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We truly enjoy reviewing cigars for all of you, because we absolutely love smoking them. If you want to learn more about cigars, here are all of our cigar reviews. We hope you enjoy them.

Of course the best way to learn about cigars is to smoke them. So, if you find a cigar that you think you’ll like, we recommend picking one up. Don’t invest in a box of cigars until your know you like them. Once you find a cigar you like, then it makes sense to fill your humidor with them. We have some favorite cigars that we keep our humidors full of, but we still enjoy trying new ones and revisiting ones we’ve tried long ago while making these reviews. Occasionlly we find new favorites during the process and load up our humidors with those.

Right now, Maria’s humidor is full of Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Maestro, Montecristo No 2, and Acid Progeny (in a ziplock bad in the humidor). Glyn’s fridgeador is full of Cohiba Blue, CAO Pilon, and La Gloria Cubana Serie R. 

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5 Vegas Triple A cigar review

5 Vegas Triple-A Cigar Review

Because of the company’s dedication to quality and utilization of conventional manufacturing techniques, AJ Fernandez cigars have grown more and more well-liked in recent years.

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Gurkha Beast Cigar Review

The Gurkha cigar company, which is renowned for producing some of the world’s most expensive cigars, created the Gurkha Beast. The Beast is a complex,

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