How to Get Cigar Smell Out of Your Clothes

If you’ve always spent a couple of hours in a pub with a lot of smokers or sat by a bonfire over a vacation weekend, you understand how quickly smoke can penetrate your clothes and make them smell like an old stinking ashtray. The one that remains after an evening party, meals over the campfire, or a night passed at a concert. That nasty ashtray odor that follows you home seems to consume everything you touch. You don’t even have to pull your shirt to your nose to catch a whiff of this foul odor.

How to Get Rid of Cigar Smoke Smell From Your Clothes Without Washing Them

  • Leave the smoke-tainted garments outside to dry. If you can’t hang items outdoors, put them in place with lots of green leafy plants to absorb scents. To produce airflow, use a fan. The amount of time it takes to air garments depends on how drenched they are with smoke and how delicate you are to odor. When you don’t have a washing machine, one of the simplest methods to improve the fragrance of your clothing is to hang it outside in the fresh air. By turning your dress in a well-ventilated outdoor location, you should be able to get rid of the smoky scent after it has sat for a few days.


  • If you’ve ever glanced at a package of baking soda, you’ll notice that one of its uses is to eradicate smells. Put your garments in a big rubbish sack or plastic carrier bag while employing this solution. After that, add roughly half a cup of sodium bicarbonate and close the bag securely. Stir the clothing with the baking soda for about 2 minutes to allow the baking soda to coat your garment. Allow it to sit overnight to allow the baking soda to remove the smoky odor from penetrated garments. Open the bag outside the next day and shake the baking soda off the clothes. That should also help to remove the smell of cigars from clothing.


  • When you don’t have access to a washing machine, you may use steam instead. Check the manufacturer’s label to ensure that you can steam your clothes. Fill the iron with distilled water that has a steaming function. Apply this to your garments to remove the stink. You may also use 3 to 1 distilled water to rub alcohol solution to help remove the stench.

How to Get Rid of Cigar Smoke Smell From Your Clothes Without Washing Them

Most of the time a cigar smell can be removed from clothing simply by washing them in a washing machine. However, for scents that are persistent, here are some tips. 

  • Place your garments in a washbasin or sink and add 1 cup vinegar and warm water to it before washing. You may also try putting a few drops of essential oils with lemon, orange, or lavender scents to your clothing to freshen it up. Soak your garment for one hour before washing it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


  • Fresh lemon juice may be helpful in a variety of cleaning applications, particularly in the laundry room. Squeeze 1 to 3 lemons until you have a half cup of lemon juice. When your clothes go through their first wash, add this to them. That should aid in the removal of unpleasant odors such as smoke and other sour aromas.


  • In the last decade, laundry products have gone a long way. So much so that they manufacture items solely to impart a long-lasting fresh aroma to your freshly cleaned garments. Add a scoop to a batch of smoky-smelling laundry and set it to work. If the smoke odor persists, apply a fabric refresher in scented or unscented solutions to conceal the scents. There are already n formulations or sprays available that bond with different substances. If spraying, spray the item outside and allow it to air dry.