Tatiana Cigars

Tatiana Cigars

The Tabak Especial Gordo is an easy-going medium-bodied cigar that showcases Nicaraguan Criollo binder and long filler tobacco leaves infused with flavors of coffee beans that are grown from Nicaragua. This coffee-induced masterpiece is wrapped in a lovely and silky smooth Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf. This results in an aromatic cigar with flavors of chocolate, nuts, coffee, all finishing up into a sweet tobacco conclusion.

The Best Tatiana Cigars

Tatiana Classic

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The Tatiana Classic is the biggest in the Tatiana line at 6 x 44. It is one of the most popular among the flavored cigars; thanks to its top-grade and hand-rolled Cuban-seed filler tobaccos, along with a silky Dominican binder, and of course that sumptuous Indonesian medium-brown wrapper. All these tobaccos are stored for two years for them to give a soothing and calming smoke experience. It comes in a wide array of flavors and ensures a sweet and savory taste, that perfect draw, and the intoxicating aroma.

Tatiana Classic Trio

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The Classic Trio Collection also comes with the same Cuban-seed Dominican tobaccos and that flavorful Indonesian wrapper, but this cigar delivers exotic flavors you can’t find in any other. This collection includes Groovy Blue, Night Cap, Walking Dream, and Café Arabica. All these never-heard exotic cigar mixtures could make your tastebuds do a cartwheel. You can do away with the non-aromatic premium blends for now and excite your palate with the Tatiana Classic Trio cigars.

Tatiana Mini Tins

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The Tatiana Mini Tins are petite but what they lack in physical size they make up through the richness of flavors. This cigar is composed of exceptional infused flavors. These mini cigars are hand-rolled and they come conveniently in stay-fresh tins. They need no humidification until the tins are opened. Through an easy-access tin, you can experience a great smoking experience from Cuban-seed filler tobaccos and binders as well as tasty Indonesian wrappers. Every stick of the Tatiana mini is infused with assorted warm, sweetened, and exotic flavors.

Tatiana Coffee Break

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Tatiana Coffee Break is one of the exciting and mouth-watering premium flavored cigars. This cigar uses 100 percent aged Dominican tobaccos, and it pays tribute to the most exquisite gourmet coffees: grappa, espresso, Corretto, Sambuca and brandy, Cortado, latte, and Cafe Con Leche. The Tatiana Coffee Break is the ideal cigar for those who are looking for more exotic flavors.

Tatiana La Vita

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Every piece of the Tatiana La Vita is a 5×34 short panatela. It is a mild and delicate smoke. It has carefully selected Cuban seed Dominican fillers that have been rolled and aged for two years to make it mellow. Tatiana La Vita is very aromatic and can fill the air with such a pleasing aroma. This is made possible by over a dozen flavors from the tangy cherry to the essences of rum and cognac. 

Tatiana Dolce

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When you say Tatiana Dolce, you talk about the best flavor-infused blends available for premium hand-rolled cigars. Every piece of this cigar comes with Cuban-seed filler tobaccos, seamless medium-brown Indonesian wrappers, and a Dominican binder. Experience a nutty and rich flavor cigar with aged tobaccos and infused with flavors of cherry, chocolate, Mandarina, tropical blend, cinnamon, honey, and others. This is a great smoke for those who have a sweet tooth.