How to Get Cigar Smell Out of a Cigar Box

A cigar box is a popular item for keeping cigars safe and preventing them from drying out. Cigar boxes are lovely, and they make the perfect gift for everyone. However, many insist that a strong cigar smell is lingering in their cigar boxes.

While it sounds impossible to remove its odor, considering that it is an item where cigar lovers store their cigars, there are ways to get rid of its smell. Here we have listed some of the tips that will help you get rid of the cigar smell in your cigar box.

#1: Opening and airing out your cigar box

When cigars are stored in a cigar box, they often pick up the smell of other cigars. This is because the air in the box circulates and carries the scent of the cigars around. Opening and airing out your cigar box will help get that smell out.

By doing so, the cigars will be able to expel any trapped odors and “breathe.” Additionally, if you want the procedure to go more quickly, leave the cigar box open for a day or two.

#2: Put a layer of cedar in the bottom of the box

Cigar box construction frequently involves the use of cedar. The reason for this is that cedar has a strong scent that helps to mask the odor of cigars. The best thing to do when trying to eliminate the cigar odor from a cigar box is to add a layer of cedar to the bottom of the box. This will assist in absorbing the cigar smoke and improve the box’s odor.

#3: Use a paper towel with vinegar or vodka to absorb the smell from your box

Paper towels are an effective way to absorb the smell of cigars from your box, especially when accompanied by vinegar and vodka.

Both vodka and vinegar are solutions that can be used to remove the cigar odor from your box. As an acidic liquid, vinegar has the ability to break down the chemicals responsible for cigar odor. On the other hand, vodka is a flavorless beverage that also has the ability to absorb cigar odor.

Simply use a paper towel dampened with vinegar or vodka on the affected area to conduct this method. If the smell persists, leave it there for a few hours. To totally eliminate the stench, you should repeat the procedure several times.

#4: Coffee grounds and tea bags to absorb the smell from your box

Believe it or not, coffee grounds and tea bags can also help to eliminate the cigar odor by preserving the compounds that give it its scent. This is due to the fact that porous materials like coffee grounds and tea bags provide a lot of surface area for molecules to adhere to. The coffee grounds and tea bags will also help mask the odor and lessen its smell.

All you need to do is put the tea bags or coffee grounds into the box, secure it, and let it sit for a day or two. The unpleasant scent will be absorbed by the coffee grounds and tea bags, leaving your cigar box smelling brand-new.

#5: Use baking soda since it has natural deodorizing qualities

Baking soda can be an excellent solution if you’re seeking for a natural approach to get the cigar smell out of your cigar box. Baking soda is affordable and has deodorizing properties that might assist in freshening your box.

Place a box of baking soda that has already been opened into your cigar box to use it as a deodorizer. Put the box in a closed position and wait 24 hours. After that, take the baking soda out and throw it away. You would need to perform this procedure several times to get rid of the cigar smell completely.

#6: Consider placing natural fragrances in your cigar box

When it comes to removing the cigar smell from a cigar box, many people swear by using natural fragrances, such as essential oils, potpourri, or even dried flowers or herbs. This method is said to be especially effective in getting rid of the strong smell of cigar smoke.

Natural fragrances can be used in a variety of ways to eliminate the odor of cigars. One common technique is to put a sachet inside the cigar box that is loaded with a fragrant herb or spice. Use an essential oil and water spray as an alternative. You could also place an open container of a potent natural scent inside the cigar box for a while, like vanilla extract. You’re sure to discover an approach that works with a bit of experimentation.