Best Cigars by Wrapper

Best Cigars by Wrapper

Connecticut Wrapper Cigars

Many Connecticut wrapper cigars are hand-rolled at a cigar farm in humid conditions, which allows the filler to take on rich flavors from the grassy background soil. When these cigars are finished, they are handed down from master grower to young grower, who will carefully inspect the wrapper to determine the type of tobacco grown in each cigar. This process of hand-rollers and seeders creates a consistent taste throughout the entire cigar. In the state of Connecticut, most of the premium cigars are grown in the highlands of the Connecticut River Valley, where lush mountains and valleys dominate the landscape.

The tobacco leaves grown in this area are used to make a variety of different cigars. Some have a milder flavor than others, but all have a soft, smooth texture with a rich, complex taste. The color of some Connecticut Wrapped Cigars can vary from a light tan to a dark rich brown, while other colors, such as green or even black, are also available. The color of the wrapper and even the color of the band on the cigar also have an effect on the taste of the cigar.

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Top Pick for Connecticut Wrapper Cigars

#1 best connecticut cigar

Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto

Sumatra Wrapper Cigars

When you are looking for a Cigar to complement your palette, you should certainly consider the Sumatra wrapper on a cigar that is grown in humid, volcanic conditions. When you consider the taste of tobacco and the unique combination of rich, intense tobacco flavor with the sweet aroma of the wrapper leaf, you can easily see why these are one of the most sought after cigars. There are many different types of cigars that are grown and made in different parts of the world, but the unique, distinctive taste of a cigar with a Sumatra wrapper is one of the best available.

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Top Pick for Sumatra Wrapper Cigars

Buy La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black

La Gloria Cubana Serie R No. 6

Maduro Wrapper Cigars

The maduro wrapper, which is the generic term for any type of cigar that has been rolled in the Dominican Republic, Cuba and other exotic countries, is a medium-brown shade with a distinct oily feel. Not a very complex cigar, the maduro wrapper is simply a medium flavored cigar wrapped in a medium-brown wrapper. Because the tobacco is grown in other countries, rather than in the Dominican Republic, these cigars tend to be a bit less full bodied than those that are grown in the country. However, it is also not a cigar that will bite or retain excess oil. It tends to have a soft, rich flavor.

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Top Pick for Maduro Wrapper Cigars

Best Maduro Wrapper Cigar

Ashton Aged Maduro No. 40