La Gloria Cubana Cigars

Ernesto Carrillo, a Cuban-born cigar maker, first launched the La Gloria Cubana brand in 1972 in a small  El Credito factory located in Miami. The La Gloria Cubana became highly popular in the 1990s due to the Cigar Aficionado reviews; it became too popular that Carrillo decided to move the production location to the Dominican Republic to be able to meet the increasing demand. Still beating the other brands, the La Gloria Cubana cigars of today are also produced in Nicaragua. This was where the award-winning La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli line was created. These cigars are wrapped in gorgeous EMS and dark Maduro wrappers. These are all crafted by level 10 master rollers using the finest aged tobaccos as well as grade A wrappers. If you are after a luxury smoking experience, the La Gloria Cubana is the best.


The Best La Gloria Cubana Cigar

La Gloria Cubana Serie N

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La Gloria Cubana Serie N is refined and highly complex from the Dominican Republic. It is a full-bodied stick with a mixture of spice, earth, and cocoa. Its blend of Nicaraguan fillers and binder is wrapped by a black Oscuro wrapper. The palate will experience a slight sweetness while it gives off tasty aromas. The La Gloria Cubana Serie N is known for offering both smooth complexities and flavor. 


La Gloria Cubana Serie R

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The La Gloria Cubana Serie R is wrapped in the oily  Ecuadorian Colorado shade wrapper and the Connecticut broadleaf Maduro wrapper. These two wrappers cover a unique deluxe blend of Brazilian, Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Mexican fillers. These cigars are aged for three or four years more than the original La Gloria Cubana. La Gloria Cubana Serie R cigars are full-bodied and rich tasting. It has flavors of floral, wood, earth, as well as hints of orange. 


La Gloria Cubana Esteli

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The La Gloria Cubana Esteli is a cigar line extension of the world-famous original cigar brand. This cigar is perfectly constructed and made of Nicaraguan puros which are rolled in 6.25 x 64, 6 x 54, and 6 x 60 formats. These cigars are wrapped in dark and oily Maduro wrappers. La Gloria Cubana Esteli is handmade and the output of superb blending skills. These cigars are medium and full-bodied, and they are made of a complex combination of sweet cedar, caramel, white pepper, along with the much more prominent chocolate and spice tones from the Maduro variety.


La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black

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The La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black differs from the La Gloria Cubana Serie R since the team personally went to Nicaragua. Its richness is derived from the all-Nicaraguan blend of premium tobaccos. It is wrapped in the Nicaraguan Jalapa Topado Ligero wrapper that is super dark and oily. The wrapper gives the cigar the spiciness and pepperish flavor to the cigar’s Nicaraguan binders and fillers. This cigar is designed to offer more flavor and strength to those who like to smoke full-bodied cigars. It is a great smoke for those who want a cigar with a punch.


La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Miami

The La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Miami is hand-rolled only by an elite team of Cuban expatriate torcedores from its Miami factory. The famous Ernesto Perez-Carrillo himself chose the proprietary Nicaraguan and Dominican filler leaf and placed them within the rich Ecuador Sumatra binder. It comes in the elegant and reddish Nicaraguan Havana wrapper. It is a cigar that is medium and full bodied in flavor. It comes oozing with flavors of spice, leather, pepper, along with creamy caramel and warm toasted bread.