AJ Fernandez Enclave review

People have been smoking cigars as a pleasure for millennia. Cigars come in a wide range of varieties, and each one has a distinctive flavor and sensation. For those cigar smokers who want a good taste, The Enclave by AJ Fernandez Robusto cigar is a full-bodied smoke that is great.

Wrapper Origin: EcuadorianShape: Robusto
Length: 5Ring: 52
Wrapper: HabanoList Price: $160 (Box of 20)
Origin: NicaraguaStrength: Full

Appearance of Enclave by AJ Fernandez Robusto

An Ecuador Habano risotto wrapper is used on top of a Cameroon binder and Nicaraguan filler in the AJ Fernandez Robusto cigar. The cigar’s wrapper is a little bit redder than the other AJ Fernandez cigars, but I had anticipated greater redness given that that is how other cigars made with Ecuador Habano risotto wrappers appear to be more red.

On the other hand, what’s interesting is that this premium cigar has a close foot which I hope would give this cigar great flavors and performance. Aside from these factors, the AJ Fernandez Robusto cigar has minimal and smooth veins to it. There are also not many visible seams, and it is firm; no soft spots have been detected.

As for the Enclave by AJ Fernandez cigar’s band, it has two bands; one of them is huge. The huge band features a beautiful painting or artwork in the middle. Both bands have this old-gold-like color to them which I find somehow elegant and appropriate to the cigar’s reddish wrapper.

The word “Enclave” is written at the top of the band, and the artwork is in all uppercase, using an old-looking font. A font that you would typically see used in calendars. As for this cigar’s second band, it just has the name “Fernandez” written on it at the red line part and has gold borders.

Smoking Experience

During the first third of smoking the Enclave by AJ Fernandez Robusto cigar, the dominant flavors are cedar and cinnamon. These two are already strong during my first few puffs of this cigar, and it’s most of the flavor. While I find these two flavors basic, I enjoy how they complement each other. There’s also a note of hay and a little bit of sweetness. I find all flavor notes mellow and well-balanced, which I consider good flavors to smoke for beginners only if it’s not only medium to full in strength. In terms of this cigar’s construction, it produces a tremendous amount of smoke. The draw is great, as well as its burn since the burn line is almost even.

After smoking the AJ Fernandez Robusto cigar during my second third, the flavor profile still consists of the same flavors as what I got during the first third, but I think they are already at their peak. All flavors are already rich, considering I am not even on the final third yet. While I find this amazing, I’m afraid it will mellow down to the final third. Still, the flavors peaking at this rate gives a wow factor to it and is something I find great. I rarely encounter cigar that already peaks at this rate since most of the ones I tried has a build-up, but this one definitely stands out. The construction of this cigar is also as great as what it was during the first third, except for the ash since it already fell off at this point. The smoke output is still tremendous; it even takes longer to go away, and it’s another thing I’m surprised about. Almost all of AJ Fernandez’s cigars perform well in terms of smoke output, but this one really has a lot compared to the other brand cigars.

For my final third of smoking the AJ Fernandez Robusto cigar, just as what I expected, the flavors all mellow down at this point which I find a little bit disappointing. I kind of hope that even if there’s not much to peak on the flavors since they already did on the second third, their richness or flavor intensity would still remain the same up to my final third. The same flavor profile got muted off. There’s also not much flavor transition, and no other flavors started to appear. Aside from its intensity, I expected other flavors, such as spice or pepper, either white pepper or black pepper, to emerge, but I got nothing even on my last few puffs of this Enclave cigar. Still, it was a good cigar. The construction or performance of this one is still the same as it was during the previous thirds.


Overall, I consider the AJ Fernandez Robusto cigar as a good cigar and not great cigar since the final third of this got me disappointed. Many people are raving about how great this cigar is, so I thought I would find this one the same, but for some reason, it didn’t. All of the flavors, cedar, cinnamon, hay, and its sweetness, started off strong during the first third but were not totally rich, not until the second third where all of them peaked. At that part, I was surprised because of how early they started to have their full intensity because I find it kind of rare to have cigars where the flavors peaked during the second third. And while I expected this Enclave cigar not to maintain the flavors’ richness going to the final third, I still got disappointed.

As a cigar that’s been rated high by a lot of people, I thought the flavors’ intensity would remain the same as I reached the final third, but all of the flavors got muted off. They all mellow down, and I can’t even taste some flavors of them already. Consistency-wise, I can say that this one performs well, but in terms of, again, their richness, this cigar kind of failed.

As for the construction of the AJ Fernandez Robusto cigar, it performs great. I had no issues with it; it didn’t even require a touch-up or relight. The only thing that sets it off is the ash. I didn’t hold long because the ash chunk started to fall off during the second third. The draw on this one is great, as well as its burn.

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