Why Cigar Wrappers Crack & How to Fix Them

Why Cigar Wrappers Crack & How to Fix Them

Cigar wrappers require a lot of care and prudence to maintain. Aside from holding the cigar together, cigar wrappers contribute the most to a cigar’s flavor. Cigar wrappers are flammable organic material, so they are prone to falling apart if not taken care of.

If the wrapper is flaking completely, repairing it might be beyond any means. It can still get repaired if it is simply unwinding in certain parts, cracked, or beginning to unravel. We discuss in this article the ways and means of fixing a wrapper and preventing cigars from flaking and cracking in the future.

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Common Causes of Cigar Wrapper Cracking

  • Using dull cutter
  • Improper cutting of the cigar
  • Improper transport
  • Tapping a cigar too much

Humidors are vital to preventing most of the cracking in a wrapper. A high-quality humidor will prevent most of the wrappers from cracking, but also the humidor needs to be at the proper humidity. The ideal range of humidity is between 68 and 72%. It is also essential to check if the door is closed tightly. In short, maintain your equipment properly to keep your cigars pristine. Close it correctly and make sure that the cover is the right fit. 

It is also essential to keep your cutting tool sharp. There is a chance that the wrapper will crack if a dull cutting tool is used on a cigar. To sharpen a cutter, you will need to remove the casing entirely. If you do not know how to do it, let the manufacturer perform the maintenance for you. This repair will take a few weeks, so keep a spare one.

Other reasons are tapping the cigar too aggressively against the tray or drawing too hard or too often. Since the wrapper is delicate, keeping the cigar in its cellophane will keep the wrapper from cracking. If you remove the cellophane, make sure to smoke it soon enough. 

How to Fix a Cigar Wrapper

You must use suitable materials and methods to work with a cracked wrapper. Check the following options to try to get the best results. 

  • Pectin
  • Wrapper leaf from another cigar
  • Chapstick of Vaseline

Don’t use saliva to fix a wrapper. It won’t work, although this might seem convenient. If you need a quick fix, a dab of chapstick or vaseline might do the trick.


The best option is to use pectin or acacia powder and mix it with water until it becomes gummy. Just make the mixture in a bottle and mix it with a toothpick. If you find it adhesive enough, this should be enough to use on the wrapper. Just apply some of the mixture on the wrapper, fold it back to the cigar, and then wait until it is dry. Don’t worry; the pectin is tasteless and odorless. This fruit extract is used on jams and jellies to make them gelly.

Using Leaf Wrapper From Another Cigar

Using a wrapper from the leaf wrapper of another cigar is another way to solve a cracking wrapper. Of course, this will affect the flavor of your cigar. You might also get frustrated knowing that another cigar’s wrapper will get diminished. However, this is a solution worth considering if your cigar with a cracking wrapper is a premium one.

Chapstick or Vaseline

A less ideal solution will be to use a chapstick or vaseline. This is a quick-fix solution if you need one. Though less than ideal, you can also use honey or cola because these are sticky fluids that can make a wrapper adhere to the cigar.

How to Prevent Cigar Wrappers from Cracking

Prevention is better than cure. With wrappers, especially premium ones, it’s best to avoid the hassle of repairing them. More so, you it’s good to avoid quick fixes also if an extra leaf wrapper or pectin are not available.

Right Humidity is a Must

Humidors must be maintained to function well. As mentioned, the range of 68% to 72% relative humidity is ideal. Keep your equipment calibrated, and make sure to check if it is working optimally. If your humidity is below 65%, cracking in your cigar wrapper is a possible outcome.

It is essential to use a cigar case if you are traveling, or at the least, keep your cigars in a ziplock bag. The proper humidity will protect the cigars from extreme temperatures.

Keep Your Cigar Cutter Sharp

When your cigar cutter is not sharp enough, making a clean and smooth cut would be difficult. Like an expert chef would keep sharp blades for filleting fish, you would need to have a good cutter for your cigars. It would be a waste to use a dull cutter and crack the wrapper. Invest in a good cigar cutter to enjoy the best from your cigar.

Keep the Band in Place

The cigar band is for decoration and doesn’t do much to keep a cigar held together. However, it is often difficult to remove a cigar band, so trying to take it off can result in you inadvertently damaging the cigar. It is easier to remove the cigar band after smoking the cigar a while when the ash is closer to the band. At this point, the glue the seals the band will be warmed, and the band will be easier to take off.

Avoid Extremes

As mentioned, it takes prudence to care for cigars. Just avoid tapping your cigar too hard on a tray so the wrapper will not get stressed.

It’s also essential to keep a consistent, mild environment for the cigars. If you expose it to sunlight or cold weather, there’s a chance the wrapper will crack.