30 Best Cigar Gifts for Dad

Dad is a very important man in our life. No matter what you do, he will always be there to support you and bring a big smile to your face. Now, we know how hard it can be to find the best cigar gifts for Dad because, at first, you think of getting him some random stuff. In reality, nothing can beat gifts that will improve his smoking experience. This is probably because cigars have been around for many years, and that they are some of the best gifts that one can give. This is why knowing what cigar gifts to surprise them with are important. We are here to help as you choose a gift for your Dad which will impress him, mistaking that you’re an expert in the cigar industry even though you might have only known a bit of cigars because of him.

Dads are always a challenging gift to buy. But fear not, there are plenty of gifts that your cigar-loving Dad will love. Even if it’s a birthday, show of appreciation, or a gift for this upcoming father’s day, you must find the best cigar gifts for Dad!

Cigar Samplers

Every Dad likes cigars, but he is particular about the one he smokes. He has a special taste and preference. This makes it hard to buy gifts for your Dad, especially if you are not familiar with his brand. To make this easier, you can buy a cigar sampler as a gift for Dad. Below are some of the best gifts to surprise him. 

1. Diamond Crown Royal Sampler

Four cigars in a gift box

x1 Diamond Crown Robusto No. 4 

x1 Julius Caeser Toro 

x1 Diamond Crown Maximus No. 4  

x1 DC Black Diamond Emerald 

All of them come from a brand renowned as America’s oldest family-owned producer of cigars.

2. Romeo Lover’s Assortment

5 Romeo y Julieta cigars

x1 R Y J Reserva Real Robusto 

x1 Romeo Anejo Robusto 

x1 RyJ 1875 Bully  

x1 Romeo By Romeo Robusto 

x1 Romeo Y Julieta Vintage No. 3

Their brand is known for having consistency and well-made construction of their cigars. 

3. La Aroma De Cuba Best Sellers Assortment

5 La Aroma de Cuba cigars and a red lighter in a red gift box

x1 La Aroma De Cuba Robusto

x1 La Aroma De Cuba EE. No. 5


x1 La Aroma Mi Amor Magnifico

x1 La Aroma Mi Amor Belicoso

x1 La Aroma Mi Amor Reserva Maxim

x1 La Aroma De Cuba Torch

This La Aroma De Cuba is made in Nicaragua, and this 5-cigar sampler is the highlight of their wide collection of cigars.

4. E.P. Carrillo Trilogy Sampler

3 cigars in a wooden gift box

x1 EPC La Historia E-III

x1 Encore By EPC Majestic

x1 Pledge By EP Carrillo Prequel

These are Ernesto Perez-Carrillo’s finest creations, and it’s given him two Cigar of the Year titles for the years 2018 and 2019. 

5. La Aurora Churchill Value Sampler

4 cigar sampler in a plastic bag

x1 La Aurora 1987 Churchill

x1 La Aurora 1962 Churchill

x1 La Aur ADN Dominicano Churchil

x1 La Aurora 1903 Churchill

This sampler was reviewed by many, and it boasts of its reliability and ability to satisfy smokers. They are mild to medium-bodied in taste.

A cigar cutter is a good gift idea for your Dad, but not just any cigar cutters will do. You want to find ones that are heavy, durable, and can suit the taste of your Dad. A cigar cutter makes it much easier to enjoy a cigar and relax than many other things that you can get for Dad.

Cigar Cutters

Most cigar cutters are designed for regular cigars, so we have put together this list of a few alternatives to regular cigar cutters if you’re looking for a unique gift for him.

6. Galiner Cigar Cutter

wood-grain cigar cutter

This cutter features a 100% stainless steel blade that ensures a clean cut and precision, along with a lock system that prevents the blade from opening by itself.

7. Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter

Black v-cut cigar cutter

A V-Cut cutter will take your Dad’s smoking experience to the next level. With this, he will be able to get a different draw from every cigar he smokes. This cutter effortlessly slices through any cigar, giving it a clean cut. There are also a variety of colors to choose from.

8. Colibri S-Cut Cigar Cutter

Copper and black cigar cutter

A cutter from the same manufacturer as the #7 one, with a different cut. If you think a V-cut won’t do, this cutter will give the cigar a straight cut which will definitely provide a perfect draw. With the same sharp blades and exquisite design, this cutter will let your Dad feel invigorated the moment he holds it. There is also a variety of colors to choose from.

