How to Get Rid of Cigar Smell

Dealing with Cigar Smell in Your Home

I definitely prefer smoking a cigar inside because it is much more convenient for me. I am indoors more often that not, and there are a lot of things I can do indoors while smoking a cigar. I can’t really use my laptop or write when I am outside. Of course, I enjoy sitting outside and doing nothing other than smoking a cigar, but it is difficult to find that much time each day, so I have a problem. You likely will have the problem as well. Here is an article on how to get cigar smoke smell out of a house. Good luck.

Another problem with smoking cigars in your home is that the smoke can settle on your furniture, like couches, loveseats, and recliners. To get rid of the smoke smell in those you’ll have to know how to get rid of cigar smell in furniture, such as cushions.

Cigar Smell in Cars

So if you can’t smoke a cigar every day in your home, where can tou smoke a cigar? For me that answer was my car. I would open the sunroom and windows and smoke a cigar on the way to work. However, that didn’t stop my car from smelling like cigars. The smell didn’t bother me, but I drop my kid off to daycare in the morning. I never smoke with him in the car, but he still ends up smelling like smoke. I had to figure out how to get rid of the cigar smell in my car. Since getting rid of the smell, I haven’t really smoked as much in my car anymore.

Getting Cigar Smell Off of Your Clothes and Jackets

It’s almost impossible to enjoy a cigar without getting smoke scent on your clothes. You’ll need to know how to get cigar smell out of clothes. I find that sweaters and hoodies are the biggest victims to cigar smoke.

Having your jackets reek like cigar smoke can be a problem, since the scent can last for days and you’ll likely wear the same jacket each of those days. Here’s advice on how to get cigar smoke off of your coat and another on how to get cigar smell out of a leather jacket.

Dealing with Cigar Smoke Smell on Your Body & Hair

Cigar smoke will definitely get on you whether you smoke indoors or outdoors. Here are some tips on how to get cigar smell off your hands. There are some good tips you can use when washing your hands isn’t an option and when the odor can’t be washed off.

If you have a mustache or beard, your significant other likely gets to smell cigar smoke in your facial hear. Here’s some advice on how to get cigar smell out of beard, which can be used for your mustache also.

Unless I’m in a small enclosed place or smoking with a number of other people, I rarely end up with cigar smell in m hair. Maybe it’s because my hair is shorter. Here are steps to take to get cigar smell out of your hair. The best and easiest way is of course to take a shower, but that’s not always an option.

Keeping Cigar Boxes as a Novelty

If I order a box of cigars, I typically empty the cigars into my humidor (300 capacity fridgador), and sometimes I keep the cigar box that they cigars were in. I use the boxes to store things sometimes, but I don’t want my belongings to smell like cigars This article will help you learn how to get rid of cigar smells in cigar boxes, so you can keep your stuff in them.

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