Cohiba Black Review

If you are looking for flavorful cigars, look no further and try a Maduro-wrapped cigar. By virtue of being a highly popular cigar brand in the market, Cohiba delivers a flavorful cigar wrapped in a USA Connecticut Broadleaf with a Maduro color.

More so, complex cigars are right on the money when it comes to value for money. This Cohiba Black Robusto review checks if this cigar can bring the depth that you can expect for its price.

There is reason to believe that it would. First, the Dominican Piloto binder brings the various fillers together in three years of aging. Second, the fillers, too, are aged for an extended period of time.

This review of Cohiba Black Robusto will also explore the flavors of this cigar. As a mellow to medium-rated cigar, depth and complexity is a must. We try the Robusto vitola and see if this is worth the price for an occasional and special cigar. Let’s check it out.

Cohiba Black Robusto Crystal
Wrapper Origin: ConnecticutShape: Robustoo
Length: 5.25Ring: 50
Wrapper: BroadleafList Price: $175 (Box of 8)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Medium

Appearance of Cohiba Black Robusto Crystal

The box has a black attitude wrapped by silver neon lines, just the fitting complement, and a theme for a Maduro cigar.

The stunning, dark Maduro wrapper complements the black and silver neon band. The cigar has lots of visible veins, too. Moreso, the Cohiba Black Robusto carries its elegant band in style with an oily Maduro wrapper.

The construction looks solid and well constructed. It is firm, oily, and feels weighty.

Smoking Experience

Cold draw hints at coffee, chocolate sweetness, and some bread. This incredible combination shows that the cigar is packed with flavor.

The initial puffs bring out the chocolate and earthy flavor profile. Further, into the cigar, flavors develop with complexity. The retrohale has a lot of cocoa, nuts, and coffee.

The notes on the first third are creamy flavor is discernible across a leather base and earthy palette. The flavors develop with a prominent nuttiness and sweet, creamy finish. So far, the cigar is already a full-body, and its ton of flavor is enjoyable with the aromatic smoke—oak, chestnut, espresso, and cocoa.

In the second third, leather notes tone down while the pepper kicks into high gear. Nonetheless, the finish is still unmistakably creamy. The vanilla notes can be relished from the sweet flavor profile. This flavor sustains the full-body and medium strength of the cigar.

In the final third, the leather and pepper reveal much of the creaminess. The pepper fades while the leather ramps up, similar to the first third. The base of the cigar is solid, complex, and brings out the best from the creamy flavors.


Holding Cohiba Black Robusto

I give this cigar an overall 92. It has plenty of flavors to enjoy throughout. In a smoking session that lasts an hour and a half, the aroma from the cold draw until the nub carries a rich taste of wood, nut, cocoa, and espresso. The smooth draw and flavors are full-bodied, bold, and tempered by the excellent combination and balance between the spice and the earthy flavors. The Cohiba Black Robusto might be a fantastic weekend cigar if not for the price. But, if you can afford a complex cigar frequently, this is worth keeping in your humidor. This cigar works well with bourbon or coffee.