How to Get Cigar Smell Out of a Leather Jacket

Smoky scents may be challenging to remove from fabrics, whether from a campfire or cigar smoke. You may use everyday home things such as vinegar, baking soda, or pet dander to try to remove the smoke odor in your leather jacket and leave it feeling fresh. It’s ideal for keeping each odor absorber out for at least a few days to allow them to absorb the stench from the leather jacket. Any decent leather treatment should eliminate both nicotine and odor from the leather. On the other hand, the lining is most likely what is causing the smell—a competent dry cleaner that is licensed to clean leather will clean and deodorize both the lining and the leather. To revive the scent of a smoky leather jacket, use easy cleaning methods and leather-safe products. Even leather jackets may transform even from cigar-scented to clean-smelling. The multi-pronged approach necessitates some time, but you’ll see the result of your work and effort after.

Some Methods for Removing the Cigar Smoke Odor From a Leather Jacket

  • To neutralize strong scents, place a cat litter box beside the leather. Cat litter is well-known for absorbing smells of many types and is excellent for removing smoking odors. Place a bag or an open cat litter container near the leather item. The smoke odor should be gone in a few days. If the smoke odor persists after several days, discard the soiled cat litter and replace it with fresh cat litter. You can purchase cat litter from a pet supply store or a big-box retailer.
  • For 20 minutes, apply baking soda over the leather to eliminate the smoke odor. Distribute the baking soda on big leather surfaces, such as leather couches, and leave it for about 20 minutes to remove the smoke smell. If you have a small item that stinks or prefers not to put baking soda straight to the leather, fill a plastic or paper bag with baking soda and lay it on or in the leather item. Allow the baking soda-filled suitcase to sit on or in the leather item for at least 1-2 days to allow the fragrance to be thoroughly absorbed. Place a bag of baking soda in a handbag or wrap it in a leather jacket, for instance.
  • If a moist towel and some fresh air shouldn’t do the trick, try a spray bottle filled with just equal vinegar and water solution. Don’t be put off by vinegar’s pungent stench; when dried, it neutralizes smells. Mist the leather with the mixture, then let it air out in a well-ventilated place for another day. Keep it out of direct sunlight since the vinegar may react with the rays and stain the clothing. You may also substitute vodka for vinegar.
  • The parent of all oily and foul-smelling dirt removers is dish soap. On the other hand, Dishwashing liquids can efficiently clean and eliminate undesirable smoke odors.
  • If you dislike the stench of vinegar as a cleaning solution, you may still remove cigarette stink from leather by using a rubbing alcohol and water mixture. You can use that method to remove ink stains from leather.
  • Conditioning leather softens and extends its life, especially crucial for older goods. To maintain and refresh, use scented saddle soap or aromatic leather conditioner. After washing and air-drying the garment, use a soft cloth to gently work the conditioner into the leather, taking care to get into any cracks and wrinkles. Continue rubbing the leather until no residue is left. Brush the conditioner with a fresh, clean cloth for a radiant appearance, or just let the clothing settle overnight before wearing it.
  • Coffee’s strong aroma makes it an excellent natural odor absorbent. It functions similarly to baking soda in absorbing odors in the air.