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Cigar Holders & Accessories for Golf

Golf Cigar Accessories

The most important accessory for cigar smokers while golfing is a cigar holder. Golfing is the best sport to smoke a cigar during because there is so much downtime: driving the cart, waiting while the others in your foursome swing, and waiting for the group in front of you. However, when you need to swing, you need a place to put your cigar that will keep it safe from the possibly damp ground and out of danger of being stepped on if it’s hidden in the grass. There are a few possible solutions, such as a cigar holder that works like a golf tee, one that clips to the cart or your golf bag, and one that can be used in a golf cart. We put together a list of the best cigar accessories for golf that would make for great gifts or simply to make your time more convenient and enjoyable while golfing.

Top 4 Cigars Accessories for Golfers

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#1 Stogie Stow Cigar Holder

cigar holder in golf cart

The Stogie Stow cigar holder is one of the coolest and most useful cigar holders I have seen. It is especially good for golfing. First of all, it has a sponge-like material that I feel comfortable clamping on my cigar. Second, it has many different options for holding a cigar, including openings for cigars of different ring gauges.

This cigar holder also has two different options for mounting it. One option is to use a strong magnet that it comes with to mount it on the upright of the golf cart or other metal part of the cart. It is a very flexible cigar holder for a golf cart.

The other option is to use the attachable spike, like a golf tee. You can use this by sticking it in the ground or placing it in one of the tee holders in the golf cart.

The last reason I love this cigar holder while golfing is that it can hold up to three cigars at the same time.

#2 Cigar Valet Tee

Golf tees for cigars
Golf Tee for Cigars

The cigar valet tee is a versatile yet simple design. Since the base is a tee, it can be stuck in the ground or placed in a tee holder inside the golf cart.

I like this over some of the cigar clips because the cigar lays in the holder and it wrapped by the plastic clips with a pretty large surface area, spreading out the force applied on the cigar, while also securing it.

The cigar holder holds the cigar very securely even when driving. While the holder simply sits inside the golf tee holder, it is very difficult for it fall while driving. I’ve used it while golfing twice and never had an issue. Granted, I did hold my cigar in my hand some of the time while driving in the cart, but I don’t think it would have ever fallen out.

It’s a good price too. A 2-pack is only $16.

#3 DIVPro Cigar Holder & Divot Tool

Golf divot tool and cigar holder

This golf accessory has 6 different uses:

  • Shotgun Beer Opener
  • Golf Divot Tool
  • Club Head Cleaner
  • Cigar Holder
  • Ball Marker
  • Golf Grip Saver

Having a ball marker and divot tool is pretty common, but also being able to hold your cigar makes this a no-brainer gift for cigar loving golfers. For $12.99 this is a great gift. 

The only downside to this cigar holder is that it isn’t made to work as a golf cart cigar clip holder. It holds cigars by being stuck into the ground. It’s no big deal, I normally hold my cigar in my hand unless it’s my shot.

#4 3-Cigar Humidor Tube for Golf Bags

A 3-cigar humidor tube is a great gift because is easily fits into a golf bag. Plus, your cigar-loving golfer can use this even when he isn’t golfing. It can be used for bringing cigars on trips when traveling. 

The tube is wrapped in a beautiful brown leather that is classy for the golf course and clubhouse.