 at 2620 South Lamar Blvd. Meet the Business Owner Business owner information Stephan W. Business Owner I’ve have been in the jewelry trade for over thirty years. I began my career as an apprentice in New York’s jewelry district. Moved to Austin in the early 80’s and have worked in the jewelry business in the Austin area ever since. I feel very fortunate to be a member of the Austin community. I absolutely love working here and playing here. Cathy and I are so excited to now have our own studio that will allow me to share my passion for jewelry design with you.

4. Hashtag Smoke Shop

Rating: 4.5/5
Phone: (737) 343-9366
Address: 1350 E Palm Valley Blvd Ste 150 Round Rock, TX 78664 United States
About: Specialities #Hashtag Smoke Shop is the best Smoke Shop in Round Rock area with the biggest selection for all you need at the best prices, we chose our products carefully for the best quality. # It’s the place where to find everything you need Ooze 510 battery Water pipe Hand pipe One hitter Mob Sage Kratom Opms Mit45 Feelfree shouts Delta 8 Cbd elfbar Escobar Whipit Cigar Cigarettes Hookah Vape Vape juice Hookah flavours Water pipes Buff bar Cigar Shisha Alfaker ROR Row Elfbar Escobar Blazysuzan Mob Smok Loose leaf King palm Lostmary Geekvape Butane Juul Evobar Dd8 gummy Tyson Cigar Zigzag Shockwave Meet the Business Owner Business owner information Omar A. Business Owner SMOKE SHOP in Round Rock Delta8, vape ,CBD , SHisha , cigars ,Charcoal, Starbuzz , ROR , Alfakher , Fummary , Hookah , Booster , COALS, pipes and everything you need

5. Habana House Cigar Lounge

Rating: 4.5/5
Phone: (512) 996-8706
Address: 13729 N Hwy 183 Ste 1075 Austin, TX 78729 United States
About: Habana House Cigar Lounge is your source for cigars in . Visit Habana House Cigar Lounge’s website for more information about hours and selection.

6. Davenport Wines & Spirits

Rating: 4.5/5
Phone: (512) 732-2900
Address: 3801 N Capital Of Texas Hwy Austin, TX 78746 United States
About: Specialities Davenport Wines & Spirits is located in the beautiful hills of Westlake in Austin, Texas. wine cellar Our store includes one of the finest temperature-controlled wine cellars in Central Texas. We also have an outstanding selection including unique vodkas, single barrel bourbons, distinctive single malts, cigars and many other excellent products. History Established in 2000. Davenport Wines & Spirits is located in the beautiful hills of Westlake in Austin, Texas. wine cellar Our store includes one of the finest temperature-controlled wine cellars in Central Texas. We also have an outstanding selection including unique vodkas, single barrel bourbons, distinctive single malts, cigars and many other excellent products.

7. Smokers Center Smoke and Vape Shop

Rating: 4.2/5
Phone: (737) 273-9345
Address: 3851 Airport Blvd Ste 103 Austin, TX 78722 United States
About: Specialities “We are an all around one stop smoke shop, covering all of your smoking needs. We offer glass water devices, water pipes, disposable vapes, hookahs, rolling papers and products, CBD, Delta 8 , Delta 10, Kratom and rolling tobacco. We also sell tattoo kits and so much more in our location! Please feel free to stop in and see us today.”

8. Dooby’s

Rating: 4/5
Phone: (512) 428-4096
Address: 617 W 29th St Austin, TX 78705 United States
About: Specialities Open 7 Days a week Noon-Midnight. We have been serving the Austin community for over 6 years and have opened up in West Campus! We strive to bring you the best prices and customer service in town, with an extensive variety of Vapes, Deltas, THC’s, and of course glass pipes, water pipes, and all smoking accessories. History Established in 2023. Dooby’s is a rebranding of Smoking Depot (located at 600 S Lamar BLVD in Austin, Texas) and has been serving the Austin community for over 6 years. We are a minority and family/friend owned/operated business, and our staff has over 50 years combined experience in the Smoke Shop industry, and pride ourselves on offering the HIGHest customer service in town. We are dog friendly and encourage all our staff to bring there pups to work and not leave them at home. Come say high to one of our adorable fur babies, or bring your own! Meet the Business Owner Business owner information Anthony V. Business Owner I’m Anthony, but you can call me AJ! I migrated to Austin from Missouri in 2010 and still call it home. I have a BCS in Graphic Design and have worked in the Glass and Smoke Shop industry since 2007. Sharing my experiences and knowledge with others is my passion. I have worked hard for everything I have, and the prices in my store will always reflect that. I do not believe in milking my customers for every dollar I can, but instead believe in low prices that offer savings for all, while also providing a living wage for all of my employees.

9. Total Wine & More

Rating: 4/5
Phone: (512) 827-0038
Address: 3925 Market St Hill Country Galleria Bee Cave, TX 78738 United States
About: Total Wine & More is your source for cigars in . Visit Total Wine & More’s website for more information about hours and selection.

10. Mr. Nice Guys

Rating: 3.5/5
Phone: (512) 258-6423
Address: 13201 Pond Springs Rd Ste 105 Austin, TX 78729 United States
About: Specialities We have an amazing selection of local glass as well as work from artists around the country. We try to be the shop that carries something for everybody, and we always have a friendly, knowledgeable person working. Highest Quality in Austin Texas.

Basic Cigar Lounge Etiquette

Alright, so you’re ready to venture into a cigar lounge and be a respectable member of the smoky community. Here’s a quick rundown of some essential cigar lounge etiquette tips:
Cut and toast your own cigar. Most lounges provide tools, but don’t expect staff to do this for you. It’s part of the ritual!
Ask before lighting up next to someone. You might love the smell, but always be courteous to others.
Dispose of ashes and bands properly. Use the ashtrays, and keep the lounge clean.
Respect the cigars. Don’t handle other people’s smokes without permission, and avoid putting your mouth directly on someone else’s stick.
Mind your smoke. Try to direct smoke away from others. A breezy day calls for extra careful puffing!
Keep the noise down. Lounges are meant for relaxation and conversation, so try not to disrupt the vibe.
Tip the staff. Just like at a bar, tipping your servers is a sign of appreciation and good etiquette.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re new to the scene, don’t hesitate! Most lounge regulars are happy to offer guidance.
Remember, a good cigar lounge is about enjoying your smokes in a welcoming and respectful environment.

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