Honduran vs. Nicaraguan Cigars: What are the Differences?

Honduran vs. Nicaraguan Cigars: What are the Differences?

Honduras and Nicaragua are countries with similar climates and close geography. These two countries border each other with Honduras to the North and Nicaragua to the South. Their location in Central America made them a great relocation area for tobacco growers from Cuba, who crossed the Caribbean Sea from the Northeast.

During the Cuban revolution led by Fidel Castro, Honduras and Nicaragua became the recipient of the industry’s talent flight from Cuba’s transition to Communism. Thus, both countries are now well-known as tobacco export countries with the vibrant tobacco industry and globally renowned brands. They welcome the tobacco growers with open arms but built their brands, too.

Table Comparison of Nicaraguan vs. Honduran Cigars

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Honduran Cigars

Popular cigars from Honduras are La Invicta, Cao, Don Ramos, Cao Italia Novella, and Carribean Corona. These brands are well known for their distinct taste, which comes from the healthy soil and climate of the region. Typically, Honduran tobaccos are stronger than Nicaraguans. Honduran cigars are known for their heavy and full-bodied flavor profile.

They usually have more robust nicotine content than Nicaraguan cigars. However, milder cigars are also available for other cigar enthusiasts.
Honduras is an ideal location for growing tobacco. Its location is particularly suitable to grow Connecticut Shade, Corojo Shade, and many Cuban-seed sun-grown fillers. Its native variety is Copaneco, a name derived from its place of cultivation, Sta. Rosa de Copaneco.

The majority of its tobacco is now grown in the Jamastran Valley. Because of the fertile soil of the area, Honduras is also sometimes called ‘the other Cuba’. The soil quality in the Jamastran Valley is almost at par with that of Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo and Partido regions.

Nicaraguan Cigars

Despite the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua from the late 1970s until the 1980s, Nicaragua was able to bring out the best of its tobacco industry. In addition, Dominican growers have also migrated to Nicaragua, which strengthened their sector.

Today, popular brands from Nicaragua include Joya de Nicaragua, Oliva, Perdomo, Charatan, Churchill, and Ashton. Oliva Special S Diadema is exceptionally smooth and brings out the best smoking session with its 9-inch length. This cigar is notable for its blend with an Ecuadorian wrapper. Meanwhile, the Ashton San Cristobal is particularly leathery and musky. This cigar is a Nicaraguan Puro blended by Jose Garcia, a famous Cuban grower who managed Cuban cigar factories for three decades. The Joya de Nicaragaua Antaño is powered by its Habano Criollo ligero wrapper. This cigar can match most strong Honduran cigars that you should avoid smoking on an empty stomach.