How to Sharpen a Cigar Cutter

How to Sharpen a Cigar Cutter

Sharpening your cigar cutter depends on what kind of cutter you have. Trying to gather and enjoy cigars needs the use of a cigar cutter, or perhaps even the finest portable cigar cutter, to appropriately cut the cigar before lighting it. Dealing with cigars requires the use of the proper blade. The cigar cutter may undoubtedly become one of your most valued accessories.

The cigar is cut so that air may travel through and allow you to enjoy the flavors. The sharpness of the cutter has a significant effect on your cigar smoking satisfaction. As you are using your cigar cutter increasingly, the blades will dull and get blunted, defects will occur, and the overall usefulness of your instrument will suffer. These flaws can leave sharp edges on the head of your cigar, altering and, in many of those circumstances, hindering your smoking. If the blade is dull or worn out, this will not cut through the cigar effectively, leading to obstruction of air channels and a poor smoking experience.

Practical Ways to Sharpen Your Cigar Cutter

It is acceptable to polish a cigar cutter on your own, but you will only be able to sharpen a tiny portion of the blade. That can lead you to ignore the cutter’s sides, which can only be sharpened when the shell is removed. Only cigar producers and professionals have the equipment and resources to detach the casing, polish the blade, and reattach the casing. In case you badly want to fix it minimally, here are some ways that might help you:

  • The very first thing to attempt is just washing it. When you use a cigar cutter, tobacco debris accumulates on the blades and might be within the mechanism. That might be the cause of your cigar cutter becoming stuck when opening or shutting. To clean it, soak it in warm water for a few minutes and then wipe the blades clean with a towel. It would be best if you got rid of the majority of the residue this way. Of course, before you cut another cigar with it, make sure it’s scorched.
  • If you use a cigar cutter with stainless steel blades, individuals may clean and sharpen the blades by immersing the cutter in warm water. After a while, you will observe that all tobacco debris has been removed from the blades. After that, you may extract the cutter and dry it with a towel or a hairdryer. That will considerably improve the quality of the edge and your experience with cutting cigars.
  • De-burring your cutter can straighten out any flaws in the blades. We can scrub the sides of your blades with aluminum to guarantee that any build-up of cigar oils and tobacco has been eliminated, giving your cutter its optimal slice back. That is a temporary solution. You may want to repeat this method a few times before having your blades professionally sharpened, as it is a terrific way to delay the unavoidable and get the most out of your blades in the meanwhile. Roll some foil into a long, thick cigar shape about 30cm long. Using the cutter, cut through the aluminum cigar, being sure to snip the aluminum on all sides of the blade. You might have to relocate.
  • If you have a plastic cutter, it is preferable to somehow dispose of it and replace it with a stainless-steel cigar cutter, which would last lengthier and provide you with a more excellent cutting and shaping experience with your cigars. Somewhere at the end of the day, no one wants to spend their valuable cigars on bad cutters.

Your cigar cutter should last you and your cigars for many years with these pointers in mind. Always buy high-quality blades for your cigars, and if they require sharpening, send them back to the maker. They will perform an excellent job of upgrading your cutter. If you own one of the top cigar cutters, keeping up with the maintenance of your cigar cutter will, of course, help the blades last longer. That involves cleaning your cutter regularly to eliminate the dirt that accumulates each time you cut a cigar. It will also assist if you don’t lick the cigar’s head before slicing it.