E.P. Carrillo Cigars

Ernesto Perez-Carrillo is one of the highly notable cigar makers in the world. He is the man behind the success of La Gloria Cubana that caused quite a stir in the early ‘90s. Ernesto decided to branch out and create a special portfolio of premium cigars this time under his very name. E.P. Carrillo has everything any type of smoker could ever ask for from the fat, bold, and full-bodied cigars of 50-ring gauges to the mellow and medium-bodied ones, you can expect to find them from Ernesto and his team of highly skilled cigar blenders and rollers.

The Best E.P. Carrillo Cigars


Buy INCH Natural by E.P. Carrillo

INCH Natural by E.P. Carrillo has a limited production with only less than 125,000 cigars in varying vitolas. This cigar is encased in an Ecuador Sumatra Natural wrapper along with a Nicaraguan binder as well as Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers. This is a medium to full-bodied cigar that has been created to set a different standard in flavor for big ring gauges of cigars. 

New Wave Connecticut by E.P. Carrillo

Buy New Wave Connecticut by E.P. Carrillo

New Wave Connecticut is a 91-rated cigar that is mild to medium-bodied. It has a tantalizing Ecuador Connecticut wrapper that caresses a handcrafted variety of binder and fillers from Nicaragua that come in popular shapes. It comes with a glistening golden-blond wrapper and has a sweet and creamy flavor profile accentuated by cedar, leather, a dash of pepper with such an enticing aroma. This is a great easy-going cigar for anyone who wants to try an E.P. Carrillo.


INCH C-99 by E.P. Carrillo

Buy INCH C-99 by E.P. Carrillo

INCH C-99 is an innovation done by Ernesto after heeding the feedback and critique from Cigar Aficionado after the brand’s success with their INCH lines both the Maduro and Natural. This cigar is still a giant-size cigar with a new blend of  Nicaraguan and Dominican long-filler tobaccos along with a Corojo ’99 wrapper instead of the Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper often used in the INCH line. This is why it’s called INCH C-99. This cigar is a medium to full-bodied cigar composed of aromas like tang, wood, earth, leather, and spices. It’s simply a must-try for any cigar smoker.

INCH Maduro by E.P. Carrillo

Buy INCH Maduro by E.P. Carrillo

INCH Maduro is not just big; it is also unbelievably dark and oily and super thick. Every inch of this giant cigar is blanketed with a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper that appears to be dipped in oil and covering a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos. This cigar exudes flavors of roasted nuts, dark black coffee, leather, and pepper and is topped off by a tongue-tickling sweetness. It is a medium to full-bodied cigar with lots of flavors and a sweet sugary bouquet. 

Perez Carrillo La Historia

Buy Perez Carrillo La Historia

The La Historia earned a 95-point rating and title #2 Cigar of the Year in 2014 from Cigar Aficionado. This medium to full-bodied cigar has a beautiful wrapper from San Andres with a core complex of handcrafted tobaccos that originate from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Ecuador. This cigar has a woody, sweet, and rich flavors that are most sought by boutique fanatics. 

E.P. Carrillo Selección Oscuro

Buy E.P. Carrillo Seleccin Oscuro

Selección Oscuro is on the Top 26 Cigar of the Year list for 2016. This cigar appears to be dark and imposing, but there is nothing to be scared of. It certainly has an assertive character but it is also nuanced. It is a product of the creative blending of an Ecuadorian binder, Mexican wrapper, and Nicaraguan filler.