How to Cut a Cigar

How to Cut a Cigar

Cutting a cigar may seem like a simple task, but it is still important. A bad cut can ruin a cigar-smoking experience.

The goal is to cut off part of the cap, but leaving some of it glued around the end to keep the filler leaves together. If you cut off too much, the cigar may come apart at that end while smoking the cigar.

Here are the steps to properly cut a cigar.

  1. Identify the shoulder of the cigar. This is the place where the curved end of the cigar starts to straighten out. This is where the cut should be made.
  2. Place the head of the cigar in the opening of the cutter and slightly close the cutter so the blades are touching the cigar gently without cutting through.
  3. With the cigar in position, cut with swift, even pressure.

Now that your cigar, is cut, this is how to light a cigar.

Different Types of Cigar Cutters

There are many different ways to cut a cigar, but they all serve the same purpose. We put together a list of the 10 best cigar cutters to help you sort through all of the available cutters and find one that’s right for you.

Guillotine Cigar Cuter

When cutting a cigar with a single blade guillotine cutter, close the blade gently onto the cigar, so the cigar is gently squeezed between the blade and other side of the cutter opening, generally metal or plastic. Make sure to close the blade on the cigar firmly and in control or the cigar might shift and get cut on an angle. Learn how to sharpen your cigar cutter because  it is important that cigars are cut with a swift clean cut.

Double Guillotine Cigar Cuter

Most guillotine cutters available now are double-blade ones. When using this to cut cigars, it works well since the cigar is grabbed on both sides by the blades before swiftly cutting. This is unlike a single-blade guillotine where only one side of the cigar is grabbed and then cut buy a blade.

V-Cut Cigar Cuter

To cut a cigar with a v-cutter, place the cap end up against the rounded part of the cutter. The cutter has an oval-like opening that the blad3 slides through.

With the cigar pressed against the round part of the cutter, close the cutter so the v-blade comes down and cuts out part of the cap. 

You’ll be left with a small opening that looks like a line in the cigar. The benefit of this is that you will rarely cut too much of the cap off to cause unraveling of the wrapper. The downside is that since the cut is narrow compared to a guillotine-cut, you’ll get less smoke with each draw.

Cigar Scissors

Many people wonder how to cut a cigar with scissors. First, you should know that you shouldn’t use regular scissors to cut a cigar. The scissors made for cutting cigars have rounded blades to grab a cigar perfectly. The blades are also thin.

Cutting a cigar with cigar scissors is similar to cutting a cigar with a double guillotine. The cigar should be put in place and grabbed with the cigar scissors. Then a cut should be made swiftly with even pressure.

Cigar Punch

A punch is used to punch out a small round opening in the cap of a cigar. Some enthusiasts prefer using a cigar punch because they like the tighter draw. Using a cigar punch to cut your cigar can result in a more intense smoking experience as all of the smoke passes through a smaller hole.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cutting Cigars

How do you cut a cigar without a cigar cutter?

Arguably the most famous cigar smoker in history, Winston Churchill, regularly didn’t use a cigar cutter. He owned many cigar cutters but rarely used them. He would wet the cap of the cigar in his mouth and then puncture a hole in it with the wooden end of a match. If it worked for Churchill, it should be good enough for anyone. 

  1. Wet the cap of the cigar with your mouth and tongue.
  2. Poke a hole in the center of the cap with the wooden end of a match.
  3. Attempt to draw from the cigar to ensure it will smoke well.

What part of a cigar do you cut?

Almost all cigars will have a head, end with tobacco exposed, and a cap, end without tobacco exposes. The cap of a cigar is the part that is cut.

Do you cut both ends of a cigar?

No, you don’t cut both ends of a cigar. Only the cap of a cigar should be cut. The cap is the end of the cigar without exposed tobacco.

There are some cigars that may appear to have two ends that need to be cut, but that likely isn’t the case. One of the ends likely has at least a small opening of exposed tobacco. This is the end that should be lit. Do not cut it. As you smoke the cigar, the cigar will burn and the size of the ash will grow to be the full width of the cigar.

Cigars with a perfecto shape have an end that appears to be closed but isn’t. Many people ask if it should be cut, but it shouldn’t.

How do you cut a cigar with your teeth?

This is one of the least advised ways to cut a cigar; however, this is how my brother cuts cigars sometimes, and he smokes about three per day.

To cut a cigar with your teeth, it helps if you wt the end a little in your mouth and then bite some of the wrapper off the cap. 

This is not the advised way to cut a cigar. You will end up with pieces of tobacco in your mouth during the process and will likely get pieces in your mouth throughout the smoke.