Tatuaje Cigars

Tatuaje Cigars are the brainchild of Pete Johnson, who aimed to create a boutique brand of premium cigars that can be on par with the ones coming from Havana Cuba. These cigars are manufactured and supervised by Jaime Garcia of the highly popular My Father Cigar Factory located in Nicaragua. This means that you can expect these cigars to be of excellent construction and the best burn from the time it is lit to the last puff. It has earned numerous 90 plus ratings for its tobacco blends. Its cigar lineup bagged its award-winning reputation for medium to full-bodied cigars. Johnson also came up with smooth and medium-bodied offerings like Tattoo which serves as the rebirth of the brand’s inaugural blend. Tatuaje is the cigar to have when you are after a cigar with excellent quality, delectable taste, and top of the chart ratings. 

The Best Tatuaje Cigars

Tatuaje Reserva

The Tatuaje Reserva is a limited-edition cigar that sold like pancakes even during its launch. It is composed of exceptional handpicked tobacco to provide the best quality cigar smoking experience. Johnson mixed an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper leaf with aged Cuban-seed filler tobacco from Nicaragua. This gives your palate a medium to full-bodied smoke with sumptuous flavors like hickory wood, buttery leather, earth, and white pepper spice. Creating these cigars is time-consuming which is why it is created only in small quantities. This makes them cigars made for special occasions. 

Tatuaje 10th Anniversary

This cigar was created by Pete Johnson to celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary. These are also limited-edition cigars that are special versions of the Seleccion de Cazador Brown Label. It has a changed blend as well as a commemorative package. This line like the other Tatuaje cigars is blended by  Jose “Pepin” Garcia. Garcia used well-aged Nicaraguan tobacco along with a super-oily Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. They all contribute to the cigar’s earthy spice with a base of cocoa, cinnamon, and leather. 

Tatuaje Tattoo

Tatuaje Tattoo is a tailor-made cigar made from an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper which is filled with the finest hand-picked fillers from the popular tobacco-growing regions in Nicaragua. Every piece of it is a solid medium-bodied cigar that suits every smoker’s preferences. You will be greeted with spice and pepper with subtle notes of cocoa, cedar, and sweet cream in a great balance. The Tatuaje Tattoo is more affordable than other lines.

Tatuaje Havana VI

Tatuaje Havana VI is a handmade cigar creation of Jaime Garcia’s Nicaraguan factory. Every piece of this line is expected to impart flavors of fine, medium-bodied Cuban cigars. Tatuaje Havana VI is a combination of the best selected Nicaraguan long-filler and binder tobacco rolled into perfection using the beautiful Nicaraguan wrapper with a  traditional, Cuban-style triple-cap.

Tatuaje El Triunfador

Tatuaje El Triunfador is considered a mild cigar compared to other Tatuaje cigars. This is a medium-bodied hand-rolled cigar with excellent flavors to offer. It has Nicaraguan fillers and binders that are wrapped in the oily Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. It’s hard not to indulge in the forceful combination of coffee, earth, caramel, and woodsiness that you can taste from the El Triunfador.

Tatuaje Fausto

Tatuaje Fausto is a brash and bold blend.  It is a beautiful full-bodied cigar made with the oily Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and a robust blend of Nicaraguan filler and binder tobacco. Smokers can enjoy a complex flavor profile composed of wood, red pepper, earth, and leather. It has mildly sweet undertones mixed with cocoa and coffee. It is a smooth and refined smoke that is best had after dinner. It may also be an afternoon delight for the more adventurous cigar smoker.