Nub Cigars

Nub Cigars

Nub cigars began as an innovative idea in the Nicaraguan Oliva factory. It happened that the torcedor wanted to have a cigar that will hit you with its sweet spot when lit. No-fuss and no waiting, that’s what the Nub is all about. 

The Nub comes with a variety of wrappers, yet each one comes from the enchanting Nicaraguan tobacco. The Nub may be short, but it burns like any full-bodied Toro or Churchill. This is a unique cigar that is stouter than the usual cigar, but it has the flavor of the last four or five inches of a traditional cigar all throughout its stout body. This means you will be enjoying the sweet spot all throughout its body. Each of its many wrappers lends a subtle yet distinct flavor whether it is a sweet Connecticut tobacco or the Habano smoke taste. 

That goes to say that the Nub’s uncanny shape and size are not merely for show or novelty. Olive comes up with this deliberately for the smoker to experience the maximum flavors of spice and cedar that enhance every draw on the short cigar. The Nub cigar has four wrappers which are Habano, Connecticut, Cameroon, and Brazilian.

The Best Nub Cigars

Nub 460 Cameroon Tubo

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The Nub 460 Cameroon Tubo would make good company wherever you may go. They are presented in individual tubes that help to retain tobacco freshness. They occupy much less space and give off rich and huge Nicaraguan flavors. Cameroon wrappers are silky sweet and smell delectable. 

Nub 460 Habano

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The Nub 460 Habano is a premium handmade cigar that is purely Nicaraguan. It is nestled inside the lush and oily Habano wrapper. With every stick of the 460 Habano, you can expect the rich and full-bodied flavors of espresso, earth, cedar, and spice that will blast your palate once the cigar is lit. 

Nub 460 Maduro

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The Nub 460 Maduro prides itself on the Brazilian Maduro wrapper along with long Nicaraguan fillers and binder that can truly lend smokers a genuine medium-bodied smoke. Each fat stick features a 60 ring gauge. It is four-inch long but it can last for at least an hour. Thanks to the highly aged tobaccos that make up each short body. Several flavors are packed in each stout Maduro body which include hints of licorice, earthy overtones, and spices. The Nub 460 Maduro will make a great addition to your humidor.

Nub 460 Connecticut

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Nub 460 Connecticut is a great option for mellow smokers who favor the stout Nub structure but feel cast out because of the strength. Its Connecticut wrapper lends a buttery smooth texture. It softens and blends with the palate of cigar lovers who like cigars for their subtle flavors. 


Nub 460 Connecticut Tubo

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The Nub 460 Connecticut Tubo comes sleek and smooth due to its silky wrapper. Each stick starts mellow with its cream and rich flavor with sweetness at its core. Then there come the lingering notes of toast and cedar which will satisfy you coming from this medium-bodied rich smoke. 

The short and stout Nub takes you to where you intend to be quickly by letting you taste the peak flavors from the time you light it. 

Nub 460 Maduro Tubo

Buy Nub 460 Connecticut

The Nub 460 Maduro Tubo is a short and stout Rothschild is the fullest bodied cigar in the entire premium Nub line. Maduro lovers just crave for more of these in your face mouth-watering flavors of sweet spice, caramel, coffee, and dark chocolate.