9. Quad Table Cigar Cutter

stainless steel desktop cigar cutter

Albeit different from the usual design of cutters, this table cutter will deliver a different feeling. Not going with the trend and having a unique cutter like this will make your Dad stand out in his circle of cigar smokers. This cutter features 4 different cutting options, 2 of them being straight cutters and another 2 V-cutters. 

10. CIGARISM Zinc Alloy V-Cut Cigar Cutter

silver v-cut cigar cutter

This cutter provides a clean V-cut to a cigar, and it’s included in the list because of its impressive design! For a V-cutter to be designed like this is a bit rare, and more importantly, it even comes with a leather case that will allow your Dad to bring it wherever he wants.

Cigar Lighters

A cigar lighter would be a perfect gift for Dad. Whether it is his birthday or any other special occasion, buying him a unique cigar lighter is one of the best ways to show your love and affection. Smokers spend up to several hours per week enjoying their hobby, so a better cigar lighter would shorten Dad’s preparation time and let him smoke right away.

11. Pure Copper Antique Style Lighter

old-style lighter

If you see your Dad liking old-school vibes, this antique lighter might be what he wants. It is made from pure copper, has a thick wall brass, and is polished beautifully.

12. Double Jet Flame Lighter

wood accented butane torch lighter with double flames

This lighter feature a powerful double torch with wind resistance flames. It has many uses and is perfect for cigar lighting with its solid flame. It has a brown grain design and is made with high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting use.

13. Ambrogio L. Quad Torch Lighter

torch lighter wrapped in brown leather

With one click on this lighter, your Dad’s cigar will definitely start to be lit. Coupled with its unique shape, this lighter is made with zinc alloy and leather, boosting its durability. 

14. Waterproof Butane Lighter

black torch lighter with four other color options

If you know that aside from smoking cigars, your Dad likes to camp and find a serene place to smoke, you found the correct lighter. It comes with a waterproof feature that is needed if you are an adventurous person plus, its flame is even adjustable!

15. Long Matches

black tube of long wooden matches

If your Dad is a cigar aficionado who appreciates tradition, this long match lighter is an elegant and effective way to light up his favorite cigars. This handcrafted item features a cool, unique design suitable for windy conditions. It’s built with high-quality materials, making it perfect for everyday use.

Cigar Humidors

What’s better than a gift from a son or daughter to his father, especially now that Father’s day is close? Well, Dad will definitely love a cigar humidor, a place where he can safely keep his favorite cigars for years to come. You should take your time choosing the best product for Dad as there are many cheap but low-quality products you might find online. Don’t get just any style; make sure its quality and a good fit for his needs.

16. DUCIHBA Cigar Humidor

glass-top cigar humidor

A tempered glass-top humidor with a divider, humidifier, and hygrometer inside. This is a handcrafted humidor with a Sapele cherry design on the outside. The inside has an excellent aroma which ensures that your cigar won’t smell weird inside after a long time, and it holds up to 50 cigars, depending on the size. 

17. Military Style Cigar Humidor

glass-top military style humidor with tray for cigar accessories

It features a glass-top along with a front digital hygrometer. It has an accessory drawer outlined with foam. This is a top-quality humidor reviewed by many, and what gained its popularity is its hydro system. This humidor can hold up to 100 cigars at once, depending on the size.

18. Bald Eagle Cigar Humidor

small glass-top humidor

This is a handmade cigar humidor made from the finest genuine Spanish cedar wood. The bottom of the humidor is scratch resistant to prevent friction damage. There is a glass top for you to see your cigar, and this box holds up to 25 cigars at once. 

19. Monogrammed Octodor Cigar Humidor

black glass-top humidor with last name engraved and a slide out tray for cigar cutter and lighter

This large humidor holds up to 100 cigars, depending on the cigar size. It has a black piano finish which gives you a luxurious feel. It features a removable cedar tray that separates your cigars and allows better airflow and seasoning. It also has a drawer below, which is an accessory storage.

