What Are Box-Pressed Cigars & How Are They Different?

If you’re looking for a cigar that will light up your palate and leave a lasting impression, look no further than box-pressed cigars. These smokes are differently shaped from their round counterparts and have a different profile. 

Box-pressed cigars are a specific type of cigar that is extremely popular right now and for good reason. They’re well-known for their high quality and smooth smoking experience. But what exactly is a box-pressed cigar? And how are they different from other types of cigars?

First, let’s take a look at what makes a box-pressed cigar so unique:

• Box-pressed cigars have been pressed into a square or rectangle shape. This gives them an appealing aesthetic unique to other types of cigars.

• The result is a cigar with an even burn and consistent draw. This means you don’t have to worry about uneven burns or poor draws—which means your smoke will be smooth and pleasant!

• The consistency also means that box-pressed cigars can be packed with more tobacco than other types of cigars without being too large or difficult to light up (if you’re new to smoking).

How did box-pressed cigars become popular?

Truthfully, we were not able to trace back the history of box-pressed cigars. It is uncertain which brand first did it, but some evidence at least proved that they already existed during the pre-embargo period of Cuba. There were even rumors that cigars were packed tightly to save expenses from shipping, which eventually pinched them into box-shaped cigars. Also, one of the possible causes of its creation and the most reasonable one is that they were created so that cigars won’t roll off the table. Regardless, it is unclear how these box-pressed cigars came to be.

Box-pressed cigars were first introduced to the market in the early 1900s, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that they became popular in the United States. It was during the big U.S cigar boom. There, a famous release of Padron was launched. It is the box-pressed Padron 1964 Anniversary Series cigar. This unique blend was created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Padron’s founding. After the release of these cigars, other large brands quickly adopted this method of box-pressing. 

These days, box-pressed cigars are becoming increasingly popular among both cigar enthusiasts and beginners alike; whether you’re looking for an afternoon smoke or something more robust for your next party or event, these handcrafted treats are sure to please. 

How are they made?

In the long history of cigars, masters in this industry have already made numerous ways to make a cigar. Each of them resulted in different tastes, sizes, construction, and draws. It goes the same for box-pressed cigars. There are many ways to do it; the most common one is to press these cigars into a box shape literally. Cigars are stacked horizontally and vertically, and they use a manually-controlled press to gradually increase the pressure on the newly-rolled cigars and let them gradually take the shape of a box. Commonly, to have a result in sharp edges, cigars are rotated and gradually pressed together in their box, which takes a lot of time but is definitely worth it.

The difference between box-pressed and traditional cigars

The main difference is naturally the shape. But aside from these, what other difference does the box pressed have from a traditional cigar? Do people buy these solely for their aesthetic value?

In reality, box-pressed cigars are different from traditional ones. Because of their shape, they provide a looser draw and a slower burn. This will then provide a more consistent flavor throughout your smoking experience. If you prefer something like this, then box-pressed cigars are for you. 

Aside from improved taste and smell, this will provide a new experience. We all know that cigar aficionados like to smoke different cigars and that naturally involves trying out a cigar with a different shape. It will feel different in the mouth since it is box-shaped, and some will get uncomfortable. But of course, some people like their cigars this way!


Box-pressed cigars have a longer lifespan and are more durable than round cigars. They also have a smaller surface area, which means that they burn at a slower rate. This makes them less likely to crack or split during smoking, which can be problematic when you’re trying to enjoy your cigar. While round cigars are less durable, so they won’t last as long as box-pressed cigars. They also have a larger surface area, meaning they tend to burn faster than box-pressed cigars—which means they’ll get too hot if you don’t pace yourself properly!

Now, it really just varies from person to person which one to choose. They could like the box-pressed more instead of traditional ones, and vice-versa. Ultimately, we should still choose what suits us best and makes the smoking experience more enjoyable.