Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba is made from Cuban seed tobacco that has been carefully selected and grown by expert agronomists. These seeds are cultivated in climate-regulated greenhouses. Skilled farmers then gather the best-quality tobacco leaves before the seeds are moved into the rich humus.

The plants are continuously monitored to make sure that the leaves are perfect for creating the Cohiba cigars . The harvested leaves are then left to hang in special wooden sheds where the leaves are cured to produce moisture and give off its natural sugars. At this point, the Cohiba flavors start to come out.

Cohiba has a signature process of aging and fermentation which involves a year of being in Dominican rum barrels for flavor and aroma enhancement. No other cigar company makes use of this process which makes the Cohiba unique.

Cohiba which was created in 1966 is Fidel Castro’s favorite of the Cuban Cigars. It was created as a Havana premier tobacco brand for diplomatic purposes.

We kept Cuban cigars off of this list because they aren’t easily available to most people. However, we include a Cuban Cohiba Siglo on our list of the best Cuban cigars you can buy online.

The Best Cohiba Cigars’s Top Pick for Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba Royale Robusto

#4 Best Medium strength cigar

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Strength: Medium
Shape: Robusto
Size: 5 1/2 x 54
Country: Honduras
Color: Natural
Wrapper Origin: Nicaraguan
Wrapper Leaf: Jalapa
Cohiba Royale Robusto, our #5 best cigar, starts with the beautiful wrapper from a Nicaraguan broadleaf which is grown in Jalapa Valley, which is known as one of the most prized tobacco-growing locations in the world. This is due to its moist climate, high elevation, and rich reddish-brown soil that gives life to this highly elegant tobacco which gives off a unique and flavorful aroma. It comes with a Piloto Cubano binder which in itself offers the complexity and the elegant style that suit the richness and distinction of the final product. The Royale Robusto also includes filters that come from a combination of tobacco that hails from popular regions like Estelí and Jamastrán. All these provide a strong flavor profile and a full-bodied smoking experience. It will be greatly enjoyed by a true cigar connoisseur.

Cohiba Nicaragua

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A box of 16 retails for $297.44. Save big with the link above!Strength: Full
Shape: Robusto
Size: 5 1/4 x 54
Country: Nicaragua
Color: Natural
Wrapper Origin: Honduran
Wrapper Leaf: Corojo
This is Cohiba’s first Nicaraguan cigar. It is created from the best-selected tobacco leaves that grew from the volcanic soil of Esteli and Jalapa. Cohiba Nicaragua is full-flavored with all the flavors intricately balanced. Every stick comes with a creamy smoke and added with spicy notes which make it a luxurious handmade cigar for special occasions. Every cigar comes with a Colorado Oscuro wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler. Whenever I speak with a smoker who likes the Dominican Cohiba Red, I recommend this one. I actually have five sitting in my humidor right now. They pack a punch. Don’t offer one of these to a friend who is new to smoking.

Cohiba Blue

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Strength: MediumShape: RobustoSize: 5 1/2 x 50Country: Dominican RepublicColor: NaturalWrapper Origin: HonduranWrapper Leaf: Olancho San Augustin 

This is a new line extension of Cohiba. These cigars are displayed in bright blue boxes. Each Cohiba blue stick comes with a sexy silky-smooth wrapper along with a three-country blend of top-quality aged tobaccos for binder and filler. The Cohiba Blue is a medium-strength body with a subtle hint of sweetness and velvety notes of caramel, cocoa, and cinnamon flavor. There is an extravagant taste packed in these Cohiba robusto cigars.

Cohiba Black

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A box of 25 supremos retails for $554.75. Save big with the link above!Strength: MediumShape: ToroSize: 6 x 54Country: Dominican RepublicColor: MaduroWrapper Origin: ConnecticutWrapper Leaf: Broadleaf 

Daniel Núñez, the Cohiba cigar master, proudly presented the Cohiba Black. It is an intensely dark Dominican cigar that is suited to the discerning taste of cigar enthusiasts. This cigar comes with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and boasts of exceptional Maduro which showcases a full-flavor that can only be experienced with Cohiba. Its binder and filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic are aged for three and even more years with the use of specialized tercios. Tercios are large bundles that are palm-bark wrapped. This one-of-a-kind aging process makes the Cohiba Black a smooth, well-balanced, and satisfying premier cigar. Black is one of the super-premium cigars found in the market.

Cohiba Connecticut

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A box of 20 robustos retails for $413.80. Save big with the link above!Strength: MediumShape: RobustoSize: 5 1/2 x 50Country: Dominican RepublicColor: NaturalWrapper Origin: EcuadorianWrapper Leaf: Connecticut Shade 

Cohiba Connecticut is the softer cigar of the Cohiba brand. It begins with a fully aged Brazilian and a couple of highly prized Dominican fillers, combined with a zesty Mexican San Andres binder. High-quality tobaccos are wrapped with the silky-smooth Ecuador Connecticut wrapper leaf. You can look forward to its creamy smoke from its mellow to medium-bodied smoke with sumptuous notes of cocoa, sweet cream, toast, and almonds. This cigar is the perfect choice for veteran cigar aficionados who are after a premium cigar smoking experience.

Cohiba Macassar

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A box of 10 toro grandes retails for $272.90. Save big with the link above!Strength: MediumShape: ToroSize: 6 x 54Country: Dominican RepublicColor: Dark NaturalWrapper Origin: ConnecticutWrapper Leaf: Habano 

Cohiba Macassar is a premium masterpiece of a cigar which is a tribute to the rare Indonesian ebony of the same name. The Macassar is wrapped in the exquisite Connecticut Havano wrapper that conceals the Connecticut broadleaf binder along with a mix of four-year-aged Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers. To complete its supreme recipe, the tobacco leaves spent their final year inside rum barrels for the cigars to produce its luscious flavors of coffee, cedar, white pepper, and wood.

Cohiba Red Dot (Dominican)

Dominican Cohiba in hand

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Strength: MediumShape: RobustoSize: 5 x 49Country: Dominican RepublicColor: NaturalWrapper Origin: AfricanWrapper Leaf: Cameroon 

Cohiba Robusto are handmade in the Dominican Republic with specially selected Cuban seed tobaccos and Indonesian Jember binder, surrounded by a vintage, aromatic Cameroon wrapper. It is truly delicious. Personally, my favorite wrappers are a toss-up between Cameroon and Sumatra. The experience is a rich, balanced, and satisfying that lives up to the Cohiba brand.