20. Pardo Cigar Travel Humidor Case

black plastic travel cigar humidor

If your Dad likes to travel, this would be perfect for him. He can bring it anywhere he wants easily, and this case can hold up to 5 cigars. The cigars are kept airtight, and it features two locks and inner seals. 

Cigar Ashtrays

Your Dad loves smoking cigars but has a hard time every time he puffs on them (especially if they are big rings). Every time his ashes fall off the cigar’s tip and get to the ground. Imagine how this leaves him feeling – embarrassed? Well, you can turn it into a positive and give your Dad his own ashtray just for him.

Choosing an ashtray as a gift will never go wrong. It adds a special feel to Dad’s smoking experience, especially when this ashtray is specially-picked from you. You might just be able to level up his smoking experience right away!

21. Ashtray with Whiskey Holder

wood cigar ashtray with a cup holders

We’ll start with this ashtray which supports two of the top life pleasures of Dads. A whiskey holder along with an ashtray that has an easy-to-clean detachable metal. This makes a great gift, along with a whiskey and a cigar. 

22. Pardo Cigar Ashtray

black cigar ashtray for up to  4 cigars

This particular ashtray is designed for larger cigars. The groove can hold almost all cigars in its different varieties. Made from silicone that makes it unbreakable and flexible. This will make a great gift to a Dad who likes it simple but luxurious, which is exactly its design.

23. GUEVARA Cigar Ashtray

Cohiba styled cigar ashtray

Made with porcelain and weighs just fine. The brand ensures the quality, and they say that if you receive a broken one, they will immediately replace it! With just this, you can be assured of the quality of this ashtray. They ensure you that your loved one won’t receive a broken gift.

24. Wooden Cigar Ashtray

wood ashtray in shape of cut wood

A completely unique ashtray, as you’ll receive a shape that’s completely random! The brand ensures exquisite craftsmanship and an ashtray that has a smooth texture. This ashtray’s best quality is that each of these is entirely unique. 

25. Heavy Glass Cigar Ashtray

glass ashtray for one cigar

This is the perfect ashtray for Dad! It looks like it was carved out of ice, but it’s actually made from durable heavy glass, so it’s sturdy and able to handle lots of cigar smoking action. It’s handmade in Turkey by skilled artisans who take pride in their craftsmanship. The photos don’t do this piece justice – hold one in your hands, and you’ll know what we mean. A unique design that truly makes a statement on any man cave table top or deck railing.

More Cigar Gifts for Dad

Therefore, as a general rule, we would recommend choosing accessories that reflect your Dad’s lifestyle. Accessories that complement his environment easily add aesthetic appeal to any room. For example, my father lives in a very rustic setting at his home out in the woods, so the wooden ashtray and the cigar box fit right into his overall aesthetic. On the other hand, the glass top humidor might be better suited for an office or living space with a more modern or high-tech design. Now, to give you more choices to choose from, we’ll list another five cigar gift recommendations as a bonus.

26. Cigar Draw Enhancer

cigar poker

An accessory you won’t expect that would help Dad, a gift unexpected! Try to see if he’s having a problem with his draws on cigars. Even if you might not catch him, maybe he just endures. Why not give a helping hand? 

27. Cigar Poster

Cigar Reference Guide Poster

Definitely the best gift for a Dad who’s developing his man cave. This poster looks great hung on a wall as-is or hung inside a picture frame. The poster has facts about cigars including common flavor profiles of tobacco from different regions and names of different cigar sizes. 

28. #1 Dad Cigar Shirt

black shirt that says #1 dad with a cigar for the number 1

Show your appreciation for Dad with this #1 Dad Cigar Shirt. It shows that you have humor, and it’s wonderful as a gift. Definitely, a gift that would make him happy!

29. Music Box

wood box with an image of a dad and daughter walking etched into the top

A gift for your cigar-lover Dad? It doesn’t mean that a gift should always be an accessory for a cigar. It can be something that would make his smoking experience better, for example, a music box. This music box can be personalized with your message, and you can even choose the song!

30. Vintage Leather Journal

soft leather journal with strap

Last but not least, a vintage leather journal. The design itself gives off an ancient taste, a vibe that most cigar-lovers chase. This journal can be made into a recording of different cigars that he tastes or even the moments when he smokes a cigar.