Cigar Sizes: Guide to Length and Ring Gauges

Cigar Sizes: Guide to Length and Ring Gauges

If you have a friend that is a cigar aficionado or have just come across those cigar shops, you know that cigars come with different sizes and shapes. We know that choosing your first cigar is very hard, as they all come up with different prices and shapes. In this guide, you will come to see the importance of size, shape, and meaning. Even if you are already in the cigar world for a long time, this will still be informative to you.
It’s worth taking note of the different sizes and shapes of cigars. They are critical in choosing what cigar will fit you, and they can even describe your personality. However, it doesn’t mean that thicker or longer cigar is stronger than smaller ones. Long and wide cigars rolled with light tobaccos will still feel moderate, while small cigars rolled with robust tobaccos will naturally feel strong. But it is essential to know that the duration can be determined by how thick or thin it is, which will decide what taste you will get. Think of it like a pizza. When you order a pan pizza, you get more bread flavor. A regular crust provides an excellent balance of toppings and bread, while a thin crust provides more taste from toppings. Now it’s just like a cigar. Larger ring diameters provide more flavor from the filler tobacco, while smaller gauges provide more notes from the wrapper.
This will still vary depending on the brand you choose, as one brand’s lancero will taste different from the other. (1)

How Is A Cigar Measured?

A cigar is measured in two different ways, the length, and its ring gauge. The length is measured by inches starting from cap to foot. At the same time, the ring gauge is the size of the cigar’s diameter and is measured in 1/64ths increments. An example is a cigar with a size of 5×40 and is 5 inches long, and a diameter of 40/64 inches. (2)

Popular Cigar Sizes

There are many sizes for cigars, and we will start with the more popular ones.


The Corona is a cigar with a straight form and a rounded top. This gives the cigar its characteristically elegant shape. It is the most popular cigar worldwide and is often the recommended entry-level cigar choice for first-timers. It has a ring gauge of 46, with a length of 5 inches — shorter than many other cigars. (3)


Whether you’re a cigar connoisseur or a novice, the Cigar Robusto is the perfect stick for sophisticated smokers. It’s the most popular in America, where everything is huge. It may range in length from 4.7 to 5.5 inches and has a ring gauge of 50. This will allow you to smoke for up to 40 minutes, which is plenty to enjoy yourself. (4)


If you haven’t tried a Toro cigar, you need to. This cigar size is becoming more popular. It has a length of 6 inches and a ring gauge of 50. It brings a nice change of pace for the veteran smoker or an ideal everyday smoke for newbies. With mild-to-medium flavor, Toro is an excellent choice for any time, and you have 20 minutes for a leisurely smoke. (4)


The Torpedo is a significantly longer cigar than most other cigars (7 inches) but with a similarly large ring gauge(50/64 inch). It is named after its pointed tip, which resembles an elongated version of the cigar attached to a submarine warhead. (5)


Bigger isn’t always better, but with Churchill cigars, it might just be. These cigars are bigger in size and, some would say, quality. Churchill cigars have a ring gauge of 50 which means they’re bigger than other cigars which are available. With its length of around 7 inches, it is an ultimate enjoyment of smoking. Its strong and robust qualities make this cigar unique and one of the most loved cigars in the world. (6)

Other Popular Sizes But Less Circulated

Sizes that many people love but are less circulated worldwide.


Lancero is a very long cigar with a length of 7.5 inches and a ring gauge of 38. Some say that it seems to have a strong flavor. The smoking time of this cigar is longer than other cigars, and it will purify your mouth from various flavors or odors so that your beer can taste better after smoking this cigar. It really makes you enjoy every puff. (7)


Gordo cigars are full-bodied and thick, often with a ring gauge over 60 and a length of 7 to 8 inches. They are not what people usually think of as “cigars.” They are very different in characteristics, taste, smell, and size. Typically a cigar smoker will recognize them as something entirely different than their regular smoke. The flavor is robust, and the cigar is slow-burning. It is always essential to keep the Gordos stored in a humidification container made by the manufacturer of your cigars. (8)


Salomon cigar is a premium cigar that provides an enjoyable experience with its earthy, malty taste. Its thick filler will provide you with a perfect burn and robust smoke. Salomon cigar ensures a great time smoking with its generous length of 7.25 inches and a ring gauge of 57. (9)


The Perfecto is one of the classic cigar shapes. A unique and exclusive 48/64 inch ring gauge, the closed foot, and a bulge right in the middle are the defining marks of this famous cigar.(10)


The first thing you will find in a Grande cigar is its size. In fact, these cigars are the largest commercially rolled cigars globally. The main characteristics of this cigar are its ring gauge, or 60, and even reaching 80. Often flavored with whisky, rum, cognac, or coffee, this cigar is packed with exotic ingredients and can be stored in humidor boxes. They are at a minimum length of 4 and ¾ inches to be called grande cigars. (11)