Drew Estate Cigars

Drew Estate Cigars

Drew Estate cigars are popular for their uncommon shapes, sizes, as well as exotic herb ingredients. Drew Estate can satiate any cigar craving whether you are looking for an infused cigar, a premium one, or sticking with the traditional. It has become one of the most recognized names in the cigar industry. The brand is popular for masterfully blended cigars to super-premium long-filler ones. All these cigars are manufactured in Nicaragua.


The Best Drew Estate Cigars


Buy Acid

Acid cigars are a product of a great combination of rare botanicals, exotic herbs, and spices that just don’t belong to the traditional blends. Fans have ceased asking about these ingredients since they have always been kept under lock and key. ACID cigars are manufactured at the La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate factory in Estelí, Nicaragua. The most popular of the ACID cigars is Kuba Kuba and followed by the Red, Gold, and Purple Series that include some interesting monikers such as Red Nasty, Purple Croqueta, and Extra Ordinary Larry. All these uncanny blends come with their stand-out flavors that will appeal to both the sticklers to the traditional and those who like the new premium ones.

Acid Kuba Kuba

Acid Kuba Kuba Cigar

The Acid line by Drew Estate, with its distinctive infused cigars, has maintained a prominent standing in the market since its introduction in the 1990s, notably featuring the Kuba Kuba brand as one of its flagships. The meticulous production process, held confidential by the company, employs 150 botanicals and curing in aroma rooms in Esteli, Nicaragua. With a detailed review pointing out its robust yet mellow strength, an intriguing blend of sweet, floral, and peppery notes, and a satisfactory smoking experience despite minor issues like canoeing, the Acid Kuba Kuba is recommended for both experienced cigar enthusiasts and newcomers alike, offering a well-constructed, flavorful smoking experience.

Acid Subculture Progeny

The Acid Subculture Progeny from Drew Estate, a cigar infused with unique flavors and enveloped with a Mexican San Andres wrapper, is recognized for its distinct aromatic profile and innovative blend that includes herbs and berries. At a reasonable price point and providing over an hour of smooth smoking, it introduces an unexpected journey through varied flavor profiles, blending medium-strength herbs, mild sweetness, and emerging earthy flavors to create a layered smoking experience. While this cigar line may not be a staple for all enthusiasts and is available only through select retailers, it has cultivated a following among specific cigar connoisseurs who appreciate its novelty and aromatic richness, establishing the Acid Subculture Progeny as a noteworthy entity in the infused cigar market.

Liga Privada

Liga Privada Year of the Rat 2022

Definitely recommend this. Obviously kind of sucks to recommend it since you’re not going to be able to get this Liga Privada Year of the Rat cigar right now unless they do release a new release in one in the coming years, but anytime Liga Privada has a special release, you should definitely try and pick it up and give it a shot because they almost never disappoint.

Liga Privada Unico Serie Nasty Fritas

The Liga Privada Unico Serie Nasty Fritas, renowned for its intense flavor and rich, full-bodied character, stands out in the market. Handmade by Drew Estate artisans, this cigar features a unique shape and a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper that contributes to its distinctive appearance. Despite its unconventional look, it delivers a robust smoking experience, with dominant black coffee and leather flavors complemented by sweetness and a hint of spice. Its excellent construction ensures a consistent burn and abundant smoke, making it a top choice for aficionados seeking quality and flavor. Its balance and depth of taste are particularly notable, remaining consistent throughout the smoking experience. It proves that, despite initial skepticism due to its appearance, it’s a cigar that delivers on all fronts, especially for those seeking a potent yet balanced blend. The Liga Privada Unico Serie Nasty Fritas impresses with its flavor profile, construction quality, and overall performance, providing exceptional value for its price point.


Buy Ambrosia

Ambrosia takes the art of blending premium tobacco a notch higher. The cigars start with the traditional Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos, a signature of Drew Estate. These are blended into the four front marks that showcase Sumatra, Cameroon, and Connecticut wrappers. What gives Ambrosia its unique taste and aroma are the native spices from South Asia and Europe. Regardless of the type of Ambrosia cigar you have, you have to prepare yourself for explosive exotic flavors. Every Ambrosia stick is aged for four months after it is rolled. This will enable the highest-quality Nicaraguan tobaccos to soak up all the rare spices. 


Florida Sun Grown By Drew Estate

Buy FSG By Drew Estate

Florida Sun Grown by Drew Estate cigars uses tobacco that comes from Clermont, Florida. It is so rare that it is integrated as accent tobacco among all the aged Nicaraguan fillers with Habano Honduran binder along with a Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper. This is a sun-grown Corojo 99 which is superbly tasty and limited. It derives its unique flavors from the sandy soil of Florida. FSG has a unique sweet spice and a depth that you would not mind dying for. 

Deadwood Sweet Jane

Buy Deadwood Sweet Jane

The Deadwood Sweet Jane cigars are handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua. Every stick of this cigar line has premium Nicaraguan binder/filler tobaccos and wrapped in a dark and oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. These cigars are medium-bodied and possessing smooth notes of earth, mocha, and spice. These cigars are said to be a category on their own. Its strong and aromatic tobacco provides a strong flavor profile that can be hard to find. This is named after the cigar shop in South Dakota where it originated. 


