best cigar cutters

Cigar Cutters

best cigar cutters

There are many different cigar cutters available. I personally use two different ones regularly. One is a Xikar double guillotine cigar cutter and another is a cheap guillotine cigar cutter that I got for free with a sampler I bought once. Both cutters work just as great as the other. However, I like using the double guillotine more, especially in public.

There are different reasons to use different cigar cutters. Most reasons come down to preference. Some people like the feel of a v-cut cigar or a punched cigar over a traditionally cut cigar. 

There are some people who say that different cuts result in different smoking experiences. I haven’t found that to be true. The most important part of cutting a cigar is to cut the cap at the right spot. If you cut too much off, the cigar could unravel a little while you smoke it.

Appearance is one of the biggest reasons why smokers like some cigar cutters over others. For example, if you have a mahogany humidor with brass accents, having a cutter with mahogany trim and brass hardware looks impressive. It is nice when all of your cigar accessories match. Personally, I have a gun metal torch lighter, so I like my gun metal cigar cutter.

Cigar smokers who have a dedicated cigar room, with leather chairs, a smoke eater, and large humidor, could add a desktop cigar cutter to the space also.

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The 10 Best Cigar Cutters

The selection available for cigar cutters are out of this world. If you are strictly looking for function, you can find a $5 guillotine cutter that will do the trick.

There are also many luxurious options as well, including some with mammoth tusk accents that retail for over $500, 100 times the price of a cheap cutter, but arguably 10,000 times as luxurious.

#1 Xikar VX V-cutter

A lot of cigar lovers swear by the v-cut. I don’t notice a difference other than mouthfeel, but many smokers love it. One of the reasons they like it so much is because it is more difficult to get a bad cut with it. However, I have found that the V is too deep when cutting smaller cigars or cigarillos. I haven’t had any issues with a robusto or larger though.available in gun metal, red, black, or bronze.

#2 Xikar X8 Double Guillotine

Best Double Guillotine Cutter

I have this cigar cutter in black, but it also comes in silver.
An issue I currently have is a piece of tobacco got wedged into the sliding part of my cigar cutter, so it doesn’t fuller close and cut. There is almost always a small part that has to be cut by opening the blades and closing them on the little part. There are some star screws, that I can unscrew and probably remove the jam though.

#3 Cheap Reliable Single Blade Guillotine

single blade guillotine cigar cutter

This is a reliable cigar cutter. It’s a simple, single blade guillotine cigar cutter. A pack of three is only $6. You won’t get mad when you lose it, and you can keep one where you most need them: home, car, and golf bag. This way you don’t have to worry about forgetting it.

#4 Punch Cutter and Torch Lighter in One

torch lighter and punch combo

The Vertigo Renegade torch with punch cutter is a simple solution to carrying many things in your pocket. It is such a pain to have your lighter but not a cutter. This design solves that problem.

The cigar punch is located at the bottom of the lighter. Simply flip open the bottom hinge near the refill valve to use the punch.

It comes in three colors: gun metal, black, and chrome.

#5 Xikar Xi2 Lotus Cigar Cutter

Fancy guillotine cutter

This lotus cigar cutter is available in many different colors and designs. The solid colors are Noir (black), bloodstone, fiberglass granite, and carbon fiber. There are also many camo designs including: blue and orange camo, artic camo, desert camo, red and tan camo, forest camo, blue camo, pink camo, and orange camo.

For someone who wants the best of the best, I would recommend the Xikar Xi3 Mammoth Ivory Cigar Cutter. This is a real beauty made with 10,000 year old mammoth tusk. It isn’t a printed design, it is the real thing, so no two cutters are alike. This is a rare cigar cutter that is sure to impress. MSRP for this one-of-a-kind tool is $549.99.

A typical one with a regular solid or camo print goes for about $55/

#6 Elaborately Designed Cigar Cutter

Luxurious cigar cutter

This cigar cutter looks and feels luxurious, but it’s only $22! I love this cigar cutter. It feels good in my hands. It has a little it of weight to it. The engravings look masterfully done.  I would put this as my top cutter if it was able to cut cigars over a 60 ring gauge.

#7 4-in-1 Tabletop Cigar Cutter

4 cigar cutter

This is a perfect example of a functional decoration for a cigar room. This tabletop cigar cutter can cut four cigars at once; though, most people still use it to cut cigars ones at a time.

The straight cuts are made for cigars 52 and 60 ring cigars.

The v-cutter can accommodate 52 and 58 ring cigars.

For only $69, it is well worth it.

#8 Xikar MTX Multi-Tool Cigar Scissors

These scissors can cut up to a 54 ring gauge cigar. The curve of the blades hug and grab a cigar just as perfectly as you would expect your double guillotine to.

This multitool also includes a box opener/screwdriver, box nail remover, cigar poker/piercer, and a bottle opener. I wouldn’t use any of them except the cigar poker. I’m too afraid that if I apply pressure to the other tools, I might break the handles. i don’t know for sure if they will break, but I’d rather not risk it.

#9 Cigar Cutter & Knife

cigar cutter and knife

This combination knofe and cigar cutter fits nicely in your pocket. It is cool to own, but not recommended if you will use the knife regularly on anything other than paper or tape when opening up deliveries. You can easily wear down the blade and make it more difficult to get a clean cut when cutting your cigar. It is a cool novelty. I have one and carry it on me, but I always reach for my guillotine cutter instead. This can cut up to a 54 ring size easily.

#10 Vertigo Cigar Punch Keychain

A punch is a simple cigar cutter that works on most ring cigars. The fact that you can keep it on your keys without taking up too much space is a plus. It isn’t bulky and you’ll be less likely to forget it.  

It isn’t very classy though. You won’t look good at a party when you have to take out all of your keys to cut your cigar, but it’ll likely be okay at a barbecue.