How to Get the Cigar-Smoke Smell Out of Your Car

How to Get the Cigar-Smoke Smell Out of Your Car

Getting rid of the cigar smell of your car can be tricky, as cigar smoke can be pretty potent. If you’re a cigar smoker, you may be wondering how to get rid of the cigar smell of your car.

Even after the last puff, cigar smoke can linger in your car for days. Whether you smoke an electronic cigarette or a standard, you should be aware that it takes some time for cigar smoke to leave the air in your car.

Getting rid of the cigar smell in your car can be done in a variety of ways, but it can be a pain. The smell, though, might persist for weeks or even months if you don’t take the proper precautions. You may, however, permanently get rid of that irritating cigar odor if you adhere to these simple tips.

#1: Open all of the windows and doors to bring fresh air into the car.

Opening all the windows and doors and letting the car air out is one way to get rid of the cigar smell. You can achieve this by leaving the windows open or by using a fan to move the air around. By doing so, you’ll be able to ventilate the car and get some of the cigar smoke out. Additionally, this will allow fresh air circulation and help with the smell’s elimination.

If the weather permits, leave the car parked in the sun for a few hours. The heat will help to release the cigar’s smell from the upholstery and other materials in the car. Even better, you might want to think about going for a drive with the windows open to let the fresh air in. Although it won’t entirely remove the smoke, this will assist in lowering its level in your car. Try using a car air freshener or odor eliminator if the stench doesn’t go away.

#2: Buy an air freshener or odor eliminator and spray it in your car.

We are all aware of how uncomfortable it may be to enter a car that smells like cigar smoke. The scent, whether in your own car or a rental, may be overpowering and nearly impossible to get rid of. Although you can’t completely get rid of cigar smoke, you might be able to lessen its smell with the help of fresheners and sprays.

In relation to tip #1, when you have let all of the air out of your car, you might want to buy an air freshener and spray it inside. Air fresheners are a simple solution. By purchasing an air freshener and spritzing it in your car, you may quickly and get rid of the cigar odor.

Using a car air freshener is also an alternative if you don’t want to air out your car. Either use a vent-clip air freshener or hang one from the rearview mirror. Air fresheners will cover up the cigar smell and improve the general aroma of your car.

The majority of convenience stores sell air fresheners, which are typically affordable. Just spritz the air freshener inside the vehicle, making sure to get into all the holes where the cigar smoke has been brought in. The cigar scent will vanish in a matter of minutes once the air freshener has finished its work.

The usage of a car odor eliminator is an additional choice. Instead of just masking odors, these products are made to absorb them. Spray an odor eliminator immediately on the carpet or upholstery and enjoy it working its magic.

#3: Clean the inside of your car.

You can also make an effort to thoroughly clean your car to help get rid of the cigar smell. Vacuuming, dusting, and surface cleaning are all steps in the process of cleaning up any areas where cigar smoke may have been present.

The interior carpets and upholstery of your automobile can be removed and disposed of, or you can wipe out every interior surface, including the windows and dashboard.

The majority of the smoke will be effectively eliminated using this method, but it will be very expensive, but if you are on a budget, the majority of surfaces may be cleaned using a vinegar and water solution.

#4: Leave a bowl of baking soda in your car overnight.

Everybody has experienced it. After a night out or a long day from work, you get into your car and immediately notice the distinctive cigar smell. If you have passengers in the car, it’s not just unpleasant; it may also be highly embarrassing. But there is no need to worry, as a simple and effective solution eliminates the cigar smell in your car overnight; all you need is some baking soda.

Overnight, place a bowl of baking soda in your car to help with odor removal. Baking soda, a natural deodorizer, has a unique ability to absorb odors. Sprinkling some baking soda on the carpets and furniture can additionally help with odor absorption even more. In the morning, simply remove the bowl of baking soda, and the cigar smell will be gone.

So next time you find yourself with a cigar smell in your car, don’t panic. Just reach for the baking soda, and you’ll have the problem of getting the cigar smell out of your car solved in no time.

#5: Use a dehumidifier to get rid of the cigar smoke.

The use of a dehumidifier is another option you have to attempt if you want to get rid of the cigar odor in your car. Dehumidifiers take away moisture from the air, which lessens the stench of cigars.

A model that fits your car correctly should be your top priority. It won’t be possible to effectively eliminate cigar smoke if the dehumidifier is too small. Second, since the water will get dirty rapidly due to the cigar smoke, you’ll need to empty the water reservoir periodically. Last but not least, to make sure the cigar smoke is gone, it’s a good idea to run the dehumidifier for a few hours every day.

Additionally, this will function most excellent if you reside in a humid environment because the dehumidifier will assist in removing moisture from the air and make it simpler for the scent of cigar smoke to be removed.