Drew Estate Factory Smokes

Buy Drew Estate Factory Smokes

Factory Smokes By Drew Estate is from the creator of Liga Privada, Undercrown, and other top-rated cigar blends. This cigar is offered in four popular sizes. They are captured by Sun Grown, Shade, and Maduro wrappers and possess Indonesian binder and filler tobaccos. It’s the best bundle of the everyday cigar with the elegant Drew Estate quality at an affordable price. You can find a Factory Smokes cigar that has its familiar sweet tip, adding the perfect touch of brown sugar to this cigar’s flavor profile. This is the ideal smoke you need when barbecuing, golfing, and hanging out with friends.

Kentucky Fire Cured Hogs Tooth Review

Kentucky Fire Cigar

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Kentucky Fire Cured Hog’s Tooth cigars are fragrant Cuban Coronas made expressly for Famous Smoke Shop. Kentucky fire cured tobacco, Nicaraguan & Brazilian fillers, and Mexican San Andres wrapper meld for a well-balanced, complex smoke teeming with earthy, woody & smokey elements.

Puros Huerfanos

Puros Huerfanos - Best Cigar

Puros Huerfanos by Drew Estate has garnered acclaim as a favorite among cigar enthusiasts, noted for its impressive flavor profile and quality, especially considering its budget-friendly price of $4.50 per stick. The cigar, available in seven sizes, features an Ecuador Habano wrapper, an Indonesian binder, and proprietary fillers, offering a rich, full-bodied smoke that intertwines robust pepper with notes of sweet, malt, honey, and subtle spicy undercurrents. While it initially brings a thrash of solid pepper, it beautifully mellows, revealing an earthy sweetness and, later, gentle touches of sweet and grassy tastes with a salty hint. Despite a few minor constructive criticisms related to its lighting and burn towards the end, Puros Huerfanos delivers a spectacular smoking experience, particularly standing out for its well-blended, transitioning flavors and overall exceptional value, earning an 85 rating and a solid recommendation for those seeking an affordable yet impressive cigar option.

Isla Del Sol Toro

Holding Isla del Sol cigar

Isla Del Sol Toro offers a rich and memorable smoking experience, perfect for those who cherish an hour-long session. Starting with a Maduro wrapper, it establishes an earthy tone immediately. The cigar surprises with mellow notes without overpowering bursts of flavor, hinting at its unique essence. Although some might not prefer infused cigars, the aroma of this one is likely to sway their opinions. It proudly features coffee from Sumatran Mandheling Beans, renowned for their robust flavor without acidity, adding a light, earthy touch. The draw embodies the warmth of a gentle summer breeze, resonating with its name, ‘Isla del Sol.’ In terms of taste, the Nicaraguan filler complements the earthy undertones and Sumatran coffee flavor, introducing mild syrupy notes making it ideal as a dessert smoke. It resonates with the essence of a lo-fi jazz song, combining Nicaraguan spice with cherry undertones and a candy-like sweetness. The triple Nicaraguan leaf accentuates the coffee’s kick, ensuring a flavorful yet smooth experience. As the session progresses, the smoker experiences a surge of Sumatran coffee ecstasy, culminating in a sweet, smooth peak. Its chocolatey hints coupled with Mandheling bean spice conclude in a relaxing finish.

Its cap adds sweetness, harmonizing the coffee and vanilla creaminess with the Sumatran leaf wrapper’s earthiness. Till the very end, it remains robust in flavor and construction. In summary, the Isla Del Sol Toro offers a flavorful journey, impressively cloaked in a Maduro wrapper, balancing coffee notes and sweetness perfectly, making it an excellent value for its price point.

Tabak Especial Robusto Dulce

Tabak Especial Dulce Robusto

Infused cigars offer a diverse array of flavors and strengths for enthusiasts. The perfect cigar provides a medium body that harmoniously blends with the sweetness, offering a relaxing experience suitable for mornings or afternoons. The market is flooded with options, but brands like Drew Estate stand out for their consistent quality. The Drew Estate Tabak Robusto Dulce exemplifies this, boasting rich flavors and a high-quality construction. Its infusion with Nicaraguan coffee from the Selva Negra plantation—a sustainable farm with historical coffee-growing practices—gives it a distinct aroma. The cigar’s taste journey starts with an unexpected sweetness reminiscent of honeycomb, eventually transitioning to robust espresso flavors. Its excellent burn and construction ensure smoothness throughout the smoking session. Despite its slightly above-average price point, its value is evident in its quality and lack of aftertaste. Paired with coffee or light tea, this cigar is ideal for those who appreciate complexity with a hint of sweetness. In conclusion, the Tabak Especial Robusto Dulce is a commendable choice for those looking to indulge in a coffee-infused cigar experience.

