How to Get Cigar Smell Out of Your Beard

How to Get Cigar Smell Out of Your Beard

Any guy will tell you that the secret to a dapper appearance is a well-groomed beard. But even the best-suited man could experience the unfavorable issue of cigar smoke lingering in his facial hair. 

Cigars are one of the most popular things on earth. They’re a great way to get a little piece of home in a really unique package. But if you’re a cigar smoker, you know that cigar smell is hard to eliminate. It’s even more complicated when mixed with your beard because the smell will be much more pungent, considering it’s close to your nose.

But there’s no need to fear; with a little effort, you can quickly get rid of the cigar smell and maintain a neat, tidy appearance to your beard. What you must do is as follows.

#1: Wash your beard with a mild soap or beard shampoo

First things first: if you’ve been smoking cigars and have a beard, you might want to wash it with mild soap to get the cigar smell out of it. Make sure that your soap is really mild because a soap that is too harsh can damage your beard.

This can help get rid of any oils or odors that may already be present in your facial hair, as well as any lingering cigar smoke smell from it. Additionally, this will make you smell clean and fresh and improve the appearance of your beard.

However, you can try washing your beard with a shampoo designed for beards if you believe a mild soap is not doing the trick. Select a shampoo made especially for beards because ordinary shampoo might be overly abrasive and rob your beard of its natural oils.

#2: Apply a conditioner to your beard

Applying a conditioner to your beard is the next step after cleaning it with a light soap or beard shampoo. This will improve the appearance of your beard and helps to cover up the odor of cigar smoke.

There are a few things to think about while using a conditioner to get the cigar smell out of your beard. First and foremost, go with an unscented conditioner. This will lessen the chance of a strong smell overpowering your senses. Second, be sure to coat your beard in conditioner thoroughly. You might want to use a comb to ensure that it’s distributed equally.

Last but not least, be careful to rinse the conditioner out properly. Otherwise, you run the danger of having a beard that is still greasy and smells like a cigar.

#3: Rinse your beard thoroughly

Speaking of, another great way to remove the cigar odor is to thoroughly rinse your beard after washing it. It is an essential step in keeping your beard healthy and looking its best.

You may get rid of any lingering cigar smoke from your beard by giving it a good rinse. If you don’t do this, the smell of the soap you used to wash your beard may combine with the odor of cigars, creating an even worse smell. It can also cause irritation and itchiness.

#4: Wait for your beard to dry before applying any products

You must first let your beard dry if you wish to remove the cigar odor. This is due to the fact that adding any products to a damp beard may actually worsen the smell. There are a few reasons why waiting for your beard to dry before applying any products is essential.

One reason is that wet beards are more receptive to odors. Because of this, the scent of a cigar is more likely to remain in your beard if you apply a product to it while it’s still wet.

Another reason is that adding products to a moist beard may actually intensify the odor. This is because the product and cigar smoke may interact and produce a new, stronger odor. So it is better to wait until your beard is totally dry before adding any products to avoid this.

#5: Apply products only to a clean beard

If you want your products to work well and smell well, your beard must be kept clean. Any accumulation of perspiration, grease, or dirt can reduce the efficacy of your products and make your beard smell.

To maximize the benefits of your products and maintain the finest possible appearance and scent, maintaining a clean beard needs some effort, but it is well worth it.

It would also be best if you were careful to avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning your beard. There are a few various methods you can use. Be sure to use beard oil or balm only after thoroughly cleaning your beard.

#6: Use a fragrance-free beard balm or oil explicitly made for beards

In addition to the techniques described above, another way to ensure you’re utilizing the best products to get rid of the cigar odor in your beard is to choose a fragrance-free balm or oil. This is because many fragrances can cover up cigar smoke’s smell rather than eliminate it.

Make sure the oil or balm you’re applying to your beard is explicitly designed for beards. It’s crucial to know this because ordinary products may wind up harming your beard. Products made specifically for beards will be considerably kinder to your skin and hair.

Additionally, it’s crucial to generously and evenly apply the beard oil or balm. This will ensure that each and every fragrance is adequately absorbed. You would need to use it several times to get rid of the cigar smoke.

#7: Brush your beard to help distribute the natural oils

Regularly brushing your beard can help it appear and smell its finest after you’ve finished washing and applying various treatments to it. This will assist disperse the beard’s natural oils and eliminate any cigar odor.

Beards can make a bold fashion statement, but care must be taken to keep them looking fantastic. The natural oils in your hair are distributed more evenly, and any cigar odor is eliminated by brushing your beard. For optimal results, brush your beard daily and follow the tips mentioned above to keep it smelling and looking great.