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Cigar Accessories

Cigar Accessories for Golf

Golf Cigar Accessories

If there is a sport made for smoking a cigar, it has to be golf. Nothing is more relaxing than smoking a cigar while you hit a ball into the woods. 

Here’s our list of the best cigar accessories for golf.

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Cigar Accessory for Golf

Cigar Cutters

best cigar cutters

View our selection of the 10 best cigar cutters.

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best V cutter

Cigar Lighters

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Cigar Ashtrays

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Top Pick for Honduran Cigars

Cigar Accessory Guides

Cigar accessories enhance the cigar-smoking experience by ensuring optimal preparation, preservation, and enjoyment. To properly prepare a cigar for smoking, a quality cutter is essential for achieving a clean and precise cut, with popular options including guillotine, V-cut, and punch cutters. A well-crafted lighter or wooden matches are preferred for lighting cigars, as they provide an even and consistent heat source, allowing for proper ignition and an even burn throughout the smoking experience. A cigar ashtray, specifically designed to accommodate cigars’ unique shape and size, offers a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way to manage ash disposal. For those who appreciate a refined and consistent draw, a cigar draw enhancer tool can assist in resolving tight or plugged cigars, ensuring an unobstructed smoking experience. To preserve the quality and longevity of cigars, a humidor is an indispensable accessory, providing a carefully controlled environment to maintain the ideal humidity and temperature for optimal storage.
A hygrometer and humidification device are essential components of a well-maintained humidor, allowing for accurate monitoring and regulation of internal conditions. Travel cases and tubes protect cigars during transport, ensuring they remain pristine. These accessories, when used collectively, contribute to a seamless and enjoyable cigar-smoking experience, demonstrating the art and ritual of cigar appreciation.

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