Liga Undercrown

Liga Undercrown Maduro Gran Toro

Liga Undercrown maduro on wood floor

The rollers at Drew Estate, being ardent fans of Liga Privada and frustrated by its supply constraints, took a spontaneous leap of innovation to craft the Liga Undercrown Maduro Gran Toro. This medium to full-bodied cigar boasts a sophisticated design, from its elegant box to its refined royal blue and gold branding. As for the smoking experience, its flavor profile meanders through strong cocoa and cedar undertones, earthy notes, and hints of citrus, vanilla, almond, and cinnamon, balanced by a smooth retrohale. The solid cigar construction ensures a consistent smoking session with prominent cocoa flavors and a bread-like sweetness. Highly recommended for seasoned cigar enthusiasts, its complexity and richness more than justify its price point. Liga Undercrown Maduro Gran Toro earns a commendable rating of 88, making it a perfect gift or recommendation for fans.

Liga Undercrown Sun Grown

Liga Undercrown sun grown

The Liga Undercrown Sun Grown offers a rich blend of fruity notes, cinnamon spice, and earthy leathery undertones, promising a fresh and aromatic experience that might even entice smokers to pair it with a glass of whisky. Its six-inch length warrants reserving for special occasions, ensuring a lengthy, satisfying session. Presented in a beige and light brown box, the cigar looks as appealing as its taste, with a light chocolate-colored wrap adorned with a red and gold band and an oily, minimally veined Sumatra wrapper. The smoking journey begins with a peppery kick and evolves to reveal layers of cherry, dark fruit, cocoa, and nuttiness, maintaining a smooth yet full-bodied profile from the first light to the last puff. Despite needing occasional touch-ups for an even burn, the cigar’s construction doesn’t compromise its overall quality. Scoring an 89, the Liga Undercrown Sun Grown stands out as an exemplary choice for those seeking a bold, flavorful, and sweet smoking experience.

Herrera Esteli

Herrerra Esteli Habano Lonsdale Deluxe

Herrerra Esteli Habano

In a collaboration between legendary blender Willy Herrera and Drew Estate, the Herrera Esteli Habano was born, capturing the elusive Cubanesque flavor profile. The cigar boasts a luxurious yet simple appearance with a chocolatey Ecuadorian Habano wrapper set against a golden band. Its smoking experience starts with gentle creamy aromas, evolving to exhibit woody and cedar notes, while the pepper and mild spices provide depth. The final third reveals the scorched oak, vanilla, cream, and nutmeg complexities, embodying the sought-after Cubanesque essence. Though the burn can be uneven, it tends to self-correct, and the smoking time extends over an hour, offering a rich and flavorful journey. The review confirms that the Herrera Esteli Habano Lonsdale Deluxe is a must-try for discerning enthusiasts searching for that distinct Cuban touch.

Herrera Esteli

Buy Herrera Esteli

The Cuban-inspired Herrera Esteli has the perfect balance any cigar lover would look for in a cigar. This full and well-rounded flavor hails from Drew Estate’s factory in Nicaragua. Everything starts with a beautiful Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that wraps long Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco fillers. This cigar is rolled in the entubado style which can be difficult and time-consuming. Herrera Esteli cigars give off a creamy flavor for the finish along with overtones of cedar, wood, spices, and coffee beans. Such cigars are magnificent and they offer nothing but joy. 


My Uzi Ways a Ton Cigar

The MUWAT (My Uzi Weighs a Ton) cigar line is a unique collaboration between Drew Estate’s Subculture series and Joya de Nicaragua, with the cigars crafted in Nicaraguan factories. Its name is inspired by a quirky moment when Jonathan Drew, the creator, likened a bundle of these cigars to the heft of an Uzi. The MUWAT + 11 variant stands out due to its smaller ring gauge than other MUWAT vitolas, offering a robust experience for enthusiasts who prefer cigars on the slender side. Wrapped in a San Andres Maduro, it presents a dark chocolate sheen, subtle oiliness, and a straightforward band design. Flavor-wise, it starts with hints of chocolate, cedar, and wood, followed by a gradual increase in peppery spice that eventually dominates the profile while maintaining a harmonious balance with sweet, fruity, and woody undertones. Despite a less-than-perfect draw in the second third, the MUWAT offers a balanced, enjoyable experience overall, making it a worthy addition to any aficionado’s humidor.

Drew Estate Larutan Egg

Drew Estate is recognized for producing premium, high-quality cigars, with the Larutan Egg standing out due to its unusual bulging design. This Nicaraguan cigar, shaped like an egg, surprises with its robust construction, maintaining ash integrity despite its peculiar form. However, it presents significant drawbacks, such as a challenging draw due to its large open end, leading to a bitter taste and a lack of flavor complexity. While the initial smoking experience offers mild, smooth flavors with hints of cedar, nuts, and subtle sweetness, it devolves into unremarkable, charred notes in the final thirds. The cigar’s appearance is further deemed plain due to the absence of a band despite its already striking shape. In summary, while the Drew Estate Larutan Egg showcases commendable construction and ash resilience, its underwhelming flavor profile and draw difficulties make it an unlikely choice for enthusiasts seeking a rich, complex smoking experience.